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Rotary Drum Scalpers (1 supplier)
Rotary Drum Skimmer (1 supplier)
Rotary Drum Strainers (2 suppliers)
Rotary Drum Strip Coolers (1 supplier)
Rotary Drum Systems (3 suppliers)
Rotary Drum Thickeners (5 suppliers)
Rotary Drum Thickener has set a new standard for sludge volume reduction, commonly reducing sludges by 90% with a 98% capture rate. This system is quite compact and requires less floor space. It is economical to operate with low horsepower and water consumption. It increases digester capacity, reduces hauling costs and can be used as a pre-thickener to increase capacity of other dewatering equipment. This system is fabricated of stainless steel and engineered to provide years of reliable service.
Rotary Drum Vaccum Filter (1 supplier)
Rotary Drum Valve (1 supplier)
Rotary Drum Washer (4 suppliers)
Rotary Drums (7 suppliers)
Rotary Dry Screw Vacuum Compressors (2 suppliers)
Rotary Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps (2 suppliers)
Rotary Dryers (27 suppliers)
Rotary Drying Ovens (1 supplier)
Rotary Duct Cleaner (1 supplier)
Rotary Duplex Systems (1 supplier)
Rotary Dust Removing System (1 supplier)
Rotary Electric Actuators (6 suppliers)
Rotary Electric Vibrators (10 suppliers)
Rotary Electric Vibrators has relocated grease nipples for protection against damage and dust collection. Improved sealing arrangement prevents lubrication from entering electrical parts. Rotary Electric Vibrators gives increased temperature regulation due to strategic positioning of parts. It has improved plate cover to handle knocks and dents and has spheroidal bearing housings for lower heat generation and less wear during bearing replacement. It also has improved sealing arrangement and quality resin around electrical connections (no cracking or melting of resin). Rotary Electric Vibrators has specially designed bearings to handle bending in the shaft and well-designed foot mounts for increased load capacity.
Rotary Electrical Connectors (9 suppliers)
Rotary Electromagnetic Chucks (5 suppliers)
Rotary Electronic Actuators (1 supplier)
Rotary Elevators (2 suppliers)
Rotary Embossers (1 supplier)
Rotary Embossers is used for turnkey solutions. It is used in punchers, slitters, embossers sealers, printers, calendaring rolls and web choppers.
Rotary Encoder Digital Display (1 supplier)
Rotary Encoder Switches (4 suppliers)
Rotary Encoders (43 suppliers)
Rotary Energized Seals (1 supplier)
Rotary Energy Recovery Wheels (2 suppliers)
Rotary Engraving Systems (3 suppliers)
Rotary Evaporators (12 suppliers)
Rotary evaporator is a device used in chemical and biochemical laboratories for the efficient and gentle evaporation of solvents. The main components of a rotary evaporator are a vacuum system, consisting of a vacuum pump and a controller, a rotating evaporation flask, which can be heated, in a heated fluid bath, and a condenser with a condensate-collecting flask. The system works because lowering the pressure lowers the boiling point of liquids, including that of the solvent. This allows the solvent to be removed without excessive heating. Evaporation under vacuum can be performed in a standard distillation rig. However, the rotary evaporator has a key advantage. As the evaporating flask rotates, the liquids are forced to the outside of the flask with the centrifugal motion. This creates a larger surface area of the liquids and hence allows for quicker evaporation. Rotary evaporators are highly effective at removing the majority of organic solvents during the extraction process. The remainder of the solvents is usually removed using a high-vacuum line. Rotary evaporators are usually not recommended for removing aqueous solvent due to water's high boiling point.
Rotary External Single Seal (1 supplier)
Rotary Extractors (1 supplier)
Rotary Fan Controls (1 supplier)
Rotary Feed Tables (4 suppliers)
Rotary Feedback Potentiometers (3 suppliers)
Rotary Feeder (53 suppliers)
Rotary Feeder Hi Pressure (12 suppliers)
Rotary Feeder Valves (9 suppliers)
Rotary Feeds (2 suppliers)
Rotary File Cutter (2 suppliers)
Rotary Files (2 suppliers)
Rotary Fill Tables (2 suppliers)
Rotary Filler Cappers (1 supplier)
Rotary Filling and Sealing Machine (1 supplier)
Rotary Filling Machinery (2 suppliers)
Rotary Filling Machines (16 suppliers)
Rotary Filling Machine positions the power transmission for the main turret infeed & outfeed star wheel and timing screw on top of the machine. This machine handles virtually all shapes & sizes of containers and delivers filling accuracies ip tp +/- 0.5%. This versatile system is available with 6 to 20 fill stations depending on the filling requirements. Rotary filling machines are suitable for medium/high productions up to 30.000 pcs/h with different filling principles volumetric, gravity, net weighing and isobaric according to the different nature of the liquids to fill.
Rotary Film Vacuum Evaporator (2 suppliers)
Rotary Fin Seals (1 supplier)
Rotary Finishing Machines (1 supplier)
10401 to 10450 of 13475 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 [209] 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 >> Next 50 Results
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