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UTP Surge Protectors (1 supplier)
UTP Video Surge Protectors (1 supplier)
UTV Skid Units (1 supplier)
UV Air Purifier Bulbs (1 supplier)
UV Air System (3 suppliers)
UV Amplifiers (1 supplier)
UV Analyzers (8 suppliers)
UV Analyzers are used for H2S measurement and require light source replacement. It is installed to allow sampling of gas from many points in the purification system.
UV and Chemical Resistant Portable/Collapsible Spill Containment Berms (5 suppliers)
UV Approved Cable & Wire Glands (4 suppliers)
UV Arc Detectors (2 suppliers)
UV Area Sterilization System (1 supplier)
UV Ballasts (2 suppliers)
UV Cabinets (2 suppliers)
UV Coated Fabric Covers (1 supplier)
UV Coaters (6 suppliers)
UV Coating & Curing Machine (14 suppliers)
UV coating & curing machine is a fully automatic machine for coating full and spot UV varnish on paper & board. Conventional varnish or water base varnish can also be done on this machine. This machine is provided with hardened gears for smooth operation for long life of the machine. It has UV curing lamps. This machine can do full & spot UV varnish on thick as well as thin paper. It is totally vacuum bed for smooth conveying of paper and board. This machine has efficient cooling systems for lamp variable motor speed with DC. IR lamps are also for water base varnish or smoothness of UV lacquer. This machine is equipped with automatic cylinder on/off by pneumatic control systems.
UV Coil Cleaner HVAC Units (1 supplier)
UV Controllers (1 supplier)
UV Curable Adhesives (9 suppliers)
UV Curable Coatings (7 suppliers)
UV curable coatings are generally solvent-free liquid oligometers with multiple acrylic functionalities along with a UV absorber, which act as an initiator. The UV coating is usually comprised of unsaturated monomers that polymerize with UV light in the presence of a photo-initiator that absorbs radiation and initiates polymerization. These are high-solids, cross-linked coatings cured by brief exposure to intense ultraviolet light. Since these products are high solids with little or no VOCs, compliance to stricter VOC regulations is made easier. The silane D is generally useful as an adhesion-promoting additive or primer for UV cured acrylic oligometers. Other advantages of UV coatings include increased superior hardness and durability compared to conventional coatings. This is used in automotive parts.
UV Curable Sealants (2 suppliers)
UV Cure Coatings (4 suppliers)
UV Curing Dryers (5 suppliers)
UV Curing Equipment (24 suppliers)
UV Curing Lamps (16 suppliers)
UV Curing Systems (29 suppliers)
UV Diode Pumped Laser (2 suppliers)
UV Disinfection Units (7 suppliers)
UV Dryer Reflectors (4 suppliers)
UV Dye Injection Kit (1 supplier)
UV Erasing (1 supplier)
UV Face Shields (1 supplier)
UV Flame Detector (7 suppliers)
UV Flame Detector can see the ultraviolet rays in the oil burner flame. These detectors are used for multifuel and gas pilot ignition burners because they can see the ultra violet rays in gas & oil flames. These detectors are sensitive to most fires, including hydrocarbons, ammonia, sulfur, hydrogen, hydrazine and metal such as magnesium. UV flame detector uses either a solid-state device or a gas-filled tube as the sensing element. They are sensitive to most fires that emit in the 1850 to 2450 Angstrom range.
UV Fluorescence Oil Content Monitors (1 supplier)
UV Fluorescence Steam Condensate Monitors (1 supplier)
UV Fluorescent Microspheres (1 supplier)
UV Germicidal Air Purifiers (4 suppliers)
UV Germicidal Lamps (2 suppliers)
UV Handheld Curing Dryers (5 suppliers)
UV Intensity Meters (2 suppliers)
UV Lamp Inside V Bank Filtration Unit (1 supplier)
UV Lamphead (1 supplier)
UV Lamps (25 suppliers)
UV lamp is a convenient hand-held pre-curing tool. It is a pressure, cold cathode, mercury gaseous discharge lamp made of double bore quartz. It is a very stable unit with of a high degree of isolated spectral accuracy and a long life. A power supply providing the proper voltage and current for starting and operating is designed specifically for the pen ray.
UV Laser Cutting & Marking Systems (2 suppliers)
UV Leak Detection Kits (1 supplier)
UV Leak Detector (2 suppliers)
UV LED Inkjet Printers (3 suppliers)
UV Light Intensity Meters (2 suppliers)
UV Master Batches (3 suppliers)
UV Measuring Equipment (2 suppliers)
3701 to 3750 of 3800 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 [75] 76 >> Next 50 Results
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