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Melt Pumps (7 suppliers)
Melt Temperature Sensors (1 supplier)
Melt Wall Polyolefin Tubing (2 suppliers)
Melt-blown Process Cartridges (1 supplier)
Melt-Blown Sorbents (1 supplier)
Melt-Bolt Thermocouples (1 supplier)
Meltblown Filter Cartridges (2 suppliers)
Meltblown Polypropylene (1 supplier)
Meltblown Polypropylene is used in filter cartridges. It is Ideal for aggressive chemicals and general filtration requirements. It works with temperatures to 125F (52C). It also has 5 GPM maximum flow rate for five micron 9-3/4″ cartridge.
Melting Furnaces (16 suppliers)
Melting Point Apparatus (7 suppliers)
Melting Point Apparatus provides accurate measurements of melting point and melting range, automatic and visual determination, PID-controlled temperature ramping, digital movie of each melt stand-alone operation and computer control (USB). It provides the absolute best value of any commercially available melting point apparatus. A membrane key pad allows easy setting of the desired start temperature and heating ramp rates. The user friendly LCD display advises both the temperature and the specific stage of operation. It has plateau facility for fast and accurate results, programmable heating rates, melt temperature storage, automatic cooling and user friendly display.
Melting Pots (1 supplier)
Melting Tanks (1 supplier)
Membership Management Systems (1 supplier)
Membrane & RO Systems (2 suppliers)
Membrane Air Dryers (6 suppliers)
Membrane Air Drying System (1 supplier)
Membrane Autopsies (1 supplier)
Membrane Autopsy (1 supplier)
Membrane autopsy is a technique, which is used to identify the cause of poor membrane performance. This requires a sacrificial membrane element to be removed from the plant for destructive analyses. Analytical techniques are used to determine the nature of membrane foulant present on the membrane surface. The membrane is cut open and representative samples taken for analysis. Detailed recording of the element structure and position of deposits is carried out to enable a complete report to be produced.
Membrane Based Diffused Aeration Systems (4 suppliers)
Membrane Bioreactor Systems (4 suppliers)
Membrane Bioreactors (10 suppliers)
Membrane Cartridge Testers (1 supplier)
Membrane Cell Anodes (2 suppliers)
Membrane Cell Systems (1 supplier)
Membrane Chamber Plates (2 suppliers)
Membrane Cleaner Solutions (2 suppliers)
Membrane Cleaners (4 suppliers)
Membrane Cleaning and Fouling Investigations (3 suppliers)
Membrane Cleaning Services for Reverse Osmosis Membranes (17 suppliers)
Membrane Cleaning Skid (2 suppliers)
Membrane Cleaning Systems (2 suppliers)
Membrane Diaphragm Seal Pressure Gauge (2 suppliers)
Membrane Diffusers (3 suppliers)
Membrane Disc Systems (1 supplier)
Membrane Drains (1 supplier)
Membrane Dryers (10 suppliers)
Membrane dryer consists of single or double modules in a compact housing. When the wet compressed air is fed to the inner side of hollow fiber, water vapor permeates through the membrane toward the outer side of the membrane. The dry compressed air is obtained from the other end of the inner side of the fiber. The tendency for reduction in driving force due to concentration polarization of water vapor at the downstream membrane surface can be eliminated by purging a small amount of dried air on the outer side of the hollow fiber membrane. The concentration polarization is strongly dependent on the average velocity of dried air on the outer side or shell side of the hollow fiber membrane. By adjusting the purge air flow rate, the dew point of the products air can be adjusted optionally.
Membrane Electrode Assemblies (2 suppliers)
Membrane Element Pleated Cartridges (1 supplier)
Membrane Filter Cartridges (10 suppliers)
Membrane Filter Dryers (1 supplier)
Membrane Filter Dryers is used as a polishing filter. It is a bundle of hollow membrane microfibres. The compressed air is used to passed through these hollow fibres, and the water vapour and carbon dioxide is removed by the principle of selective permeation through the membrane fibre wall. The length of the exterior of the fibre bundle is to carry away the impurities and return it to atmosphere. It is a self contained compact, robust and lightweight compressor and pump packages.
Membrane Filter Equipment (4 suppliers)
Membrane Filter Housings (4 suppliers)
Membrane Filter Press (8 suppliers)
Membrane Filter Systems (10 suppliers)
Membrane Filters (27 suppliers)
Membrane Filters (25 suppliers)
Membrane Filters (31 suppliers)
Membrane Filters are thin polymeric structures with extraordinarily fine pores. These sheets of highly porous material are composed of pure, biologically inert cellulose esters or other polymeric materials. They remove from a gas or liquid passing through them all particulate matter or microorganisms larger than the filter pores. They are available in a wide variety of pore sizes in a number of different materials. There are two types of membrane filters: surface and depth. Surface type filters are used for final filtration or prefiltration, whereas depth type is used in clarifying applications where quantitative retention is not required. Membrane filters are used in liquid, as well as air and gas applications. Membranes are typically made from a thermoplastic material such as PTFE, or a synthetic polymer such as cellulose acetate.
Membrane Filtration Systems (10 suppliers)
Membrane Filtration Systems are used to meet special liquid separation requirements by utilizing micro filtration, ultra filtration and nanofiltration. These are used to remove particles that are too small for ordinary filters to remove. These can be used to recover valuable materials from a waste stream. These can be used to reduce the volume of hazardous waste nee- disposal.
Membrane Flush Kits (1 supplier)
Membrane Gas Filters (19 suppliers)
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