Crack Inspections,Crane & Hoist Testing Suppliers & Manufacturers

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Crack Inspections
Amazing Garages, Simons Balancing & Machine, Inc.

Crane & Hoist Testing
Thern, Inc., Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau, Water Weights, Inc., more...

Crease & Board Stiffness Tester
Crease & Board Stiffness Tester measures the bending resistance of the board and evaluates commercially formed creases. It determines both board and crease stiffness in the range of 0-399 gf (0-3.91 N). It has digital display of measured force in grams, durable construction. It includes sample cutter and calibration check weight. It makes accurate, repeatable measurements to international standards and creates user defined tests for individual applications. It has Variable measurement angle, speed and sample length to flexible testing.
Texlab Industries India

Crimp Presses
Vtek Systems Design, Llc., Leadmaker Services Ltd

Critical Run Test
Accredited Global Energy Inspection Services

Cross Hatch Cutter
Baucor, Inc., Caltech Engineering Services

Crude Oil Assay
Inspectorate America Corp.

Crush Testers
Emerson Apparatus, Hexa Plast, Sahaj Industries, more...

Current Voltage Calibration Meter
Bosworth Instrument Supply, Davis Calibration

Cyclic Salt Corrosion Test Equipment
Auto Technology Co.

Cylinder Leakage Testers
Woodward Co., Inc., Snap-on, Inc., AutoTronix Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

De Mattia Flex Testers
De Mattia Flex Testers is used to measure the ability of soft rubber compounds, leather and similar materials to resist dynamic fatigue. It is also used to determine the crack growth of vulcanized rubber and leather. It measures the resistance to dynamic fatigue of vulcanized rubber and elastomers test specimen when subjected to repeated bending and extension. A key advantage is that the upper and lower grips both move in opposite directions, thus resulting in reducing the level of vibration and the noise. The instrument is fitted with an interlocked protection hatch. It has simple and high quality design with maintenance free operation and easy installation.

Decelerator Sled Testing Systems
Seattle Safety, LLC

Decelerator Sled Testing Systems
Seattle Safety, LLC

Degree Wheel
Jomar Performance Products, LLC., Watcon

Demagnetizer System
Electro-Matic Products Co., Johnson and Allen Ltd., Maurer Magnetic AG, more...

Desktop Formtesters
Mahr Federal, Inc.

Desktop Software for International Trade and Compliance
Castellan, Inc., EXits, Inc., Amplesys Technologies

Dew Point Sensors
TALON Technical Sales, Cosa Instrument Corporation, Surface Combustion, Inc., more...

Diagnostic Monitoring Systems
Diagnostic Monitoring Systems utilize two diagnostic couplings with quick disconnect electrical connectors. One coupling is used for monitoring switch actuation on the motor operated valve. The other is for measuring three-phase power to an AC motor on the valve. These couplings are connected in-line with the quick disconnect connectors and allows the user to perform a test without having to remove the limit switch cover from the actuator. These couplings reduce testing time for conventional valve monitoring systems.
Alliant Technologies, Litel Instruments, Inc., A & J Machine, Inc., more...

Dial Indicator Testing Machines
Mahr Federal, Inc.

Digital Hardness Testers
United Calibration Corp. & United Testing Systems, General Tools & Instruments Co., LLC., Small Tools, Inc., more...

Digital Infrared Thermography
Campbell Thermography LLC, Thermal Solutions LLC, H. V. Technology, more...

Digital Inspection
Encorus Group, Aircraft Tooling & Design Group, J & L Dimensional Services, Inc.

Digital Leak Rate Calibrators
Vacuum Instrument Corporation

Digital Motorized Hardness Testers
Small Tools, Inc., Shanghai Tuopu Si Technology Co., Ltd

Digital Photogrammetry
Stereometrics, Inc., Surdex Corporation, Stesalit Inc., more...

Digital Static Field Meters
TekNet Electronics, Inc, Amstat Industries, Inc., Desco Industries, Inc.

Digital Video Equipment
CIA Imports, Advanced Audio & Video, Oxmoor Pro, LLC, more...

Dimensional & Geometric Inspection
Nel PreTech Corporation, Precision Measuring, Corp., Marposs Corp., more...

Dimensional & Workmanship, Visual Inspection
Technical Scanning Systems, Authorized Testing, Inc., American Power Services, more...

Dimensional Inspection Display Systems
Brunswick Instrument, Inc.

Dip & Look Solderability Testers
RPS Automation LLC

Direct Reading Ground Testers
Rickly Hydrological Co., Inc.

Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
Forbes Marshall Pvt. Ltd., Forbes Marshall Pvt Ltd., Electro-Chemical Devices, Inc., more...

Distribution Simulation
DDL Inc.

Documentation Control
EnerGIS Corporation, Brooks Technical Solutions, Inc., Cambell & Gardiner Inc., more...

Documentation, Export
Extra Logistics, LLC, BDG International, Inc., Infoworks Consulting Group, Inc., more...

Door Latch Assembly & Test
Door Latch Assembly & Test comprises a latch plate which fits inside the clearance space between the edge of a door and a door jamb and is secured to the door jamb so that a portion projects into the room into which the door opens and a latch bar member, which is removable fits in to perforations in the plate to provide a removable barrier preventing the door from being opened. The assembly secures mounting and broken or worn parts.
Meikle Automation, Inc.

Dozer Monitoring
Thunderbird Pacific Corp.

Dragline Monitoring
Thunderbird Pacific Corp.

Drill Information Systems
Thunderbird Pacific Corp.

Drilling Efficiency Indicator
Jimco Products, Inc., Thunderbird Pacific Corp.

DRO Calibration
VA Calibration Lab, Machinery Maintenance & Rebuilders, Inc.

Drop Testers
Lansmont Corp., Broadband Communications Inc, Presto Stantest Private Limited., more...

Duct Inspection Equipment
U-tech Environmental Manufacturing Supply, Inc.

Dye Penetrant Inspections
Magna Chek, NCT, Inc., MX Industrial Distributors, Inc., more...

Dye Penetrant Testing
Constellation Technology Corporation, Magna Chek, American Water Chemicals, Inc., more...

Dynamic Spin Rigs
Dynamic spin rigs are used for experimental evaluation of vibration analysis methods and dynamic characteristics for rotating systems. Measurements are made while rotors are spun and vibrated in a vacuum chamber. The rig has been upgraded with a new active magnetic bearing rotor support and excitation system. This design is expected to provide operational improvements over the existing rig. The rig will be able to be operated in either the old or new configuration. It is also used to perform vibration tests of turbo machinery blades and components under rotating and non-rotating conditions in a vacuum. The rig has as its critical components three magnetic bearings: two heteropolar radial active magnetic bearings and a magnetic thrust bearing. The bearing configuration allows full vertical rotor magnetic suspension along with a feed-forward control feature, which will enable the excitation of various natural blade modes in bladed disk test articles.
Test Devices, Inc.

Ecological Test Kits
Rickly Hydrological Co., Inc.

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