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Gear Reduction Kit (3 suppliers)
Gear Reduction Mixers (3 suppliers)
Gear reduction units is particularly applicable to mixing apparatus and methods. A motor driven gear reduction unit has two parallel shafts coupled respectively to a driving pinion gear and a driven gear meshing with the pinion gear. Pivoting the cartridge eccentrically carrying one or more pinions moves the meshing pinion clear of the low speed gear such that the cartridge can be lifted out of the drive. In a multiple reduction arrangement, pivoting also can move an intermediate reduction pinion clear of the low speed gear, enabling the cartridge to be lifted clear.
Gear Reduction Units (4 suppliers)
Gear Rod Knob (1 supplier)
Gear Roll-Finishing Machines (1 supplier)
Gear Roots (1 supplier)
Gear Safety Guards (6 suppliers)
Gear Selector Forks (2 suppliers)
Gear Servomotors (9 suppliers)
Gear Shaft Coupling (6 suppliers)
Gear Shaft Drive (1 supplier)
Gear Shaft Hand Feeds (1 supplier)
Gear Shaft Wrench (1 supplier)
Gear Shafts (189 suppliers)
Gear Shaper Cutters (9 suppliers)
Gear Shapers (13 suppliers)
Gear Shaping (8 suppliers)
Gear Shaping Cutters (4 suppliers)
Gear Shaping Machines (7 suppliers)
Gear Shaving (5 suppliers)
Gear Shaving Collet Chucks (2 suppliers)
Gear Shaving Cutters (10 suppliers)
Gear Shaving Cutters are used to generate tip relief, depth crowning and lead crowning. Special profiles can be offered on the cutter to generate tip relief on the component. These are used in machine tools and metalworking machinery. These are used in cutting and finishing for any type of gear, internal/external and in spur/helical.
Gear Shaving Machines (1 supplier)
Gear Shift Forks (4 suppliers)
Gear Spindles (2 suppliers)
Gear Stem Pinion (5 suppliers)
Gear Storage Lockers (1 supplier)
Gear Storage Racks (2 suppliers)
Gear Supports (1 supplier)
Gear Swaps (1 supplier)
Gear Tooth Calipers (1 supplier)
Gear Tooth Cutter Holder (2 suppliers)
Gear Tooth Gages (1 supplier)
Gear Tooth Grinding (5 suppliers)
Gear Tooth Sensors (2 suppliers)
Gear Tooth Vernier Calipers (1 supplier)
Gear Trains and Precision Gearheads (1 supplier)
Gear Tubs (1 supplier)
Gear Type Lubricated Couplings (22 suppliers)
Gear Units (24 suppliers)
Gear Units For Bucket Wheel Excavators (1 supplier)
Gear Units, Right Angle (9 suppliers)
Gear Wheel Precision Engineering (3 suppliers)
Gear Wrench Adapter Sets (1 supplier)
Gear, Marine Propulsion (2 suppliers)
Gear, Power Window Rebuild (2 suppliers)
Gear-Driven Transfer Cases (1 supplier)
Gear-Flex Couplings (2 suppliers)
Gear-Reduced Hoist Operator (2 suppliers)
Gear-Tooth Sensor (1 supplier)
The gear-tooth sensors are smart sensors that learn about their targets to optimize the magnetic circuit detection. It contains a samarium-cobalt magnet, a pole piece, and a differential hall effect IC that has learning capability. These sensors can be easily used in conjunction with a wide variety of gear or target shapes and sizes. It is a solid-state speed sensor can detect the motion of various ferrous objects with some type of discontinuous surface.
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