Help on listing your process, energy and greater manufacturing industry company

Listing your company in is a breeze and takes 3 easy steps. Remember that once you have listed with us, you can easily modify your listing online anytime.

NEW REGISTRATION: If you are a process, energy and greater manufacturing industries supplier wishing to register with us, so that your company listing appears in front of thousands of qualified serious buyers, follow these simple instructions.

Enter registration mode by clicking on the "Add Listing" tab on top of the page. Then enter your personal login parameters in the section titled:
"WELCOME: Please choose a login and password for your new account"
Write down these choices and store them in a safe place (Hint: Using your email address as your login name may help you remember your login name). After entering your login name and a password twice, press the "Next" button and follow these 3 simple steps to complete your registration.

Step 1. In this step, enter your company's contact information in the boxes provided. In the profile text area, describe your company in a concise and attractive marketing manner (75 characters recommended). Note that the required fields such as Profile are in bold. Then press the "Next" button.

Step 2. In this step, select the products under which you would like your company to be listed under. Note that when buyers browse or search, these are the product categories under which they will find you. A clear explanation of how to specify these products is available as a sticky note impression when you are in this context. After selecting the product categories press the "Next" button.

Step 3. In this last step, simply select the type of listing you prefer. Our "Visiting Card" & "Store Front" memberships aid in providing your own mini-web site within, along with many other advantages such as ad banners and top search/browse positioning. After selecting the listing type, simply press the "Proceed to payment" button and you can finish instant registration by easy and secure online payment! Your listing now appears before thousands of qualified buyers, translating into serious leads for you.

MODIFYING YOUR LISTING: If you have successfully listed your company, you can modify your listing information easily by simply signing in using your login parameters.

Step 1. Enter login mode by clicking on the "EDIT LISTING" link at the top right corner of the home page.

Step 2. Enter your personal login parameters in the section titled:
"SIGN-IN: Login anytime for easy company listing modification"

Step 3. Select the portion of the listing that you want to modify (Login/Contact/Products/Listing Type), make appropriate modifications and simply press the "Update" button. You can iteratively update the different portions of your listings, preview/upgrade your listing and even remove your listing if you so wish.

Step 4. After modifications, click on the "Logout" link to exit listing modification.

Note: If you forgot your password or if you never officially registered with us, but are part of the company listed and have access to the e-mail in the company listing and would like to modify/update/delete, you can have the logon credentials sent to you by e-mail via the "Forgot Password" link. However, if your e-mail address is not the same as the one in the company listing, you will need to contact

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