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U & V- Shaped Cantilever Spring Energized Seal (1 supplier)
U Axis Systems (1 supplier)
U Bail Suspension Grips (1 supplier)
U Bend Wash Systems (1 supplier)
U Blowout Preventers (2 suppliers)
U Bracket Hangers (2 suppliers)
U Channels (6 suppliers)
U Chutes (1 supplier)
U Clip Shaft Collars (1 supplier)
U Coils Metal Heat Exchangers (1 supplier)
U Cup-Packing Dynamic Seals (1 supplier)
U Cups (1 supplier)
U Dex Bits (1 supplier)
U Frame Motors (1 supplier)
U Hangers With Crossbars (1 supplier)
U Joint Boots (1 supplier)
U Line Float Valves (1 supplier)
U link Belts (1 supplier)
U Shape Guard Rails (1 supplier)
U shape Quartz Tube (5 suppliers)
U Shaped Finned Tubular Heaters (1 supplier)
U Shaped Horizontal Paddle Blender (3 suppliers)
U Shaped Locking Clamps (2 suppliers)
U Shaped Platform Scale (0 suppliers)
U Shaped Vacuum Horizontal Blender (3 suppliers)
U Supports (1 supplier)
U Tube Manometers (10 suppliers)
U-Tube Manometers are used for measuring pressure drops across terminals, heat exchangers and flow meters. U-tube manometers are used with a water Pilot tube to take a velocity head traverse of the pipe. U-Tube manometers are inexpensive liquid instruments for measuring positive, negative or differential pressures with a high degree of accuracy across air distribution system components, natural gas pressure and hydronic balancing. U-Tube manometers are made in different sizes and are recommended for measuring pressure drops above 1.0 in.w.g. across filters, coils, fans, terminal devices and sections of ductwork. These are very common instruments for measuring differential pressure.
U Tube Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers (36 suppliers)
U Tube Type Shell Heat Exchanger (3 suppliers)
U Type Nose Plates (1 supplier)
U V Oxidation (11 suppliers)
UV oxidation is a destruction process that oxidizes organic and explosive constituents in wastewater by the addition of strong oxidizers and irradiation with UV light. Oxidation of target contaminants is caused by direct reaction with the oxidizers, UV photolysis, and through the synergistic action of UV light, in combination with ozone (O3) and/or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). If complete mineralization is achieved, the final products of oxidation are carbon dioxide, water, and salts. The main advantage of UV oxidation is that it is a destruction process, as opposed to air stripping or carbon adsorption, for which contaminants are extracted and concentrated in a separate phase. UV oxidation processes can be configured in batch or continuous flow modes, depending on the throughput under consideration.
U V Oxidation (5 suppliers)
U V Oxidation Filters (12 suppliers)
U- Crack Squeegees (2 suppliers)
U-Band Waveguide Devices (1 supplier)
U-Bar Steel Bearing Blocks (1 supplier)
U-Belt Expansion Joints (1 supplier)
U-Bend Fittings (3 suppliers)
U-Bend Washers (1 supplier)
U-bent Heat Exchanger Tubes (8 suppliers)
U-Blend Mixers (1 supplier)
U-Boat Diamond Deck (1 supplier)
U-boat Handles (1 supplier)
U-Boat Platform Trucks (2 suppliers)
U-Boat Utility Carts (1 supplier)
U-Boat with Plastic Deck (2 suppliers)
U-Bold Clamps (1 supplier)
U-Bolt Beam Clamps (1 supplier)
U-Bolt Bending Machines (1 supplier)
U-Bolt Clamps (14 suppliers)
1 to 50 of 3800 results  Page: [1] 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 >> Next 50 Results
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