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Control Systems for Automatic Lubrication (2 suppliers)
Control Systems for Interface & Power Supplies (7 suppliers)
Control Systems for Subsea Production (3 suppliers)
Subsea production control system is used to control and monitor subsea X-mas trees, downhole equipment and manifolds as well as subsea processing stations. There are two types of control systems such as electric and direct hydraulic control systems. An electro hydraulic control system consists of topside located computer system from which daily operation may be performed and where the safety system is interfaced. The subsea control module is the main part of subsea control systems. It contains electronics, instrumentation and hydraulics for safe and efficient operation of subsea and downhole valves. The SCM provides interfaces for communication with the topside system via the control umbilical and for downhole and subsea located instrumentation for production process monitoring and optimization.
Control Systems for Video Conferencing (1 supplier)
Control Systems for Wastewater Treatment (23 suppliers)
Control Systems Integrator (26 suppliers)
Control Systems Renovation and Repair (2 suppliers)
Control Systems Service (31 suppliers)
Control Systems Training (5 suppliers)
Control systems training is provided for improving control performance and reducing variability. The major topics of this training include development of tuning strategies to improve stability in the key process variables, troubleshooting techniques to identify and correct controller induced variability problems, techniques to assist in the identification/elimination of process and product variability and time series analysis techniques such as the power spectrum.
Control Systems Video Conferencing (1 supplier)
Control Systems, Retail (2 suppliers)
Control Systems, Steel Crane (1 supplier)
Control Systems: Complex Compressor Trains, E-motor drive compressors (5 suppliers)
Control Tool Boxes (1 supplier)
Control Tool Sets (1 supplier)
Control Tower Stack Lights (1 supplier)
Control Transformers (106 suppliers)
Control Transformers are principally voltage transformation devices with a wide variety of uses. Larger units may be found in electrical substations or within medium voltage switchgear to provide low voltage control power and may be 1.0 to 10 kva sized. Most control transformers are small sized. They are found throughout various control circuit and plant apparatus. Control transformers may be used to step down or step up voltage levels.
Control Tray Cables (7 suppliers)
Control Tray Power Cables (3 suppliers)
Control Umbilical (2 suppliers)
A control umbilical is used to connect topside equipment to subsea equipment. These are also used for control and operation of subsea production, subsea processing and subsea injection facilities. The control umbilical consists of hydraulic lines used for transfer of chemicals and fluids. In addition, electrical and fibre optical components used to monitor pressure, temperature, flow, vibrations are part of the construction. The type of umbilicals varies according to field requirements and the umbilicals may carry different chemical injection lines, hydraulic supply lines and electric cables and/or fiber optic lines.
Control Unit Assembly (9 suppliers)
Control Unit Switches (1 supplier)
Control Unit System (3 suppliers)
Control Valve Actuators (1 supplier)
Control Valve Assembly (10 suppliers)
Control Valve Body Repair (21 suppliers)
Control Valve Bracket (1 supplier)
Control Valve Data Specification (1 supplier)
Control Valve Diaphragms (4 suppliers)
Control Valve Gaskets (1 supplier)
Control Valve Racks (2 suppliers)
Control Valve Repairs & Reconditioning (31 suppliers)
Control Valve Selection (0 suppliers)
Control Valve Silencers (1 supplier)
Control Valve Sizing (0 suppliers)
Control Valve Sizing Calculation (0 suppliers)
Control Valve Springs (0 suppliers)
Control Valve Supervisory Switches (1 supplier)
Control Valve System Evaluation (1 supplier)
Control Valve Testers (2 suppliers)
Control Valve with Integral Actuator (3 suppliers)
Control Valves (354 suppliers)
Control valves adjust the flow rate by changing the size and shape of the flow area offered to the fluid passing through it. There are two main categories of control valve used on process plant: globe valve and rotary valves. The flow area in globe valve is dictated by the position of the valve plug relative to its seat, while the flow area in a rotary valve depends on the angular position of a disc or notched sphere within a tubular surround. A piston actuator governs the position of the flow-restricting element in both categories of valve, either directly or through a gear mechanism.
Control Valves (122 suppliers)
Control Valves (107 suppliers)
Control Valves With Safety Bellows (1 supplier)
Control Voltage Transformers (10 suppliers)
Control Voltage Transformers provides 120V AC control circuit power for AC applications controlled by photocells or manual switching. It includes solid-state, digital timing circuit for automatic high mode start-up of each lamp, guaranteeing lamp stabilization. One KWTXTD required for each on/off control zone of up to 30 fixtures.
Control Wire Jumper Cords (1 supplier)
Control Wire Jumpers (1 supplier)
Control Wiring (8 suppliers)
Control Works Affordable Control System (1 supplier)
17951 to 18000 of 25412 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results [360] 361 362 363 364 365 366 367 368 369 370 371 372 373 374 375 376 377 378 379 380 >> Next 50 Results
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