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Motor Rotation & Three Phase Tester (1 supplier)
Motor Rotation and 3 - Phase Tester (1 supplier)
Motor Rotation Indicators (1 supplier)
Motor Rotation Testers (1 supplier)
Motor Run Capacitors (7 suppliers)
Motor Scooters (4 suppliers)
Motor Scrapers (3 suppliers)
Motor Scrapers covers twin-engined models for traction and severe grades and extended capacity bowl options for coal handling.
Motor Shaft Adapters (1 supplier)
Motor Shaft Bushing (1 supplier)
Motor Shaft Extension Kit (1 supplier)
Motor Sheaves (1 supplier)
Motor Silencers (1 supplier)
Motor Slip Ring Covers (1 supplier)
Motor Slip Rings (5 suppliers)
Motor Space Heaters (1 supplier)
Motor Speed Controllers (50 suppliers)
Motor speed controller is an electronic device that control motor speed. The function of a motor speed controller is to take a signal representing the demanded speed, and to drive a motor at that speed. The controller may or may not actually measure the speed of the motor. There are four product classification specifications for motor speed controllers: number of axes or motors, rated power, resolution and application category.
Motor Speed Controllers, AC (6 suppliers)
Motor Speed Controllers, DC (5 suppliers)
Motor Speed Reducers (2 suppliers)
Motor Speed Vane Pumps (2 suppliers)
Motor Sport Precision Engineering Services (8 suppliers)
Motor Spring Clips (1 supplier)
Motor Start Capacitors (3 suppliers)
Motor Start Switches (2 suppliers)
Motor Starter Controllers (3 suppliers)
Motor Starter Interfaces (4 suppliers)
Motor Starter Panels (10 suppliers)
Motor Starter Protectors (2 suppliers)
Motor Starters (160 suppliers)
Motor starters protect motors from an under voltage condition. If the voltage of the power supplied to the motor drops below 65% of the design voltage, a coil disconnects the motor from the supply voltage. It is used to provide automatic control for motors. Motor starters can be either manual or magnetic. Manual starters are used only for small fractional horsepower motors. Manual starters may be toggle, selector, or push button switches. They are used for integral motors. They use an auxiliary circuit within the starter to energize a magnetic coil, which closes the starting switch.
Motor Starters Reduced Voltage (1 supplier)
Motor Starting Auto Transformers (4 suppliers)
Motor Starting Auto Transformers with fixed tapping are used in auto transformer type of starters to reduce the voltage across the motor terminals while starting. This transformer uses high quality E.I laminated silicon steel processed from state of the art modern punching facilities, high quality enamelled/fibre glass covered copper or aluminium wires of 1 PEW and EIW grades withstand temperatures up to 155°C & 180°C respectively and high quality polyester varnish for good bonding & high dielectric strength, which reduces electrical leakage and noise. These transformer features open frame construction, three coil design and class F Insulation. Its primary function is to limit inrush current and starting torque in AC motors under starting or locked rotor conditions. This eliminates the problems associated with line voltage drop, resulting from high inrush currents.
Motor Starting Autotransformers (1 supplier)
Motor Starting/Speed Control, Resistors (21 suppliers)
Motor Stator Insulation Monitor (1 supplier)
Motor Steerable Bits (1 supplier)
Motor Support Bracket (1 supplier)
Motor Surge Capacitor (1 supplier)
Motor Temperature Monitoring Units (1 supplier)
Motor Terminal Block (3 suppliers)
Motor Terminal Boxes (3 suppliers)
Motor Testing (7 suppliers)
Motor Testing Equipment (7 suppliers)
Motor Testing Services (4 suppliers)
Motor Tipper (1 supplier)
Motor Truck Dump Scales (1 supplier)
Motor Truck Scales (2 suppliers)
Motor Unit with Twisting (1 supplier)
Motor Vehicle Accessories (2 suppliers)
Motor Vehicle Alarm Systems (4 suppliers)
Motor Vehicle Body Pressings (1 supplier)
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