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Data Acquisition System for On Line Temperature Measurement (1 supplier)
Data Acquisition Systems (162 suppliers)
Data acquisition systems are used to measure parameters such as temperature and humidity in storage facilities with perishable products; the measurement data is then stored for analysis to improve quality assurance. It consists of four elements such as measuring output, recording output signals, uploading/accessing recorded data and analysis of recorded data. The components of data acquisition systems include appropriate sensors that convert any measurement parameter to an electrical signal, which is acquired by data acquisition hardware. Acquired data is displayed, analyzed, and stored on a computer, either using vendor supplied software, or custom displays and control can be developed using various text-based programming languages such as BASIC, C, Fortran, Java, Lisp, Pascal. EPICS is used to build large scale data acquisition systems.
Data Acquisition Test Equipment (10 suppliers)
Data Acquisition, Pollution Monitoring (20 suppliers)
Data Analysis and Graphing Software (4 suppliers)
Data Analysis and Processing Services (9 suppliers)
Data and Telecommunication Installation (3 suppliers)
Data and Voice Network (4 suppliers)
Data Archival Storage Systems & Products (7 suppliers)
Data Assessments (1 supplier)
Data Binder Flexible Nylon Posts (1 supplier)
Data Binder Tab Divider (1 supplier)
Data Binders (2 suppliers)
Data Bus Analyzers (3 suppliers)
Data Bus Analyzers provide avionics technicians and line maintenance personnel with easy methods of troubleshooting. This is a portable, battery operated, handheld analyzer supporting bus. A bus analyzer can be designed to provide very specific context for data coming in from the bus. The bus analyzer monitors the bus traffic and decodes and displays the data. It is essentially a logic analyzer with some additional knowledge of the underlying bus traffic characteristics.
Data Bus Couplers (1 supplier)
Data Bus Interfaces (1 supplier)
Data Bus Networking Solutions (3 suppliers)
Data Bus Recorder (DBR) (1 supplier)
Data Cabinets (5 suppliers)
Data Cable Installation (7 suppliers)
Data Cable Staples (2 suppliers)
Data Cable Strippers (1 supplier)
Data Cables (87 suppliers)
Data Cables, High Speed (3 suppliers)
Data Cabling Engineering (6 suppliers)
Data Cabling Wiring (7 suppliers)
Data Capture & Conversion (3 suppliers)
Data Capture & Conversion (1 supplier)
Data Capture Cards (2 suppliers)
Data Capture Software (7 suppliers)
Data Cartridge Storage Cases (1 supplier)
Data Cartridges (5 suppliers)
Data Center Cooling Services (2 suppliers)
Data Center Cable Installation Services (3 suppliers)
Data Center Converter (7 suppliers)
Data Center Cooling Systems (2 suppliers)
Data Center Design and Building Services (2 suppliers)
Data Center Monitoring Units (1 supplier)
Data Center Real Time Optimization (1 supplier)
Data Center Switches (1 supplier)
Data Center Tool Kits (1 supplier)
Data Centre Air Conditioning Rental (2 suppliers)
Data Chip Readers (1 supplier)
Data Cleansing Services (3 suppliers)
Data cleansing services consist of several steps that include postal code sorts and verification, genderization, upper/lower case conversion, currency conversions, abbreviation expansion and data integrity audits. Postal code sorts and verification process ensures that data is compliant with applicable rules in customers' native country pertaining to postal/zip codes. This process corrects spellings of street names and updates the data based on national change of address data.
Data Collection (64 suppliers)
Data Collection Application Development Software (4 suppliers)
Data Collection Cables & Assemblies (7 suppliers)
Data Collection Hardware (1 supplier)
Data Collection Interfaces (1 supplier)
Data Collection Software (6 suppliers)
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