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Bolted-Gasketed Closure (1 supplier)
Bolting (15 suppliers)
Bolting Accessories (2 suppliers)
Bolting Drill Rigs (1 supplier)
Bolting Hammer Gates (1 supplier)
Bolting Hardware (2 suppliers)
Bolting Machines (2 suppliers)
Bolting Services (2 suppliers)
Bolting Systems (2 suppliers)
bolting tool pump sets (1 supplier)
Bolting Tool Rentals (1 supplier)
Bolting Tools (47 suppliers)
Bolting Torque Calculator (0 suppliers)
Boltless Galvanized Shelving (2 suppliers)
Boltless Pallet Racks (4 suppliers)
Boltless Rack (2 suppliers)
Boltless Rack Deck (1 supplier)
Boltless Shelf Trucks (1 supplier)
Boltless Shelving (5 suppliers)
Boltless Shelving Add-On Units (1 supplier)
Boltless Work Benches (1 supplier)
Bolts & Fasteners (324 suppliers)
Bolts & Fastners (1044 suppliers)
Bolts & Screws (254 suppliers)
A screw is a shaft with a helical groove or thread formed on its surface. It used as a threaded fastener used to hold objects together, and as a simple machine used to translate torque into linear force. It can also be defined as an inclined plane wrapped around a shaft.
Bolts and Setscrews (10 suppliers)
Bomb Calorimeter (5 suppliers)
Bomb Calorimeter Testing (1 supplier)
Bomb Disposal Suit & Helmet (5 suppliers)
Bomb Disrupters (1 supplier)
Bomb Jammer (4 suppliers)
Bomb jammers are modular jamming system. It is capable of jamming not only all cellular frequencies, but it will also immobilize & render powerless all types of remote controlled predetonation devices from a safe distance. It is effectively jam radio controlled improvised explosive device and will also reliably pre-detonate certain amplitude modulation controlled radio controlled improvised explosive devices at safe distances. It also jam all cellular network based detonating devices and cellular telecommunications.
Bomb Mitigation Units (1 supplier)
Bomb Suppression Blankets (3 suppliers)
The bomb suppression blankets are used in public areas to suppress the blast fragmentation that causes most damages and injuries. The multiple layer ballistic filler is enclosed in an outer cover, which is fitted with lifting straps. Both blanket and containment ring fold into a compact, easily carried bag. The blanket is then placed over the containment ring and bomb. The ring directs the force of the blast upwards into the blanket, which contains most of the fragments created by the explosion. Two or more containment rings and blankets can be used to suppress larger explosive devices.
Bond Beam Buckets (2 suppliers)
Bond Breaker Tapes (1 supplier)
Bond Jigs (1 supplier)
Bond Reinforced Cut-Off Wheels (1 supplier)
Bond Testers (6 suppliers)
Bond Testers provides the accurate bond strength of repair mortars, epoxy resin, laminates, overlays and other coating. It has the calibrated gauge with maximum load indicator. It has viscose damping mechanism to protect against the sudden load and adjustment alignment plate with built in leveling facility. It has the compact design and easy to use. It handles a variety of testing applications. It capabilities include wire bond loop pull testing, wire bond ball shear testing, BGA ball shear and pull testing, die bond shear testing and high speed ball shear testing. It is electrical safety test devices that perform electrical compliance tests. It is mandated on all electrical and electronic devices, by a variety of compliance standards bodies, to prevent injured due to shock or electrical discharge. It is used to verify the integrity of the ground connection between the power cord and exposed metals in high current devices and applications. This is achieved by measuring the resistance between the exposed metal parts and the ground blade of the power cord.
Bond, Carbonless & Thermal Rolls (3 suppliers)
Bondbreakers (2 suppliers)
Bonded Abrasive Belts (2 suppliers)
Bonded Abrasives (10 suppliers)
Bonded Anti Shock Mount Systems (1 supplier)
Bonded Assembly (1 supplier)
Bonded Block Angles (1 supplier)
Bonded Cargo Transportation (14 suppliers)
Bonded Competition Cones (1 supplier)
Bonded Components, Polyurethane-to-Metal (6 suppliers)
Bonded Cord Strapping (2 suppliers)
Bonded Crystals (2 suppliers)
Bonded Edge Panels (2 suppliers)
6401 to 6450 of 10781 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 [129] 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 >> Next 50 Results
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