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RH Sensors Humidity Calibrations (2 suppliers)
RH Taper Shanks (1 supplier)
Rhenium Filaments (1 supplier)
Rheology Consulting (1 supplier)
Rheology Modeling (1 supplier)
Rheology Modifier (6 suppliers)
Rheology Products (1 supplier)
Rheology Testing (3 suppliers)
Rheometer Processors (1 supplier)
Rheometers (19 suppliers)
Rheometers are a type of viscometer that measures visco-elastic properties of materials beyond just viscosity. It measures material behavior such as yield stress, kinetic properties, complex viscosity, modulus, creep, and recovery. It has three specific categories. These are the rotational rheometer, the capillary rheometer, and the extensional rheometer. It is used in the building and maintenance of roads. It is used to measure the semi-solids, suspensions, emulsions, and polymers in industries such as pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics, and consumer products. These measurements can help predict shelf life of products under various stress conditions. It is used to determine the force to destroy a heat resistant vegetative bacterial species, microbacterium lacitum.
Rheometers, Viscometers, Dynamic Shear Rheometers (14 suppliers)
Rheometers characterize the viscous properties of fluids as well as the reading their elastic responses. Rheometers use a number of different technologies to measure the properties of fluids. Rheometers are used to measure both newtonian and non-newtonian fluids.
Rheostats (19 suppliers)
Rheostat is a continuously variable electrical resistor used to regulate current. Its resistance to electric current depends on the position of some mechanical element or control in the device. It consists of a resistance element equipped with two contacts, or terminals, by which it is attached to a circuit: a fixed contact at one end and a sliding contact that can be moved along the resistance element. It is used to control the speed of electric motors and dim electric lights, but it has been replaced in many applications by systems based on semiconductor devices that waste far less power.
Rhino Rulers (1 supplier)
Rho Meter (1 supplier)
Rhodium Plating (5 suppliers)
Rhodium Plating Anodes (2 suppliers)
Rhodium Recovery (1 supplier)
RHS Heatsink Assemblies (2 suppliers)
RHS Heatsink Assemblies are used to dissipate the heat generated from solid-state relays. RHS heatsink assemblies are fins of various shapes and sizes. The size of the heatsink is referencing the efficiency in heat conduction.
Rib and Corrugating Die Sets (1 supplier)
Rib Boat Launch and Recovery System (1 supplier)
Rib Cutters (2 suppliers)
Rib Forming Dies (1 supplier)
Rib Guided Glass Tube Meter (1 supplier)
Rib Plough Mixers (4 suppliers)
Rib Shields (1 supplier)
Rib Snow Guard (3 suppliers)
Ribbed Bags (1 supplier)
Ribbed Belt Pulleys (1 supplier)
Ribbed Belts (4 suppliers)
Ribbed Edging Connectors (1 supplier)
Ribbed Foam Pouches (1 supplier)
Ribbed Knobs (1 supplier)
Ribbed Neck Bolts (1 supplier)
Ribbed Neck Carriage Bolts (3 suppliers)
Ribbed Neck Nuts (1 supplier)
Ribbed Plastic Anchors (1 supplier)
Ribbed Post Sleeves (1 supplier)
Ribbed PVC Storm Pipe (1 supplier)
Ribbed Rubber Matting (12 suppliers)
Ribbed Scratch-Guard Strip Doors (1 supplier)
Ribbed Steel Deckings (1 supplier)
Ribbed Steel Dock Doors (1 supplier)
Ribbed Stem Bumpers (2 suppliers)
Ribbed Tile Pan (1 supplier)
Ribbed Utility Carts (2 suppliers)
Ribbed Vinyl Runners (1 supplier)
Ribbed Vinyl Strip Rolls (1 supplier)
Ribbed Wall Containers (1 supplier)
Ribbed Wheelbarrow Tire (1 supplier)
Ribbo Kits (1 supplier)
7501 to 7550 of 13489 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 [151] 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 >> Next 50 Results
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