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Air Bulk Guns (1 supplier)
Air Button Press (2 suppliers)
Air Bypass Valve (2 suppliers)
Air Cannon Controllers (1 supplier)
Air Cannon Retrofit Valves (1 supplier)
Air Cannon Thermo Safety Shields (1 supplier)
Air Cannons (6 suppliers)
Air Cap System (1 supplier)
Air Caps (2 suppliers)
Air Carbon-Arc DC Copper Clad Pointed Electrodes (1 supplier)
Air Cargo (29 suppliers)
Air Cargo Handling System (7 suppliers)
Air Cargo Scales (4 suppliers)
Air Cargo Services (16 suppliers)
Air Cargo Swivel Casters (3 suppliers)
Air Carry Tank (3 suppliers)
Air Carry Tank Valve (1 supplier)
Air Cart Monitor (1 supplier)
Air Cart Quick Disconnect Couplings (2 suppliers)
Air Carton Stapler (3 suppliers)
Air Cartridges (3 suppliers)
Air Carts (2 suppliers)
Air Cascade Systems (2 suppliers)
Air Caster Load Module Systems (1 supplier)
Air Caster Load Moving Solutions (1 supplier)
Air Caster Pallets (2 suppliers)
Air Caster Planks (2 suppliers)
Air Caster Replacement Units (1 supplier)
Air Caster Rigging Systems (3 suppliers)
Air Caster Turntables (1 supplier)
Air Casters (19 suppliers)
Air Casters are also known as air bearings. It uses a continuous, regulated flow of air to create an air film between an inflated bearing element and the floor surface. The air casters are mounted to a rigid platform to provide load-carrying capability. The thin film of air created between the air casters and the floor surface allows the load to lift and float, virtually friction-free and omni-directional movement is achieved. Air casters present an alternative method for transporting heavy loads in manufacturing environments. Loads levitate upon compressed air plenums beneath air casters. The floor loading pressure is very low (on the order of 20 PSI), and causes no floor damage. Usually four or more air casters are positioned beneath the machine load to be moved. Sometimes the load is placed on an intermediate load base (thin pallet type structure) having air casters beneath it. These load bases are often custom manufactured for a particular product.
Air Caulking Guns (9 suppliers)
Air Cellular Mailers (1 supplier)
Air Chain Hoists (35 suppliers)
Air Chain Hoists feature compact & lightweight for portability, easy-to-adjust speed control for accurate load spotting, automatic brake is tail mounted for easy inspection & adjustment, upper & lower limit stops to prevent damage to the hoist and pull cord control & heavy-duty chain bucket. These hoists include multi-vane motor, which provides smooth operation & excellent control. Air hoists contain no complicated electronic controls and is less sensitive to adverse working conditions.
Air Chain Trolleys (1 supplier)
Air Chamber Berms (1 supplier)
Air Chambers (2 suppliers)
Air Charge Temperature Sensors (4 suppliers)
Air Chiller Conditioning Units (5 suppliers)
Air Chippers (1 supplier)
Air Chipping Gun (1 supplier)
Air Chipping Hammers (3 suppliers)
Air Chucks (17 suppliers)
Air Circuit Breaker/ACB (38 suppliers)
Air circuit breakers are adjustable for instantaneous, short time and/or real time delay operation. These are divided into three basic types that include molded case circuit breakers, low-voltage power circuit breakers and medium voltage breakers. They are equipped with heavy-duty contacts, arc quenchers and an operating mechanism, which may be either manual or automatic. These use air as a medium to extinguish an arc. These are available in continuous current ratings from 15 amperes to 4000 amperes and voltage upto 600 volts. These breakers are suitable for lighting and power circuits as well as motor starting and running services.
Air Circulation Systems (5 suppliers)
Air Circulator Mounts (1 supplier)
Air Circulators (16 suppliers)
Air Clamping System (1 supplier)
Air Clamps (4 suppliers)
Air Classifier - Double Cone Type (3 suppliers)
Air classifier - Double cone type is used to centrifugal separate the coarse particles. The airflow of air classifier conveys the material from below between the external and internal envelope and subsequently reaches the upper part of the separator. The air while passing through the blades of air classifier, which are regulated, from the outside of the separator assumes a rotary motion and enters the central cone. With the centrifugal effect in air classifier the coarse particles [the heavier ones] are accumulated on the bottom of central cone and are then conveyed through a suitable pipe. These are used for a wide range of applications in paints, dye stuff, hydrated lime, clays, pigments, insecticides, and pesticides.
3901 to 3950 of 15759 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 [79] 80 >> Next 50 Results
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