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2D to 3D conversion of AutoCAD Drawings
Suzikline Group, Southern Model Builders, Rishabh Engineering Services, more...

2D/3D Drafting
Risk Management Professionals, Inc, Bare Metal Works, Inc., Custom Design Source, more...

3D CAD Solid Modeling
3D Scan Services, LLC, Rishabh Engineering Services, Custom Design Source, more...

3D Computer Aided Verification
Gaspardo & Associates, Inc., Absolute Geometries, Tooltech Global Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

3D Reverse Engineering
Suzikline Group, SolidMasters, 3D Scan Services, LLC, more...

3D Scanning/Digitizing Services
Suzikline Group, 3D Scan Services, LLC, NeoMetrix Technologies, Inc., more...

3D Solid Modeling
3D Scan Services, LLC, Brynnage Design, Inc., Global Engineering Technologies, LLP, more...

Accelerated Testing of Failure Modes
O'Donnell Consulting Engineers

Acetate Plant
Acetate plant is used to produce ethyl acetate and butyl acetate. The esterification reaction is done using this acetate plant. Acetic acid and ethyl alcohol are sent in a fixed proportion through a preheater to a kettle reboiler. The reaction products are carried to the top of the column as an azeotrope, condensed and pass to a decanter. The top over flow from the decanter is partly given as reflux. The remaining part of the top over flow along with bottom of the decanter is sent to a mixer. The mixer also receives top product of the recovery column. The contents of the mixer after through stirring are sent to a settler. Top over flow from the settler is sent to ethyl acetate column. The product ethyl acetate is drawn from the bottom.
Process Engineering Associates, LLC, Naran Lala Pvt Ltd

Acid Cooling System
The acid cooling system plays an important role in determining the efficiency and safe operation of the plant. It is used for lead acid battery filling applications. The filling of batteries with sulphuric acid in high ambient summer temperatures causes fast rates of in-battery reaction with evolution of corrosive fumes and distortion of the plastic battery casing. The in-line polyethylene-cooling unit would typically reduce ambient temperatures of 35ēC to a filling temperature of 0ēC hence reducing reaction rates and eliminating distortion of the battery casing. This allows faster filling of batteries without the evolution of corrosive fumes and prevents jamming of battery conveyor systems causing production down time.
Process Engineering Associates, LLC, A-X Heat Transfer, Welltech Cooling Systems, more...

Acid Regeneration Treatment Plants
Process Engineering Associates, LLC, Allied Group, Hydro Biotech Systems, more...

Acoustical Consulting
Sound Solutions, Medlin & Associates, Vibro-acoustic Consultants, more...

Acoustical Simulation of Piping Systems
Patterson Process Equipment Corporation, PipingSolutions, Inc., CreateASoft, Inc., more...

Acrylic Fiber Plants
International Process Plants, Ayton Equipment Limited

Activity Based Cost Management and Customer Profitability
Sansar Consulting Group

Actuated Valve Manifolds
Melt Design, Inc., Vinson Tractor Co., Millennium Systems International, more...

Advertising Services
U S Web Providers, Inc, Sagefrog Marketing Group, LLC, Southwest Specialty Advertising, more...

Air Control Regulators
Air control regulators in multiple burner systems hold constant air fuel ratio and mixture pressure with reducing burner port area of up to 90%. The top main diaphragm chamber is referenced through a bleed loader set for the desired burner mixture pressure. The bottom main diaphragm chamber is referenced downstream of the flow mixer or flanged mixing tee. Mixture pressure and air-fuel ratio are held constant as burners are turned off. It is available in various sizes and types.
P E C O Car Wash Systems, Inc, Romi Enterprises, W M H Tool Group, more...

Air Distribution Systems
Norman S. Wright Mechanical Equipment Co., Halton Co., Premier Sales, Inc., more...

Air Heat Burners
21st Century, Inc., Furnace Systems, Inc., Pan India Vibration Technic, more...

Air Power Distribution Systems
Distribut-Air Mfg. Co., Newport News Industrial Corporation, Bangalore Electricity Supply Co.

Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Consultants
Suzikline Group, JCS Refrigeration, Kings Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, more...

Air/Gas Mixers
Air/gas mixers are designed for low-pressure drop operation. Combustion air delivered through a control valve is metered through a precision machined orifice. Controlled air pressure is impulsed to the top of the gas balanced zero regulator. The zero regulator outlet pressure is always the same as the controlled air pressure. An adjustable gas orifice sets the gas fuel flow rate. The pressure interlocked system maintains equal air and gas pressure drops at all flow rates. Air-gas ratio is constant over the entire turndown range of the system. These mixers selections are based on blower air pressure available, mixture pressure required at the burners, BTU/hr. input, percentage primary aeration and turndown ratio required.
White Mountain Process, Alternate Energy Systems, Inc., ATL Welding Supply, more...

Aircraft Refueling Systems
Aircraft refueling system is a refuelling equipment for aircraft, and in particular to a cellular system for refuelling long range aircraft crossing oceans. A floating refuelling station for aircraft includes at least one container hull, which is movable and a sloping platform supported by the container. The sloping platform has at least one runway thereon for take off and landing of aircraft. The container hull may be used to store aviation fuel for refuelling the aircraft, the movability of the hull may be used to orient the runway with respect to the direction of the wind and the runway has a ramp section inclined at an angle to help slow down landing aircraft and/or to help speed up aircraft taking off. The height of the runway above the sea surface needs to be sufficient to accommodate any loss of buoyancy due to outpourings of gas from the sea bed.
Millennium Systems International, Landergren, Inc., O. W., Rieker, Inc., more...

Alcohol Plants
Alcohol plants are used for alcohol production. It is designed to handle a variety of raw materials. The technology will be modified to increase alcohol fermentation from the corn starch, which reduces water consumption and develops DDGS fodder. The rate of CO2 recovery will be increased to 60%. This plant is also used to prepare sugar, molasses, ethanol, methanol, fuel and breweries.
Praj Industries Limited, Process Engineering Associates, LLC, Austin American Technology Corp., more...

Allocation Metering
GRH Electronics, Inc., QuEST

Aluminum Tripods
Omni Optical Products, Inc., Long Valley Equipment, Rickly Hydrological Co., Inc., more...

AMC - Erection, Installation and Commissioning of F&G Systems.
Specialist Power Engineering Services Private Limited, Delhi, Detection Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd.

AMC Contracts for Maintaining Process Instruments
Bauman Instrument Corp., Detection Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd.

AMC for Gas and Fire Detection Systems
Detection Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd.

AMC for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) detection
Detection Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Amine Units
Process Engineering Associates, LLC, Spitzer Industries

Amines Plants
Process Engineering Associates, LLC, Joule Processing, LLC, Ayton Equipment Limited

Ammonia Distribution and Manifold Piping
Vector Systems, Inc.

Ammonia Handling Equipment
Ammonia handling equipments include unloading stations, storage tanks & accessories, ammonia feed forward pumps, ammonia process control unit, ammonia distribution manifolds, and ammonia injection grid.
Vector Systems, Inc.

Ammonia Injection Grids
Ammonia injection grid offers a plurality of air foils across a flue conveying flue gas. It is located in the flue leading to the SCR catalyst at a point far enough upstream to ensure optimal flue gas and reagent distribution across section of the catalyst. The primary design parameters for the ammonia injection grid involves total ammonia delivery capacity, header velocity, nozzle area concentration and injection velocity.
Wahlco, Inc., Vector Systems, Inc.

Ammonia Plants
Ammonia plants are used to produce ammonia. The primary purpose of the ammonia plants is to supply liquid ammonia to the di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) plant, for the production of DAP/MAP fertilizer. These plants comprise of several units that include natural gas compression and desulfurization, reforming, waste heat recovery and boilers, CO shift conversion, CO2 removal and methanation, syngas compression, ammonia synthesis, refrigeration, ammonia and hydrogen recovery, ammonia storage, and shipping facilities.
Process Engineering Associates, LLC, Wahlco, Inc., Aaron Equipment Company

Ammonia Skids
Spitzer Industries

Analysis of Defects in Piping Systems
O'Donnell Consulting Engineers

Animation of Power Projects Overall View and Walk Through of the Buildings
Suzikline Group, Structherm Ltd., Rollbo eng. S. a. s.

Appraisals for Assets
RTR Services, Inc, Tube & Pipe Technologies, Inc., G S M, Inc.,, more...

Aqueous Ammonia Truck Unloading Skids
Wahlco, Inc., Vector Systems, Inc.

Aqueous Reactions & Corrosion Simulation
Technology Evaluations, Inc.

Architectural Services ranging from preliminary studies to detail designs
Suzikline Group, Alignus Design, Armentrout Roebuck Matheny Consulting Group, more...

As Built Surveys and Site Preparation Using Laser Scanning System
Prime Edge, Alignus Design, Tait Environmental Management, Inc., more...

Assembly Drawings
Suzikline Group, Advanced Systems Technologies, Inc., Science & Technology Corp., more...

Assembly Equipment
Advanced Machining, Pacific Precision Laboratories, Inc., Hyatt Die Cast & Engineering Corp., more...

Assembly Exploded View Drawings
Suzikline Group, microSys Design Lab Pte. Ltd., Paramount Enterprises

Asset Inspections/Site Visits
AKUS Railroad Services LLC, RTR Services, Inc, TRC-Rainear Company, more...

Asset Management
CUES, Inc., Merchants Building Maintenance, MASS Group Inc., more...

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