3 Way Catalysts,ABC Dry Chemical Powder Suppliers & Manufacturers

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3 Way Catalysts
Synergy Catalyst, Advanced Catalyst Systems, LLC

ABC Dry Chemical Powder
George S. Coyne Chemical Co., Inc., Kemex International Pvt. Ltd., Bharati Fire Engineers, more...

Abrasive Degreasers
Abrasive degreasers use greabeless or water-based binders for polishing. It uses of oil-based binders, which requires additional cleaning with alkaline soaks. It uses liquid spray compositions, which reduces and eliminates wheel wear due to compound deficiency, compound waste due to over-application and post-cleaning requirements.
Jennings Mfg. Co., R.

Acetic Acid
Brenntag Mid-South, Inc., Webb Chemical Service Corp., SGL Carbon LLC, more...

Acetic Acid Glacial
Acetic Acid Glacial is a colorless hygroscopic liquid and freezes below 16.7°C (62°F) to a colourless crystalline solid. It has molecular weight of 60.05. The features are 1.049 specific gravity, boiling point of 118.1 degree celsius, melting point of 16.6 degree celsius and ignition point of 427 degree celsius.
Bell Chem Corp., Ekta International

Acetone Gas Cylinders
Praxair, Inc.,, Bell Chem Corp., Gasco Affiliates, LLC, more...

Acetylene Gas Cylinders
Gas Innovations, Praxair, Inc.,, Awisco International, more...

Acetylene Gases
Liberty Industrial Gases and Welding Supply, Inc., The Aero ALL-GAS Co., Weldquip, Inc., more...

Acid Circulation Systems
Scantland Industries, Inc., Scanacon, Inc., N T E C

Acid Cleaners
Acid Cleaner has included AC-3 safest and most effective acid cleaner model. It is compounded with a comparatively safe acid, strong detergent and solvents to provide a fast 3 way cleaning action. Accidental splashing will not cause skin burns or discomfort, nor will it harmfully affect most masonry surfaces. AC-3 acid cleaner has a pleasant clean odor and dispels no harmful or corrosive fumes. The AC-3 three way cleaning action will penetrate deeply into the surface and will dissolve, dislodge and foam to the surface from easy removal of dirt, oil, grease and scum. AC-3 cleaner removes cement drippings and waste from new surfaces. It will also clean and renew old weathered and stained concrete and masonry buildings and prepare the surface to receive weather proof treatment or paint. It is also be used on metal surfaces to remove grease, dirt and oil.
Chicago Steel, LLC, Sutton-Garten Co., Miraclean, more...

Acid Dosing Systems
Scantland Industries, Inc., Scanacon, Inc., Dupro Engineering Private Limited, more...

Acid Dyes
Narad Marketing Corporation, Presto Dyechem Company, Inc., Syntron Industries, more...

Acid Neutralizers
Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc., Aries Chemical, Inc., The Cope Company Salt, more...

Acid Shields
Integrity Industries

Acid Spill Kit
Acid Spill Kit is designed for immediate response clean up of a range of acid spills. It can be used anywhere where there is a risk of hazardous liquids or where there is an acid spill present. It is suitable for cleaning up commonly used acids in laboratories, diluted acids, concentrated acids, dilute alkalis and battery acids. It contains personal safety wear, clean up equipment and neutralizing acid absorber.
Clean It Up, American Products Inc., Tri-Chem Corporation, more...

Acrylate Cleaners
Gyro Chemical & Equipment Co., Chemicals And Chemical Compounds

Acrylic Emulsion
D & F Distributing, Inc., Hetal Cement Distributors, Camplex Marketing Corporation

Activated Clay, Aqua Technologies Of Wyoming, Inc., Sai Dhurga Enterprises, more...

Adhesive Activators
H. W. Eckhardt Corporation, Sprayway Inc., EMI Supply, Inc., more...

Adhesives are defined as nonmetallic substances capable of joining materials by surface bonding (adhesion), the bond itself possess adequate internal strength (cohesion). It is a generic term and covers other common terms, such as glue, paste, gums, adhesive cement, and bonding agent. An adhesive is composed of basic raw materials, which are called binders and which determine its adhesiveness and its internal strength. Adhesives contain high molecular mass organic substances as their basic raw materials or reactive organic compounds that are preliminary stages of polymers and that react during the bonding process to form polymers.
Master Bond Inc., Distributor Supply Company, Inc., Aquabond Technologies, Inc., more...

Aerosol Adhesives
Shop 3M, Chembar, Inc., CPC Aeroscience, more...

Aerosol Cleaner/Degreasers
Bradley Systems, Inc., Ecolink, Best Value Supply Inc., more...

Aerosol Release Agents
Camie-Campbell, Inc.

Aerosol Silicone Lubricants
LEVROIL LLC, Camie-Campbell, Inc., Chester Electronic Supply Co.

AFFF Fire Fighting Foams
Unishield LLC, Fire Ram International, Inc., 3M, more...

Afterburner Catalysts
CRI Catalyst Company

Agricultural Chemicals
Zorn Bros., Inc., Agro Distribution, LLC, Jimmy Sanders, Inc., more...

Agro chemical dyes
Narad Marketing Corporation, Paras Dyes & Chemicals, Karnavati Colour Chem, more...

Air Cooler Cleaners
Egge Machine And Speed Shop, Gyro Chemical & Equipment Co., Abbey Heat Transfer Ltd., more...

Air, Instrument Grade Gas
Energas, Chemtron Science Laboratories Private Limited

Aircraft Cleaners
Aircraft cleaner is non-flammable, non-toxic and heavy duty cleaner formulated for specialized heavy duty cleaning application in aircrafts. It is safe for rubber seals, valves and O-rings. This cleaner contains no butyl or petroleum solvents and is excellent to remove grease and oil stains from concrete hanger floors. This cleaner can be used manually or with a scrubber to remove tire marks, grease, oils, rust & scale from concrete, metal and wood block floor.
Egge Machine And Speed Shop, Interstate Products, Inc., Arrow - Magnolia International, Inc., more...

Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foam
Alcohol resistant aqueous film forming foams are fire fighting foam concentrates. These concentrates are specially formulated alcohol resistant aqueous film forming foams, which form a physical polymer membrane/barrier between the fuel surface and the foam blanket. It is designed to suppress both hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires, and to suppress the hazardous vapors emitted from these fires or spills.
Azar Kavin Co., Kemex International Pvt. Ltd., K.V. Fire Chemicals India (Pvt) Ltd., more...

Aqua Bailers, Inc.

Alkaline Descalers
J P S Technologies, Inc.

Alkaline Liquid Degreasers
Alkaline Liquid Degreasers are used in soak and ultrasonic applications. It is used on ferrous metals only. It is excellent for removal of lapping and hard to remove machining compounds. This is also used in spray applications. It provides heavy duty removal of bituminous spillages, thick greases and oils and other such stubborn soils concrete or cement surfaces, driveways, interlock brickwork, parking areas, heavy duty greases that have accumulated and caked over long periods of time on workshop and pump room floors, gangways and other floor mounted assemblies.
Miraclean, Spencorp Industries, Inc., Oil Technics Ltd., more...

Alkaline Liquid Soak & Electro-Cleaners
Alkaline Liquid Soak and Electro-Cleaner is used for ferrous metals, copper and copper plated work. It is formulated to be free rinsing, high conductivity and low foam. It will remove a variety of soils including oils, greases, and lubricants. It is used as a spray cleaner and will also keep plating barrels and other equipment clean and free of oils. The alkaline soak cleaner is developed for removing bar and liquid buffing compound residues from zinc die castings, aluminum, brass and bronze.
Miraclean, Valet Pro Ltd., Rohm and Haas (UK) Ltd., more...

Alkaline Powdered Degreasers
Alkaline Powdered Degreaser for use in soak applications. It is used on ferrous metals only. It is excellent for removal of lapping and hard to remove machining compounds.

Alkaline Tumbling Compounds
Alkaline Tumbling Compound will enhance the cut and debur when added to vibratory or conventional tumbling operations. It is one of the medium aggressive cutting compounds that yields surface finish RMS and also used in batch operation. It provides fast deburring cycles, good cleaning capabilities and allows the use of less aggressive preformed tumbling media. It is used in vibratory, conventional barrel, or new high-speed mass finishing operations. It is particularly effective on steel substrates and medium foaming compound & can be used in either batch or continuous tumbling systems.

Alkalinity Control Additives
Integrity Industries, Millsap Fuel Distributors Ltd.

Alkyl Ether Sulfates
Oil Chem, Inc.

Alumina for Precision Polishing, Technical Ceramics and Additives
AdValue Technology, LLC, Umicore USA, Inc., Cobalt Products, Ardakan Industrial Ceramics, more...

Alumina Powder, Fused
Global Minerals Corporation, Interbulk USA, LLC, Henan Ruishi Investment Group Co.,Ltd., more...

Alumina Slurries
NTB Hitech Ceramics, Electro Abrasives Corp., Popular Minerals, more...

Aluminium Cleaner
Stainless Restoration Ltd, Kishko Chemicals

Aluminum Additives
Gottlieb, Inc.

Aluminum Bronze Powders
Aluminum bronze powders are metallic pigments used to impart a gold or silver color. These are designed for use in thermal spray coatings, brazing compounds and powder metallurgy. It consists of fine particles of brass or pure aluminum. It is characterized by shade and fineness. The most common shades are rich gold, rich pale gold, copper and aluminum.
Valimet, Inc., SCM Metal Products, Inc., Goodfellow

Aluminum Corrosion Inhibitor
C&H Chemical, PMC Specialties Group, Russack, Inc, more...

Aluminum Gas Cylinders
Luxfer Gas Cylinders, Queen Cylinder Co., Axcel Gases, more...

Aluminum Nitrides
Crystal IS, Inc., Ceramic Technologies, Inc., Globec (UK) Ltd, more...

Aluminum Powders
Aluminum powders are used in paints, pigments, protective coatings, printing inks, rocket fuel, explosives, abrasives ceramics, production of inorganic & organic aluminum chemicals and catalysts. These powder is also used for steel making and cladding steel parts and wires. The reactivity of aluminum powders are determined by using the following parameters such as temperature of onset of oxidation, maximum oxidation rate, degree of conversion of aluminum, reduced ratio of the thermal effect to the weight increment. These parameters are used for estimating the activity of aluminum powders.
Ocean State Abrasives, Valimet, Inc., Toyal America, Inc., more...

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