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Shrink Wrapping System (2 suppliers)
Shrink Wrapping Tunnels (1 supplier)
Shrink-Fit Machine (2 suppliers)
Shrink-Fit Toolholders (1 supplier)
Shrink-Tube Spool Holders (1 supplier)
Shrinkage Tester (1 supplier)
Shrinked Conveyor Roller Covers (1 supplier)
Shrinked Skatewheel Conveyors (1 supplier)
Shrinker Stretcher Set (3 suppliers)
Shrinkwapping Equipment (2 suppliers)
Shrinkwrappers (32 suppliers)
Shriver Filter Presses (1 supplier)
Shroud Blocks (1 supplier)
Shroud Motor (1 supplier)
Shroud Motor For Metal Working (1 supplier)
Shrouded Adapters (1 supplier)
Shrouded Bus Bar Systems (2 suppliers)
Shrouded Button Operators (1 supplier)
Shrouded Grinders (1 supplier)
Shrouded Header Connectors (1 supplier)
Shrouded Impellers (6 suppliers)
Impellers are rotating devices that force liquids, gases and vapors in a desired direction. They are widely used in pumping, blowing and mixing applications. The design of the shrouded impellers is the most expensive to manufacture and the weakest of all the designs because the blades must carry the weight of the shroud as well as their own blades weight. The maximum efficiency of a shrouded impeller is usually very high because there is minimal recirculation from the impeller discharge back to the inducer. The low strength, high cost and tendency for the shroud to collect dirt have eliminated the use of the shrouded impeller in automotive use.
Shrouded Iron Padlocks (1 supplier)
Shrouded Mini Grinders (1 supplier)
Shrouded Needle Scalers (1 supplier)
Shrouded Plain Copper Ferrules (1 supplier)
Shrouded Right Angle Grinders (1 supplier)
Shrouded Scalers (1 supplier)
Shrouded Scaling Hammers (1 supplier)
Shrouded Single Head Scaling Hammers (1 supplier)
Shrouded Suction Airlock Units (1 supplier)
Shrouded Swing Blocks (1 supplier)
Shrouded Threaded Copper Ferrules (1 supplier)
Shrouded Triple Head Scaling Hammers (1 supplier)
Shrouds (7 suppliers)
Shrub Adapters (1 supplier)
Shrub Auger Bits (1 supplier)
Shrunk Delta Ribbon Cable Assemblies (1 supplier)
Shuffle Adapters (1 supplier)
Shunt Amplifiers (1 supplier)
Shunt Calibration Modules (1 supplier)
Shunt Calibration Resistors (2 suppliers)
Shunt Capacitors (4 suppliers)
Shunt Enclosure (1 supplier)
Shunt Field Coils (1 supplier)
Shunt Motors (1 supplier)
As with generators, the field winding of motors can be arranged in shunt is called shunt motor. In a shunt-connected motor, the field is connected directly across the voltage source, and is therefore independent of variations in load and armature current. So the torque developed varies directly with the armature current. In a shunt motor, the variation of speed from no load to normal, or full load is usually only about 10% of the no-load speed. For this reason, shunt motors are considered relatively constant-speed motors. When a shunt motor is started, the starting current is low because of the added starting resistance, so the starting torque will also be low. Shunt motors are normally used when constant speed under varying load is desired and when it is possible for the motor to start under light or no-load conditions.
Shunt Reactors (1 supplier)
Shunt Resistor Iron Ammeters (2 suppliers)
Shunt Wound DC Motors (3 suppliers)
Shunt wound Field Coils (1 supplier)
Shunt-Trip Disconnect Switches (2 suppliers)
7601 to 7650 of 32168 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 [153] 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 >> Next 50 Results
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