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Cpper Sleeves (1 supplier)
CPSM Modulator/Demodulator Module (1 supplier)
CPU Boards (5 suppliers)
CPU Coolers (6 suppliers)
CPU Cooling Fans (3 suppliers)
CPU Fans (3 suppliers)
CPU Holders (4 suppliers)
CPU Holder provides a safe and secure storage solution for CPUs. The CPU towers off the ground at an accessible height. These are retractable and have a swivel feature allowing for access to ports and optimum cable management. It facilitates access to CPU's cables, ports and drives. It is constructed of rustproof powder-coated steel. It can be used to conveniently mount a desktop case on its side.
CPU Lockers (1 supplier)
CPU Modules (4 suppliers)
CPU Power Adapter Cables (1 supplier)
CPU Security Enclosures (2 suppliers)
CPU Stands (4 suppliers)
CPU Tower Security Enclosures (1 supplier)
CPU Trolleys (1 supplier)
CPU Water Cooler (2 suppliers)
CPVC Ball Valves (7 suppliers)
CPVC Double Offset Hangers (1 supplier)
CPVC Fittings (10 suppliers)
CPVC Fittings are injection molded fittings, which are highly used in hot & cold water distribution. These fittings are of various types like CPVC ball values, bushings, couplings, elbows, female adapters, ice maker values, male adapters, swivel elbow, tees and pipes. The dimensional accuracy of CPVC fittings is more than the other plastic fittings and also it can with stand three times more burst pressure than the normal pressure. CPVC fitting is used in a variety of industrial applications where a high functional temperature and resistance to corrosive chemicals are desirable.
CPVC Flanges (2 suppliers)
CPVC is a thermoplastic produced by chlorination of polyvinyl chloride resin. CPVC flange exhibits comparatively high impact and tensile strength and is non-toxic. In pressurized systems, it can be used with fluids up to 80°C and higher in low-pressure systems. These flanges can be used in hot and cold water systems as well as hot and cold chemical distribution systems in conditions where metal pipe is not indicated. CPVC flanges are superior than PVC flanges in resistance to salts, aliphatic hydrocarbons, galvanic corrosion and in withstanding corrosive water.
Cpvc Full Port Ball Valves (3 suppliers)
CPVC Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps (5 suppliers)
CPVC Industrial Valves (3 suppliers)
CPVC Nipples (2 suppliers)
CPVC Nipples is used mainly on threaded pump connections. The threads present in these nipples can be both machined and molded but in most of the CPVC nipples the threads were mostly machined, which helps in ensuring a tight fit. These CPVC nipples are also graduated. CPVC nipples greatly reduce the problems with drip leaks or air leaks at the intake and outlet of the pumps. CPVC material has comparable corrosion resistance to PVC yet it is suitable for handling corrosive material at temps 40° - 60° F higher than PVC. CPVC nipple was used in a variety of industrial applications where a high functional temperature and resistance to corrosive chemicals are desirable.
CPVC Pipe Fittings (10 suppliers)
CPVC Pipe Fittings (9 suppliers)
CPVC Pipe Straps (5 suppliers)
CPVC Pipes (48 suppliers)
CPVC Pump Tubes (3 suppliers)
CPVC Solenoid Valves (4 suppliers)
CPVC Sprinkler Head Adapters (1 supplier)
CPVC Transition Fitting (3 suppliers)
CPVC Valves (3 suppliers)
A valve is a device that regulates the flow of substances by opening, closing or partially obstructing various passageways. Valves are technically pipe fittings. CPVC valves are used in a variety of applications including industrial, military, commercial, residential and plumbing. CPVC valves are driven by pressure they are mainly used for safety purposes in steam engines, domestic heating & in pipe systems. CPVC valves consist of main body, ports, discs or rotors, seat, stem, bonnet & spring. CPVC valves can operate in different ways like 2 way valves and 3 way valves but this depends on the number of port the valve have. These valves can be designed in such a way that it can be controlled manually or automatically by using actuators.
CPW Retrievable Squeeze Packers (2 suppliers)
Crab Dolly (1 supplier)
Crack and Joint Sealants (2 suppliers)
Crack Chaser Diamond Blades (3 suppliers)
Crack Chasers (2 suppliers)
Crack Chasers, Rental (2 suppliers)
Crack Chasers opens small cracks & allows for greater penetration of sealer and produces uniform edges in cracks. Crack chasers allows cracks to be filled with filler to roadway level or just below, keeping it below traffic & snowplow level. A crack chaser is used to widen a crack and roughen its edges so a filler or sealer can be placed & can be used on both asphalt. A crack chasers come in various sizes with different power options, including electric and gasoline-powered versions. They use a carbide-tipped cutter to accomplish the widening. A crack saw also widens the crack for sealing and uses a diamond blade as a cutting tool.
Crack Chasing V Blades (3 suppliers)
Crack Cylinders (1 supplier)
Crack Detection (8 suppliers)
The crack detection uses non-contact probes, a high-speed signal conditioner, PC, and software algorithms to monitor and graphically display rotor health real-time.  The system measures the unbalance vector of the rotating component and compares the amplitude and phase of this unbalance to a baseline previously established.  Any distortion in the strain field, or any relative movement of the components of the assembly will cause a change in unbalance and will appear as a very small but detectable vector with a distinct amplitude change.
Crack Detection by Magna Fluxing (1 supplier)
Crack Detection by Pressure Tests (1 supplier)
Crack Detection Components (3 suppliers)
Crack Die Retainers (1 supplier)
Crack Dies (2 suppliers)
Crack Drilled Bolted Manhole Assemblies (1 supplier)
Crack Drilled Gasketed Manhole Assemblies (1 supplier)
Crack Fillers (12 suppliers)
Crack Filling & Sealing (7 suppliers)
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