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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services (44 suppliers)
Geogrids (23 suppliers)
Geogrids are high-strength, soil reinforcement products composed of polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, or PVC-coated polyester. All geogrids have an open mesh configuration with apertures ranging from to 3 inches. These are formed by several different methods. The polyester and polyester PVC-coated geogrids are typically woven or knitted. The polypropylene geogrids are either extruded or punched sheet drawn, and polyethylene geogrids are exclusively punched sheet drawn. These are most commonly used to steepen or stabilize a slope, construct a soil wall, or to increase the bearing capacity of weak subgrades under embankments.
Geologic Data Conversions (1 supplier)
Geologic Interpretation (1 supplier)
Geological Evaluations (5 suppliers)
Geological Mud Logging (20 suppliers)
Geological Risk Assessments (2 suppliers)
Geological Services (34 suppliers)
Geological Supervision (4 suppliers)
Geological Well Logging Services (10 suppliers)
Geologist Field Tools (2 suppliers)
Geology Consultancy (46 suppliers)
Geomembrane Liners (11 suppliers)
Geomembrane Lining (24 suppliers)
Geomembrane Systems (33 suppliers)
Geomembrane Systems are very low-permeable synthetic liners used to control fluid or gas migration within soil, rock, earth or any other geotechnical material, as an integral part of a man-made product, structure or system. They are used in a variety of containment applications. The flexible membrane liners in the form of prefabricated plastic or elastomeric sheet materials are applied in the construction industry and civil engineering material with other geosynthetics. They are also used for the distribution, storage and containment of potable or agricultural water supplies. The rise of geomembranes for cover systems is used to cover solid waste sites, liquid waste ponds and potable water reservoirs, methane gas collection and hazardous waste containment.
Geometric Bulk Volume Meters (1 supplier)
Geometric Die Heads (2 suppliers)
Geometric Digital Readouts (13 suppliers)
Geometric Measuring Systems (2 suppliers)
Geometric Style Die Heads (2 suppliers)
Geometric Style Tap Heads (1 supplier)
Geometric Weather Roofs for Tanks (7 suppliers)
Geometric Windows (2 suppliers)
Geometry Measurement & Adjustment (1 supplier)
Geophone Arrays (1 supplier)
Geophone Bases (1 supplier)
Geophone Cables (1 supplier)
Geophone Cases (1 supplier)
Geophone Connectors (1 supplier)
Geophone Element (1 supplier)
Geophone Spikes (1 supplier)
Geophone String Analyzer (1 supplier)
Geophones (3 suppliers)
Geophysical Acquistion Systems (1 supplier)
Geophysical Cables (1 supplier)
Geophysical Consultancy (50 suppliers)
Geophysical Data, Seismic (60 suppliers)
Geophysical Exploration Systems (4 suppliers)
A geophysical exploration system utilizes a single conductor cable connected to a current source. This cable contains a number of earth probes coupled to it at spaced points with addressable switching units. In order to the probes inject current into the earth, the switching units are activated in sequence. At locations spaced from the probes the resistivity is measured and recorded for each injection. Resistivity measurements are compared with anomaly models to find a match of patterns, indicating the presence, size, and location of an anomaly.
Geophysical Instrumentation (17 suppliers)
Geophysical Instruments (4 suppliers)
Geophysical Logging (1 supplier)
Geophysical Services (1 supplier)
Geophysical Surveys (17 suppliers)
Geophysical survey is a systematic collection of geophysical data for spatial studies. Geophysical survey may use a great variety of sensing instruments, and data may be collected from above or below the earth's surface or from aerial or marine platforms. It has many applications in exploration geology, archaeology, and engineering.
Geoplate Box Filters (1 supplier)
Geoplate Filters (1 supplier)
Geoplate Single Header Filters (1 supplier)
Geopleat Rigid Filters (1 supplier)
Geopolitical Risk Analysis (2 suppliers)
Geopressure Analysis (2 suppliers)
Geoscience Services (3 suppliers)
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