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Disc Mandrels (1 supplier)
Disc Meters (1 supplier)
Disc Milling Cutters (8 suppliers)
Disc Mills (17 suppliers)
Disc mill is used in food processing technology. Disc mills employ shearing force for fine grinding or shearing and impact forces for coarser grinding. There are several types of disc mill such as single disc mill, double disc mill, and pin & disc mill. The moisture content of the feed can be of importance in milling. The quality of the feed depends upon the moisture content and also the temperature sensitivity of the mill. Disc mill often consists of three pairs of carborundum discs. One disc is rotating and the other is stationary. The discs are pressured together and the feed is forced through them, by centrifugal force to the outside. The high shear destroys a lot of the particles releasing a lot of the fat. Then the feed runs down a chute to the centre of the centre set of disc and then finally onto the third set.
Disc Mowers (9 suppliers)
Disc Openers (1 supplier)
Disc Pad Face Hubs (1 supplier)
Disc Pad Face Plate Hubs (1 supplier)
Disc Pad Face Plates (2 suppliers)
Disc Pad Holders (2 suppliers)
Disc Pad Ribbed Face Plates (1 supplier)
Disc Padlocks (1 supplier)
Disc Pelletizers (2 suppliers)
Disc Plungers (3 suppliers)
Disc Pulverizers (26 suppliers)
Disc Retainer Nuts (2 suppliers)
Disc Retainers (1 supplier)
Disc Retaining Nut (1 supplier)
Disc Rider Automatic Scrubber (3 suppliers)
Disc Rippers (2 suppliers)
Disc Roll Dispensers (1 supplier)
Disc Ruling Machines (2 suppliers)
Disc Sander (17 suppliers)
A disc sander is a machine. It consists of a circular sand paper covered wheel being electrically spun around. It is sat between two benches- the one on the front is used to put work on. The one at the back houses the machinery that spins the wheel around. It is used chiefly to sand wooden objects so that they have smoother edges. To use, press the piece of wood up against the spinning disc gently. Turn over and do the same again. Because of the forceful abrasive nature, it is wise to not let your fingers get too close to the spinning disc. Always wait until the disc has completely stopped before touching it.
Disc Sanding Machine (5 suppliers)
Disc Saw (1 supplier)
Disc Screens (3 suppliers)
Disc Sealers (1 supplier)
Disc Series Meters (1 supplier)
Disc Shaped Diffusers (6 suppliers)
Disc Shaped Fine Bubble Membrane Diffusers (6 suppliers)
Disc Skimmers (1 supplier)
Disc Spring Washers (3 suppliers)
Disc Springs (33 suppliers)
Disc Stack Centrifuges (3 suppliers)
Disc Stack With Top Separating Discs (1 supplier)
Disc Stems (1 supplier)
Disc Stirrer Magnets (1 supplier)
Disc Style Brush Chippers (2 suppliers)
Disc Taper Pin Automated Lug Butterfly Valves (1 supplier)
Disc Title Printers (1 supplier)
Disc Tumbler Cylinder Cam Locks (2 suppliers)
Disc Tumbler Door & Drawer Locks (2 suppliers)
Disc Turns (1 supplier)
Disc Turntables (2 suppliers)
Disc Type Blades Radial Turbine (3 suppliers)
Disc Type Filtration Units (2 suppliers)
Disc Type Motor Brake Chain Hoist (4 suppliers)
Disc Type Refiners (2 suppliers)
Disc Type Steam Traps (15 suppliers)
Disc Valve Chipping Hammers (1 supplier)
5801 to 5850 of 13703 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 [117] 118 119 120 >> Next 50 Results
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