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Stone Tiles (25 suppliers)
Stone Waterjet Cutting Services (3 suppliers)
Stone Wedges (1 supplier)
Stone, Reconstructed (2 suppliers)
Stones for Patio Edging (3 suppliers)
Stoneware Filters (1 supplier)
Stool Mounted Centrifugal Fans (1 supplier)
Stop Adjusting Screws (1 supplier)
Stop and Reheat Valves (1 supplier)
Stop and Waste Valves (1 supplier)
Stop Attacher (1 supplier)
Stop Bleeders (1 supplier)
Stop Blocks (1 supplier)
Stop Boxes (1 supplier)
Stop Check Modular Manifold Valves (1 supplier)
Stop Check Valve (4 suppliers)
Stop Cock Keys (1 supplier)
Stop Countersinks (1 supplier)
Stop Gauge (2 suppliers)
Stop if Seal is Broken Box Sealing Tapes (1 supplier)
Stop Light Switches (4 suppliers)
Stop Motion Sensors (1 supplier)
Stop Pins (3 suppliers)
Stop Plank Grooves (1 supplier)
Stop Plates (1 supplier)
Stop Plugs (8 suppliers)
Stop Plugs with Round Head (1 supplier)
Stop Rings (2 suppliers)
Stop Self Braking Descender (1 supplier)
Stop Shock Gfci Circuit Ground Analyzer (2 suppliers)
Stop Sign (3 suppliers)
Stop Stack Pallet Cones (1 supplier)
Stop Strips (1 supplier)
Stop Switches (1 supplier)
Stop Time Meters (1 supplier)
Stop Valve Adapters (1 supplier)
Stop Valves (30 suppliers)
Stop Valves with Compression Ends (1 supplier)
Stop Valves with Solder Ends (1 supplier)
Stop Valves with Threaded Ends (1 supplier)
Stop Water Heater Leaks (1 supplier)
Stop-mounted Coordinator (1 supplier)
Stop-N-Flow Overhead Conveyors (1 supplier)
Stop-Turn-Tail Lamps (1 supplier)
Stopcock Opening Machine (0 suppliers)
Stopcocks (9 suppliers)
A stopcock is a valve used to restrict or isolate the flow of a liquid or gas through a pipe. In Great Britain a stopcock, is used to prevent flow of water into a domestic water system. Laboratory glassware items sometimes have plug valves with conically-tapered plugs called stopcocks. When fused with the glassware, the valve bodies are made of glass. Otherwise, they can be made of an inert plastic such as Teflon. The plugs can be made of a similar plastic or glass. When the plug is made of glass, the handle and plug are fused together in one piece out of glass. When glass is used for both the stopcock body and the plug, the contacting surfaces between them are special ground glass surfaces often with stopcock grease in between. Special glass stopcocks are made for vacuum applications, such as in use with vacuum manifolds. They often have hollow plugs and glass tubing for the passageways across the side of the hollow plug. The valve body at the end opposite the handle is closed off, but the hollow plug is open at that end. This way, vacuum in the stopcock keeps the conical plug drawn into the conical seat in the body. Stopcock grease is always used in high vacuum applications to make the stopcock air-tight.
Stope Drill Rigs (1 supplier)
Stoplight Switch Retainer (1 supplier)
Stopper Control Systems (1 supplier)
Stopper Cylinders (3 suppliers)
27451 to 27500 of 32219 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 540 541 542 543 544 545 546 547 548 549 [550] 551 552 553 554 555 556 557 558 559 560 >> Next 50 Results
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