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Self Locking Door Bolts (7 suppliers)
Self Locking Eye Safety Hooks (3 suppliers)
Self Locking Fixed Billet Hitch Lines (1 supplier)
Self Locking Fully Automatic Tray Formers (1 supplier)
Self Locking Handles (1 supplier)
Self Locking Hooks (4 suppliers)
Self Locking Internal Thread Inserts (1 supplier)
Self Locking Lever with Friction Pads (1 supplier)
Self Locking Lifting Hooks (1 supplier)
Self Locking Liquid Cylinder Connector (1 supplier)
Self Locking Nut Plates (1 supplier)
Self Locking Overhead Lifting Hooks (2 suppliers)
Self Locking Panels (1 supplier)
Self Locking Slip Hooks (1 supplier)
Self Locking Speed Nuts (1 supplier)
Self Locking Swivel Hooks (2 suppliers)
Self Locking Thread Inserts (1 supplier)
Self Locking Thread Taps (1 supplier)
Self Locking Washers (11 suppliers)
Self Locking Wheel Chocks (1 supplier)
Self Lockwashers (1 supplier)
Self Lubricated Bronze Bearings (3 suppliers)
Self Lubricated General Purpose Bushings (1 supplier)
Self Lubricated Plain Bearings (4 suppliers)
Self Lubricated Rudder Bearings (1 supplier)
Self Lubricating Bearings (91 suppliers)
Self-lubricating bearings retain their load carrying capacity at high temperatures. They are most effective in applications where relative motion is not sufficient to circulate oil or grease required for metallic bearings. Self-lubricating bearings are also used for temperatures beyond the scope of conventional lubricants. These temperatures may range from 400 to 750°F or higher. These bearings are especially well suited for corrosive environments. The most common self-lubricating materials include polytetra fluoro-ethylene (PTFE), graphite and molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). PTFE is a soft, waxy solid, which is usually compounded with reinforcing materials such as composite fabrics with epoxy resins. It is also compounded with metal or ceramic powders to build strength and improve thermal conductivity, or is supported on a porous bronze substrate or stainless steel or bronze screen. The self-lubricating benefits provide an artificial lubricant film for startups, shock loads, and other transients, while the fluid provides full-film lubrication once adequate speed is reached. Self-lubricating bearings can improve performance even in fully lubricated applications. The main advantage is lower startup torque, which reduces the system's power requirements.
Self Lubricating Bushings (5 suppliers)
Self Lubricating Bushings are used in gates subjected to high loads due to the low coefficient of friction and high compressive strength & greater load capacity. Self lubricating bushings are fitted in the spring eyes and in the hole in the front axle. These designed from either cast iron or bronze-based metal to withstand high load. These self-lubricating bushings are capable of operating in a wide temperature band +10F to +175 F, -10 to 79 C.
Self Lubricating Cam Followers (1 supplier)
Self Lubricating Carbon & Graphite (1 supplier)
Self Lubricating Ejector Bushings (2 suppliers)
Self Lubricating Gib Assemblies (2 suppliers)
Self Lubricating Metric Female Spherical Rod Ends (1 supplier)
Self Lubricating Monorail Air Hoists (3 suppliers)
Self Lubricating Powdered Metal Bar (1 supplier)
Self Lubricating Powdered Metal Bearings (5 suppliers)
Self Lubricating Sleeve Bearings (1 supplier)
Self Lubricating Spherical Rod Ends (1 supplier)
Self Lubricating Wearstrips (1 supplier)
Self Lubricating, Graphalloy Bearings (4 suppliers)
Self Melting Low Silica Pellets (BSA) (1 supplier)
Self Melting Pellets (BAF) (1 supplier)
Self Monitoring Power Supplies (1 supplier)
Self Opening Die Hards (1 supplier)
Self Opening Plastic Bags (3 suppliers)
Self Opening Spring Cutters (2 suppliers)
Self Opening Stationary Die Heads (3 suppliers)
Self Opening Wicket Plastic Bags (1 supplier)
Self Operated Pressure Regulators (1 supplier)
Self Operated Skid Systems (1 supplier)
Self Operating Temperature Regulating Valve (1 supplier)
3951 to 4000 of 32219 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results [80] 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 >> Next 50 Results
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