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Rotation Sensor Assemblies (1 supplier)
Rotation Sensors (4 suppliers)
Rotation sensors are used for supplying electrical outputs proportional to shaft rotation. It varies in terms of electrical outputs. It measures rotating motion and angular displacement of less than one turn. It uses several different types of sensing technologies depending upon where it is applied. Potentiometers are used to identify variable resistance and measure the angle of rotation as the shaft turns. Permanent magnets mounted to the rotating sensor shaft supply a magnetic field. Variable inductance sensors include a component on the rotating sensor shaft that induces magnetic field effects on multiple stationary coils.
Rotation Switches (1 supplier)
Rotation Tables (1 supplier)
Rotation Type Synchronous Motors (1 supplier)
Rotation-Resistant Ropes (2 suppliers)
Rotational Connectors (1 supplier)
Rotational Core System Moulds (2 suppliers)
Rotational molding is a single-surface molding process. This means that the mold can only affect the quality of one surface of the molded part. The advantage of rotational molding is that the wall thickness distribution of rotomolded parts can be controller relatively easily by changing the speeds of rotation of the mould about the two perpendicular axes. Its good to specify a minimum wall thickness rather than a nominal wall thickness. As there is very little melt flow in rotational molding, the speeds and speed ration during the rest of the cycle is not so critical.
Rotational Dams (1 supplier)
Rotational Equipment (2 suppliers)
Rotational Fulcrum Bearings (1 supplier)
Rotational Head Ratchets (2 suppliers)
Rotational Lining (2 suppliers)
Rotational Machining (2 suppliers)
Rotational Machining Services, Multiple Workholding (2 suppliers)
Rotational Mold Castings (3 suppliers)
Rotational Mold Designing (2 suppliers)
Rotational Mold Tooling (4 suppliers)
Rotational Molded Chairs (1 supplier)
Rotational Molded Parts (15 suppliers)
Rotational Molded Plastic Customized Seats (1 supplier)
Rotational Molded Plastic Insulation Jackets (1 supplier)
Rotational Molded Plastic Liners (1 supplier)
Rotational Molded Plastic Recycling Containers (1 supplier)
Rotational Molded Plastic Sewer Line Fittings (1 supplier)
Rotational Molded Plastic Tubs (4 suppliers)
Rotational Molded Pots (2 suppliers)
Rotational Molders (2 suppliers)
Rotational Molding Machinery (7 suppliers)
Rotational Molding Machines (16 suppliers)
Rotational Molding Resins (4 suppliers)
Rotational Molds (56 suppliers)
Rotational Mould Designing Services (1 supplier)
Rotational Moulding Machine (17 suppliers)
A rotational moulding machine comprises an oven, at least one arm arranged, in use, to rotate a mould within and relative to oven. It has a connection portion for connecting mould to arm and a cabling receiving section for receiving cabling connected between outside of oven and connection portion. A first conduit portion for the flow therein of cooling fluid from outside of oven into oven towards connection portion, and a second conduit portion for the return flow there along of cooling fluid from inside of oven to outside of oven. It utilizes a pump for pumping cooling fluid through first and second conduit portions. The pumped flow of cooling fluid through first and second conduit portions serves to cool connection portion and/or cabling receiving section.
Rotational Plastic Molding (31 suppliers)
Rotational Retaining Adapters (1 supplier)
Rotational Safety Joints (1 supplier)
Rotational Scraper Chains (1 supplier)
Rotational Scrapers (1 supplier)
Rotational Shuttle Molding Machines (1 supplier)
Rotational Transfer Benches (1 supplier)
Rotational Transfer Wet Benches (2 suppliers)
Rotational Vibrator Vibrating Conveyors (1 supplier)
Rotational Vibrators (1 supplier)
Rotationally Molded Plastic Grease Interceptor (1 supplier)
Rotationally Molded Polyethylene Storage Tanks (4 suppliers)
Rotationally Molded Trays (2 suppliers)
Rotator Clamps (1 supplier)
Rotator Speed Control Cables (1 supplier)
Rotator Tables (2 suppliers)
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