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Copper Pipe Fittings (58 suppliers)
Copper Pipe Flange (4 suppliers)
Copper Pipe Hooks (1 supplier)
Copper Pipe Replacement (1 supplier)
Copper Pipe Saddles (2 suppliers)
Copper Pipes (48 suppliers)
Copper pipe is used both by plumbers and for air conditioning (ACR), and the two fields have different ways of sizing the pipe. There are two basic types of copper pipe or tubing: rigid and flexible. Rigid pipe, usually installed in new homes, makes a neater installation, but it is much more difficult to install than soft, flexible copper pipe. Flexible copper pipe is best for repair work since it can be run around obstacles without connections or cuts. Copper pipes which are widely used in the refrigerator industry can sometimes work in high humidity atmospheres and in aggressive conditions which can produce dangerous corrosion phenomena of the pipes.
Copper Pipes & Tubes (62 suppliers)
Copper pipes & tube is a common metal for carrying liquids or gases. Its advantages include good corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, high burst strength and low coeffecient of friction.
Copper Plate (7 suppliers)
Copper Plate & Rods Scrap Collection (2 suppliers)
Copper Plate Engraving (1 supplier)
Copper Plate, Copper Sheet (47 suppliers)
Copper Plated Bracket (2 suppliers)
Copper Plated Carrier Brackets (1 supplier)
Copper Plated Chase Brackets (1 supplier)
Copper Plated L-Clamps (1 supplier)
Copper Plated Positioning Brackets (1 supplier)
Copper Plated Spindles (1 supplier)
Copper Plated Steel Tube Fasteners (11 suppliers)
Copper Plated Steel Tubing Straps (1 supplier)
Copper Plated Stub Out Brackets (1 supplier)
Copper Plated Stud Brackets (2 suppliers)
Copper Plated Tube Straps (3 suppliers)
Copper Plating (65 suppliers)
Copper Plating system provides constant bright copper plating. It is a useful repair tool, which uses layers of copper and sanding between applications to provide smooth surface.
Copper Plating Anodes (3 suppliers)
Copper Plating Chemicals (1 supplier)
Copper Plating Kit (1 supplier)
Copper Pop Rivets (4 suppliers)
Copper Precision Engineering Services (7 suppliers)
Copper Precision Machining Services (4 suppliers)
Copper Precision Shear Screws (3 suppliers)
Copper Precision Turned Components (9 suppliers)
Copper Primary UD Cables (1 supplier)
Copper Push Fittings (3 suppliers)
Copper Racks (1 supplier)
Copper Re-piping (3 suppliers)
Copper Rectangular Tubes (4 suppliers)
Copper Recycling (10 suppliers)
Copper Reducing Tee (2 suppliers)
Copper Refrigerant Condenser Coils (1 supplier)
Copper Resistance Temperature Detector (1 supplier)
Copper Rigid Coupling (2 suppliers)
Copper Ring Joint Flanges (1 supplier)
Copper Rings (4 suppliers)
Copper Rivets (10 suppliers)
Copper rivets are specific, headed, usually non-threaded fasteners that are beaten or pressed into place to secure two or more items together. These are cylindrical mechanical fasteners capped with a flanged or forged head on one end. It is available in a variety of configurations depending on the type of riveting. A tubular rivet has a cylindrical or tapered hole at the end, which is shaped or curled back by another tool during the setting process to form a clinch head against the material. It is made of copper.
Copper Rod Sample Holders (1 supplier)
Copper Rods (62 suppliers)
Copper Rolling & Drawing (128 suppliers)
Copper Roofing (11 suppliers)
Copper Roofing Granule System (3 suppliers)
Copper Roofing Nails (3 suppliers)
19201 to 19250 of 25379 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 380 381 382 383 384 [385] 386 387 388 389 390 391 392 393 394 395 396 397 398 399 400 >> Next 50 Results
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