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AC Coil Heaters
Terex Roadbuilding, Micropac Industries, Inc.

Aggregate Heating Systems
American Geothermal, Inc., Mixer Systems, Inc.

Aluma-Flex Band Heaters
Ogden Mfg. Co.

Ambient Sensing Thermostats
IAQ Wholesale, Trasor Corp.

Annealing Inductors
Annealing Inductors are used for annealing of stainless steel, assembled and cast into high temperature refractory.
Encur, Inc.

Band Heaters
Band Heaters are designed to heat up cylindrical parts by conduction. They are used in many manufacturing processes such as the injection, extrusion and moulding processes. It is used in industries such as plastic processing, chemical and food processing industries. It is made with mica or ceramic insulators, bare tubular elements or cast aluminum. Band heater is also used to heat the barrels and nozzles of plastic injection molders & extruders.
International Heat Exchange Inc., Industrial Heater Corp., Durex Industries, more...

Barrel Heaters
Waage Electric, Inc., Instrumatics, Inc., Extrusion Control and Supply, Inc., more...

Cable Heaters
Cable heaters are heating elements formed from straight, uncoiled segments of heating cable. It is fully annealed and readily bent to a multitude of configurations and shapes as dictated by the application. It can be formed into a compact coiled nozzle heater for plastic injection molding equipment or snake through a sealing bar in packaging applications. It is also ideal for harsh or unusual environments including cryogenic and subfreezing temperatures, high vacuum and gaseous and liquid immersion conditions.
International Heat Exchange Inc., Durex Industries, Heating and Welding Products LLC, more...

Cartridge Heaters
Cartridge heater is designed to distribute maximum heat within a desired area. As they are completely enclosed, square units will furnish more usable heat for a given wattage than a comparable strip heater attached to the exterior of a mod, platen, or other equipment. Cartridge heaters are especially vulnerable to moisture. During the heating phase, when current flows through the moist heater, there may be an insulation breakdown between the wires of the coil and damage to the heater.
Glo-Quartz Incorporated, International Heat Exchange Inc., Industrial Heater Corp., more...

Cast Iron Steam Heating Coils
Grid Industrial Heating, Inc.

Cast-in Heaters
Durex Industries, Heatron Inc., Tempco Electric Heater Corporation, more...

Cellulose Fiber Insulation
Service Partners Of Georgia

Ceramic Fiber Heaters
Ceramic fiber heaters integrate a high temperature iron-chrome-aluminum heating element wire with ceramic fiber insulation. It is ideal for high temperature, and non-contact applications. The ceramic fiber insulation isolates the high temperatures inside the heated chamber from the outside. The heaters are low mass, fast heating, with high insulation values and self-supported heating elements that offer very high temperature heating capabilities., A S A Sales, Inc., Tempco Electric Heater Corporation, more...

Ceramic Fiber, Mineral Wool
Lape Industrial Fiberglass Inc., CRC, Inc, Precision Fiber Products, Inc., more...

Ceramic Heaters
International Heat Exchange Inc., Durex Industries, Hotwatt, Inc., more...

Coil Heaters
Durex Industries, Heatron Inc., Overnite Supply LLC, more...

Commercial Fiberglass Insulation Materials
Meledo Enterprises, Davidson Insulation & Acoustic, Dougherty County Glass Co., more...

Composite Encapsulated Insulation
Composite Encapsulated Insulation provides the opportunity to design insulating packages. Composite encapsulated insulation is well suited for insulation parts that manually removed from the furnace between thermal cycles or where some mechanical strength is needed in addition to insulating properties.
Carbon Composites, Inc., Evans Lumber Co., TPM Contracting Ltd.

Composite Insulation Material
PermaTherm, Advance Thermal Corp, Thrust Industries Inc., more...

Composite Rigid Board Insulation
Composite Rigid Board is produced by laminating multiple layers of rigidized graphite felt between 0.025″ thick sheets of carbon composite. The graphite foil may be bonded to one or both faces. It is readily machinable with conventional methods such as cutting, drilling, sawing, and milling. Panels may be supplied with pre-machined shiplap joints to facilitate rapid furnace rebuilds.It provides a robust barrier, which protects the insulating core from damage by dropped parts., Inc, Carbon Composites, Inc., CeraMaterials, more...

Composite Sandwich Board Insulation
Composite Sandwich Board Insulation is produced by laminating multiple layers of semi-rigidized felt and graphite foil between 0.025″ thick sheets of carbon. The graphite foil may be bonded to one or both faces. It is readily machinable with conventional methods such as cutting, drilling, sawing, and milling. The multiple graphite foil layer slows the infiltration of process gasses that can densify felt, degrading its insulating properties.
Carbon Composites, Inc., Top Notch Signs and Graphics Ltd., Burntwood Signs Ltd., more...

Composite Sandwich Pack Insulation
Composite Sandwich Pack Insulation uses inner and outer carbon composite shells to protect an insulation core, which is comprised of multiple layers of semi-rigidized carbon felt and graphite foil. The graphite foil may be bonded to the carbon cylinder faces. It has multiple graphite foil layers conduct heat axially within the hot zone cylinder, reducing "hot spots″ and improving process control. It is readily machinable using conventional methods such as cutting, drilling, sawing, and milling.
Carbon Composites, Inc., Sodistra

Condensation Control Blankets
Condensation Control Blanket is a nominal 1″-2″ thick fiberglass and can be laminated to any of our facings. This product is ideal for minimizing moisture condensation on roof and wall panels in unheated buildings.
Johns Manville, DampAid North Wales, All Seasons Hire Ltd

Conductive Alloys
Conductive Alloys are used for coils in the disk drive, audio speaker and microphone markets. They are also used for small motors, solenoids, transformers, relays and applications that require precision layer wound coils. It used beryllium copper for the leads of audio voice coils. They can also be rolled into ribbon of square wire configurations. These can be delivered bare or coated with one of our wide range of insulations and /or bond coats. It also uses copper, copper clad plantings.
Kanthal Sandvik Asia Ltd.

Connection Kits and Accessories
Tyco Thermal Controls, Innovative Power Products, Isotherm Internationale

Constant Power Density Heat Tracing Cable
Tyco Thermal Controls, Nelson Heat Trace, Wholesale Electric Supply Company, more...

Controls and Monitoring
Tyco Thermal Controls, BDC, Inc., InduSoft, Ltd., more...

Copper-Nickel Alloys
Copper-Nickel Alloys possess different properties and are used in different applications. It consists of only one phase as the copper nickel binary system exhibits complete solid solubility. It can be hardened only by cold working. The nickel content in these alloys also enables them to retain their strength at elevated temperatures compared to copper alloys without nickel.
Uniproducts, Inc, P M X Industries, Inc., Diversified Metals, Inc., more...

Custom Built Heaters
Custom Built Heaters are used for service and repair throughout the power generation plant. The design consists of a helical coil of nickel-chromium resistance wire, which is centered in a metal sheath.
Durex Industries, Solaronics, Inc., Tutco-Farnam Custom Products, more...

Custom Inductors
Agile Magnetics, Inc., Power Engineering Industries, Orange County Components, Inc., more...

Custom Insulation Blankets
Astro-Cooler Products, Advance Thermal Corp, Precise Thermal Inc., more...

Direct Air Heaters
Thermo Electric Technologies, Jatindera Boiler Co., Aero Therm Systems Pvt Ltd, more...

Duct Board Duct Systems
Johns Manville

Duct Wraps
Duct Wrap is composed of glass fibers bonded together with thermosetting resin. It helps to control heat loss and condensation during HVAC system operation. It can handle conditioned air at temperatures from 35-250°F for faced duct wrap and 35-350°F for unfaced wrap. It is a lightweight, foil faced, fire retardant blanket-type insulation with multiple uses. It has no fiberglass and does not itch or cause skin irritation. It is available with a 1″ or 2″ quilted fiberglass decoupler. It is also used to wrap noisy pipes and ducts to block the noise that transmits through the walls of the pipe or duct as air.
Oeler Industries Inc., Johns Manville, Fabrication Services, Inc.

Electric Heat Trace Systems
Electric heat trace systems are used for freeze protection method. It uses a cable in which hot water is maintained in piping without the use of re-circulation. It is used for pipelines, tanks, roofs, sidewalks and trails.
A.W. Schultz, Inc., Relcon, Inc., The Newtron Group, Inc.,, more...

Electric Heat Tracing
Tyco Thermal Controls, Jelliff Corporation, A.W. Schultz, Inc., more...

Electric Storage Tank Heaters
Heat Exchange and Transfer, Inc.

Electrical Induction Heating Equipment
Challenger Services, ABP Induction, LLC, E&M Sales, more...

External Steam Tank Heater
Tyco Thermal Controls, Komax Systems, Inc, Yula Corporation, more...

Extruder Barrel Heating by Thermal Insulation Systems
ThermoHelp Corporation, Santoro Mechanical Insulation, Seymour Manufacturing International Ltd., more...

Fiber Glass Duct Boards
Fiberglass duct board is used for indoor commercial and residential heating, ventilating and air conditioning duct systems. It is a rigid fiberglass board with a damage resistant, flame retardant, reinforced aluminum foil facing and has excellent thermal & acoustical insulating properties. It is protected by an EPA registered biocide. It also eliminates air leakage.
C.A. Schroeder, Inc., Hercules Industries, Inc, Johns Manville, more...

Fiber Glass Duct Liners
Fiberglass duct liner is designed for sheet metal ducts in air conditioning, heating and ventilating systems. It provides bacteria and fungi protection. It is designed to install inside sheet metal ductwork & plenums. It absorbs noise and contributes to indoor comfort.
Johns Manville, Allwin Fibre & Products

Fiberglass Blanket Heaters
The Conrad Company, Mahendra Thermo Electricals, Caztex Insulation Company Limited

Fiberglass Insulation
Ready Built Steel Buildings, Metal Building Manufacturers Inc.,, Inc, more...

Fiberglass Pipe Insulation
Fiberglass pipe insulation is designed for installation over hot, cold, concealed and exposed piping systems with operation temperatures of up to 850°F (454°C). It is made from glass fibers bonded with thermosetting resin and seals with a factory applied acrylic closure system. These are molded of heavy density resin bonded inorganic glass fibers., Inc, 3i Supply Co., IDC Corporation, more...

Fire Blanket
Advance Thermal Corp, Fire Ram International, Inc., W.H. Salisbury & Company, more...

Flange Heaters
Glo-Quartz Incorporated, Durex Industries, Heatron Inc., more...

Flash Immersion Heaters
Waage Electric, Inc., Chromalox, Inc., Seven Three Heaters, more...

Flexible Electric Tank Heating Panels
Tyco Thermal Controls, ProTech Sales, Inc., Commonwealth Electrical Industries, more...

Flexible Heat Tracing Cable
Tyco Thermal Controls, Valin Corporation, Superior Essex Inc., more...

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