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Float End Double Strand Coupling Chains (1 supplier)
Float Equipment (29 suppliers)
Float Free Level Control Condensate Pump (1 supplier)
Float Glass Stress Scanners (1 supplier)
Float Handles (1 supplier)
Float Level Control with Electric Switch (5 suppliers)
Float level control with electric switch is a type of level switch. It is designed for horizontal mounting in a tank or vessel through threaded or flanged pipe connections. The buoyancy force of process liquid on a float causes the float to move with the liquid's surface. Float movement pivots a magnet into the field of a like-charged switch magnet. As the magnets repel each other, the switch magnet moves, actuating the switch. It is used in corrosive process; process vessels and single pump control applications.
Float Level Gauge for Knock-out and Horizontal Tanks (1 supplier)
Float Level Gauge for Underground Tanks (2 suppliers)
Float Level Gauges (11 suppliers)
Float Level Meter (0 suppliers)
Float Level Sensors (2 suppliers)
Float Level Transducer (2 suppliers)
Float Lock Vises (1 supplier)
Float Mount Blind Mate Connectors (1 supplier)
Float Mounted Skimmers (1 supplier)
Float Mounting Brackets (4 suppliers)
Float Mounting Clamps (1 supplier)
Float Nose/Lever Operated Valves (1 supplier)
Float Operated Level Control Condensate Pump (1 supplier)
Float Operated Traps (2 suppliers)
Float Operated Valves (1 supplier)
Float Operated Valves controls the liquid level and prevent overfilling tanks. The valve is operated mechanically by a float which rests on top of the liquid. The liquid level rises, it pushes the float up and closes the valve. The valve opens when the level falls. The amount of liquid pressure is determined by the length of the rod and size of the float. It includes dual inlet thread for connecting pipe and locknut and high tensile serrated arms. It is provided with the rise of a float prevented by the elastic force of a spring mounted on the valve body. It provides a safe and effective means of venting fuel, oil or water tanks without liquid loss.
Float Rod Guides (1 supplier)
Float Rod Stops (1 supplier)
Float Rods (1 supplier)
Float Sets (1 supplier)
Float Shut Off Valves (1 supplier)
Float Step Ladder (1 supplier)
Float Switch Discriminating Sensors (1 supplier)
Float Switch Pump Controllers (1 supplier)
Float Switches (89 suppliers)
Float switches are used for a variety of applications including pump on/off control. It's a point actuating level controller. The floating head in float switches contains a switch that is tethered by its cable to a fixed point. As the float rises and falls, the switch is actuated. They are usually economical and readily adjustable.
Float Tape Tank Gauge (1 supplier)
Float Thermostatic Steam Traps (17 suppliers)
Float Traps (2 suppliers)
Float Tube (1 supplier)
Float Type Air Volume Control Kits (1 supplier)
Float Type Auto Drain System (1 supplier)
Float Type Automatic Drains (1 supplier)
Float Type Continuous Level Sensors (2 suppliers)
Float Type Flowmeters & Switches (1 supplier)
Float Type Level Indicator (21 suppliers)
Float Type Level Indicator is used for measuring liquid levels in open or pressurized tanks. Its feature includes rugged construction, pressure-resistant & gas-tight separation between indicator and measuring compartment and process temperature of -200°C to +400°C.
Float Type Level Switch (42 suppliers)
Float Type Level Switches (42 suppliers)
Float Type Level Switches are used to provide discrete level sensing. A rising liquid level lifts a buoyant float, tripping an internal switch. The floats come in different types, the most recognized being a set of floats connected to a cable that is lowered into a tank in which turbulence is not present. The cables can be tethered from the top of a pump wet well, basin or reservoir.
Float Type level Transmitter (16 suppliers)
Float Type Level Transmitters are used where 4 to 20 mA output is essential or level indication is required in digital display. It is used for indicating liquid level and alarming to control. It is used in chemical, industrial wastewater and food industries. Float type level transmitter is provided to prevent overfilling the container.
Float Type Multi Point Level Sensors (2 suppliers)
Float Type Steam Traps (25 suppliers)
Float Valves (29 suppliers)
Float Wash System (1 supplier)
Float Zone Silicon Wafers (3 suppliers)
Float-Control Valves (3 suppliers)
Float/Sink Tanks (1 supplier)
7201 to 7250 of 13431 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 140 141 142 143 144 [145] 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 >> Next 50 Results
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