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Electronics On-Delay Multi Range Timers (1 supplier)
Electronics Plastic Injection Molds (9 suppliers)
Electronics Polishing & Defect Repair Systems (1 supplier)
Electronics Potting Services (9 suppliers)
Electronics Product Build (8 suppliers)
Electronics Protection Equipment (3 suppliers)
Electronics Publication Services (2 suppliers)
Electronics Reconnect Services (1 supplier)
Electronics Recycling (33 suppliers)
Electronics Relocation Services (3 suppliers)
Electronics Screwdrivers (2 suppliers)
Electronics Silicone Products (6 suppliers)
Electronics Soldering Fluxes (6 suppliers)
Electronics Sourcing Services (6 suppliers)
Electronics Subcontracting Services (12 suppliers)
Electronics Systems (8 suppliers)
Electronics Tapes (3 suppliers)
Electronics Testing (81 suppliers)
Electronic testing utilizes advanced tools and techniques to inspect product and process quality, and diagnose component failures. Reports and images can be transmitted electronically. Electronic test equipment (sometimes called 'testgear') is used to create stimulus signals and capture responses from electronic Devices Under Test (DUTs). Electronic testing also uses fault modeling and tests are generated for the assumed fault models.
Electronics Training Services (6 suppliers)
Electronics Training Systems (1 supplier)
Electronics Transistors (7 suppliers)
Electronics with Digital Thermal Printer (1 supplier)
Electronics, Product Testing (14 suppliers)
Electrophoresis (7 suppliers)
Electrophoresis is the movement of an electrically charged substance under the influence of an electric field. Therefore separation by electrophoresis relies on difference in the speed of migration of ions or solutes. Electrophoretic mobility is a factor that indicates how fast a given ion or solute may move through a given medium. The electrical force acts in favor of motion and the frictional force acts against motion. Since these forces are in a steady state during electrophoresis, electrophoretic mobility is a constant for a given ion under a given set of conditions. Electrophoretic mobility is probably the most important concept to understand in electrophoresis. This is because electrophoretic mobility is a characteristic property for any given ion or solute and will always be a constant and it is the defining factor that decides migration velocities.
Electrophoresis Apparatus (2 suppliers)
Electrophoresis Chambers (1 supplier)
Electrophoresis Equipment (4 suppliers)
Electrophoresis Power Supplies (1 supplier)
Electrophoretic Cells (3 suppliers)
Electrophoretic Coatings (13 suppliers)
During electrophoretic painting, the water-diluted coating material is broken up into cations and anions. The anions are particles of the paint, while cations are amines or ammonia, with the aid of which the varnish binder is neutralized to make it water-soluble. Under the influence of direct current, negatively charged anions migrate to the positive pole (anode), where they lose their charge and thereby undergo transition into the insoluble state. Positively charged cations migrate to the negative pole (cathode) where they, too, lose their charges and change to free amines. Electrophoresis is used to apply mostly monolayer coatings of 15 to 35 µm thickness. If using electroconductive primers, it is possible to apply double-layer electrophoresis coatings of 30 to 45 µm thickness.
Electrophoretic Painting (6 suppliers)
Electroplated Blades (3 suppliers)
Electroplated Core Bits (1 supplier)
Electroplated Diamond Core Drills (2 suppliers)
Electroplated Diamond Sheets (2 suppliers)
Electroplated Diamond Tooling Services (3 suppliers)
Electroplated Diamond Wheels (1 supplier)
Electroplated Grinding Wheels (8 suppliers)
Electroplated grinding wheel is a metal hub with a single layer of super abrasive plated to an accurately machine rim. The wheel does not need any dressing. It is a metal disc, which withstand very high rotational speeds without bursting. Electroplated grinding wheel provides an excellent way to pre-form and cab rough. They are made of stainless steel.
Electroplated Niobium Anodes (2 suppliers)
Electroplated Platinized Anodes (1 supplier)
Electroplated Platinum Anodes (2 suppliers)
Electroplated Platinum Metal Anodes (3 suppliers)
Electroplated Pressings (4 suppliers)
Electroplated Split Wheels (1 supplier)
Electroplated Tantalum Anodes (2 suppliers)
Electroplated Titanium Anodes (2 suppliers)
Electroplated Zirconium Anodes (3 suppliers)
Electroplating (2311 suppliers)
Electroplating involves the coating of an electrically conductive object with a layer of metal using electrical current. Usually, the process is used to deposit an adherent surface layer of a metal having some desired property onto a substrate lacking that property. It is also used to build up thickness on undersized parts. The process used in electroplating is called electrodeposition and is analogous to a galvanic or electrochemical cell acting in reverse. The part to be plated is the cathode of the circuit while anode is made of the metal to be plated on the part. Both of these components are immersed into a solution containing one or more metal salts as well as other ions that permit the flow of electricity. A rectifier supplies a direct current to the cathode causing the metal ions in solution to lose their charge and plate out on the cathode. As the electrical current flows through the circuit, the anode slowly dissolves and replenishes the ions in the bath.
Electroplating (2297 suppliers)
Electroplating Chemicals (5 suppliers)
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