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Differential Housing Spreaders (1 supplier)
Differential Indicators (1 supplier)
Differential Level Display Systems (1 supplier)
Differential Level Transmitter (4 suppliers)
Differential Low Pressure Sensors (2 suppliers)
Differential Lubricants (5 suppliers)
Differential Manometer With Pitot Tube (1 supplier)
Differential Manometers (3 suppliers)
Differential Mounting Adapters (1 supplier)
Differential Narrowing Kit (1 supplier)
Differential Pair Receptacle Assemblies (1 supplier)
Differential Phase Shifter Gearboxes (1 supplier)
Differential Pinion Mount Grommet (1 supplier)
Differential Piston Reciprocating Pumps (19 suppliers)
Differential Planetary Disc Type Speed Variators (1 supplier)
Differential Pressure Air Velocity Sensors (1 supplier)
Differential Pressure Cone Meters (1 supplier)
The Differential Pressure Cone meter consists of a differential producer fixed concentrically in the center of the pressure retaining pipe by which a differential pressure can be obtained across the interface of two cone frustums via an internal port-way system. This allows the downstream pressure P2 to be measured in the center of the closed conduit. The upstream pressure P1, being measured at the pipe wall. The concept of using the center of the cone above to collect the downstream pressure has certain advantages over conventional differential pressure devices such as flow conditioning, large turndown, static mixing, wet gas usage with lockhart & martinelli values up to 0.5.
Differential Pressure Controllers (8 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Data Loggers (7 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Data Logger is used in monitoring charged environments. It is also used in clean room applications This is connected to the two pressurized environments using 1/4″ hose. There are five measuring ranges. The data logger is in a noryl enclosure, battery powered for up to 10 years and have 12-bit resolution. It records up to 3000 pressure measurements. It is ideal for monitoring air duct velocity, testing and balancing HVAC systems, or verifying room pressure. Sampling rate is user selectable from 0.04 seconds to 8 hours with first-in first-out or fill-then-stop sampling options. Loggers can store up to 21,500 readings and operate totally independently from any external power supply with built-in lithium battery.
Differential Pressure Density Transmitters (1 supplier)
Differential Pressure Firing Head Assembly (1 supplier)
Differential Pressure Flow Sensors (2 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Flow Switches (20 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Flow Transmitters (6 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Flow Transmitters measure the flow of many corrosive liquids, gases and vapors. Differential pressure flow transmitters are constructed of materials that do not contaminate the fluid. These DP flow transmitters offer several different methods of flow sampling.
Differential Pressure Flowmeters (12 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Flowmeters are known as head meters. The advantages of differential pressure flowmeters include simple construction, external transmitting instruments, low maintenance and ease of instrument & range selection. The disadvantages include low flow rate rangeability with normal instrumentation, The operation of differential pressure flowmeter is based on the concept that the pressure drop across the meter is proportional to the square of the flow. These flow meters use differential pressure to compute volumetric flow rates. It is commonly used for industrial applications.
Differential Pressure Gages (2 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Gauge With Isolation Valves (1 supplier)
Differential Pressure Gauges (53 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Gauges is a device used for measuring the difference between pressures acting on one of both sides of a pressure sensitive partition surface at the same time.
Differential Pressure Gauges (52 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Gauges are rugged industrial gauges, which indicate the difference between two input connections. Differential pressure gauges works on different types of sensing elements. These differential pressure gauges are mainly used in the application of filters or any other type of filtration systems.
Differential Pressure Indicating Transmitter (3 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Indicator Switches (2 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Indicators (22 suppliers)
Differential pressure indicator consists of an indicator element which has a magnet affixed to the lower end, the element being axially movable from a retracted non-indicating position to an extended indicating position. A spring-biased piston made of material which is not a permanent magnet but which is responsive to a magnetic field is axially movable in a fluid pressure chamber in response to changes in differential pressure. An increase in differential pressure causes the indicator element to move upwardly to a visual indicating position where its tip protrudes beyond the casing of the device.
Differential Pressure Indicators (19 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Indicator is used in jet engine & missile testing programs, aircraft ground support equipment, water treatment processes and air conditioning systems. These indicators are used and recommended for liquid level indication of materials such as LOX, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, CO2 and argon.
Differential Pressure Instruments (1 supplier)
Differential Pressure Manifolds (2 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Manometer (5 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Measurement Gauges (1 supplier)
Differential Pressure Measurement Switches (1 supplier)
Differential Pressure Meter (0 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Modules (2 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Piston Gage (1 supplier)
Differential Pressure Piston Type Gage (2 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Piston-Type Gage (1 supplier)
Differential Pressure Pneumatic Transmitters (1 supplier)
Differential Pressure Portable Combustion Analyzer (1 supplier)
Differential Pressure Positive Displacement Blowers (1 supplier)
Differential Pressure Ratio Regulators (2 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Recorder (1 supplier)
Differential Pressure Regulators (2 suppliers)
Differential Pressure Sensor Kits (1 supplier)
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