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Ion Beam Systems (7 suppliers)
Ion Carburizing Equipment (1 supplier)
Ion Chamber Survey Meter (1 supplier)
Ion Chromatography Services (3 suppliers)
Ion Exchange (24 suppliers)
Ion Exchange Cartridge Units (1 supplier)
Ion Exchange Membranes (2 suppliers)
Ion Exchange Resin Cartridges (2 suppliers)
Ion Exchange Resin Chambers (1 supplier)
Ion Exchange Resins (21 suppliers)
An ion exchange resin is an insoluble matrix. It is normally in the form of small (1-2 mm diameter) beads, usually white or yellowish, fabricated from an organic polymer substrate. The material has highly developed structure of pores on the surface of which are sites with easily trapped and released ions. The trapping of ions takes place only with simultaneous releasing of other ions; thus the process is called ion exchange. There are multiple different types of ion exchange resin which are fabricated to selectively prefer one or several different types of ions. These are widely used in different separation, purification, and decontamination processes.
Ion Exchange Resins for Conventional Water Treatment (6 suppliers)
Ion Exchange Resins, Gel (3 suppliers)
Gel ion exchange resins are preferably suited to protein purification, antibody isolation, and peptide fractionation. These are ion exchange media for use in low-pressure liquid chromatography.
Ion Exchange Resins, Isoporous (4 suppliers)
Ion Exchange Resins, Macroporous (3 suppliers)
Ion Exchange Systems (13 suppliers)
Ion Exchange Vessels (1 supplier)
Ion Exchange, Weakly Acidic Cation Resins (1 supplier)
Ion Exchangers (15 suppliers)
Ion exchanger features a number of interesting physical and chemical characteristics. Ion exchangers are used in miniature columns for the preconcentration of metal traces are employed in a variety of sizes and pore diameters. Ion exchangers are used to remove salts from the water. Ion exchangers are divided into anion-exchangers and cation exchangers.
Ion Gauge Controller (2 suppliers)
Ion Generators (4 suppliers)
Ion generators charge particles in a room. The charged particles are then attracted to walls, floors, draperies, and other surfaces in the room. The ion generator may have a collector that collects these charged particles. Those generators that do not have a collector may cause soiling of wall and the other surfaces. It is act by charging the particles in a room. The main purpose of ion generator is to increase in the air the number of molecules or molecular clusters that carry positive or negative charges.
Ion Gun Power Supplies (2 suppliers)
Ion Implantations (3 suppliers)
Ion Meter (3 suppliers)
Ion Milling Tools (2 suppliers)
Ion Nitriding (5 suppliers)
Ion Processing Equipment (1 supplier)
Ion Pump Power Supplies (1 supplier)
Ion Pumped Table Top Systems (1 supplier)
Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack (1 supplier)
Ion Selective Electrodes (3 suppliers)
Ion Specific Electrodes (1 supplier)
Ion Specific Meters (1 supplier)
Ion-Etching Deposition Equipment (2 suppliers)
Ion-exchange De mineralization System (1 supplier)
Ion-Exchange Softeners (2 suppliers)
Ion exchange softener exchanges the hardness of calcium and magnesium, which is dissolved in water for the soft mineral sodium. It is operated by replacing the calcium and magnesium salts that form hard water scale with sodium salt. This process is carried out in an ion exchange column. It contains sodium chloride to recharge plastic like beads that exchange hardness minerals like calcium, manganese and magnesium for sodium. It is operated by exchanging the iron in the untreated water with sodium on the ion exchange medium.
Ion-Molecule Reaction Ionization (1 supplier)
Ionic Air Purifiers (3 suppliers)
Ionic Cleaning Equipment (2 suppliers)
Ionic Contamination Testing (2 suppliers)
Ionic Current Detection (1 supplier)
Ionisation Instruments (1 supplier)
Ionising Air Curtain (2 suppliers)
Ionising Air Gun (2 suppliers)
Ionising Anti Static Air Curtains (1 supplier)
Ionising Blower (1 supplier)
Ionization Blowers (1 supplier)
Ionization Chambers (1 supplier)
Ionization Electrodes (1 supplier)
Ionization Gauge Controllers (1 supplier)
Ionization Gauges (1 supplier)
7951 to 8000 of 8472 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results [160] 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 >> Next 50 Results
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