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Mine-Duty Transformers (2 suppliers)
Miner and Equipment Tracking System (4 suppliers)
Miner Edgers (1 supplier)
Mineral & Environmental Drilling (5 suppliers)
Mineral & Metallurgical Image Analysis (6 suppliers)
Mineral Additive Silos (1 supplier)
Mineral Additive Systems (1 supplier)
Mineral Cable (3 suppliers)
Mineral Cable Accessories (1 supplier)
Mineral Chemicals (120 suppliers)
Mineral Coatings (2 suppliers)
Mineral Dispersion Systems (1 supplier)
Mineral Exploration Bits (2 suppliers)
Mineral Feeders (3 suppliers)
Mineral Fiber Block (1 supplier)
Mineral Fiber Ceiling Panels (2 suppliers)
Mineral Fiber Packing (2 suppliers)
Mineral Fiber Siding (1 supplier)
Mineral Fibre Filters (0 suppliers)
Mineral Fillers (29 suppliers)
Mineral Impregnated Unitized Wheels (1 supplier)
Mineral Injection Systems (2 suppliers)
Mineral Insulated (MgO) Thermocouple (8 suppliers)
Mineral Insulated Bands (1 supplier)
Mineral Insulated Cable Heaters (3 suppliers)
Mineral Insulated Cables (29 suppliers)
Mineral Insulated Cables (30 suppliers)
Mineral insulated cables consist of solid copper conductors with a dielectric of caustic magnesia and sheath of electrolytic, phosphorus deoxidized copper. It is made with a variety of sheath and conductor materials. It contains a single pair of thermocouple conductors such as iron/constantan, copper/constantan and nickel-chromium/nickel-aluminum. It has the insulated conductors contained within a liquid tight and gastight continuous sheath with a densely packed mineral insulation filling a space between the conductors and the copper or alloy steel sheath. It is enclosed in a metallic sheath and insulated with inorganic material.
Mineral Insulated Heating Cables (5 suppliers)
Mineral Insulated Metal Sheathed Cable (2 suppliers)
Mineral Insulated Metal-Sheathed Cables (5 suppliers)
Mineral insulated metal-sheathed cable is a assembly of one or more conductors insulated with a highly compressed refractory mineral insulation and enclosed in a liquidtight and gastight continuous copper sheath. The cable can be cut to length with special fittings applied at the terminations. The advantage of this type of cable is that the cable itself is capable of operating at a much higher temperature. It fulfills the passive fire protection called circuit integrity, which is intended to provide operability of critical electrical circuits during a fire.
Mineral Insulated RTD Cables (8 suppliers)
Mineral Insulated RTDs (3 suppliers)
Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cables (16 suppliers)
Mineral insulated thermocouple cable is metal-sheathed inert magnesium oxide insulated thermocouple cable. It is used to fabricate thermocouple probes and high temperature thermocouple extension wire. It can be welded, brazed, bent, coiled or formed. It is durable and withstands vibration under high temperatures and pressures.
Mineral Insulated Thermocouples (1 supplier)
Mineral Insulated Wire (2 suppliers)
Mineral Oils (18 suppliers)
Mineral oil is a by-product in the distillation of petroleum, which is used to produce gasoline. It is a transparent, colorless oil composed mainly of alkanes and cyclic paraffins, related to white petrolatum. It is a substance of relatively low value, and it is produced in very large quantities. Mineral oil is available in light and heavy grades, and can often be found in drug stores.
Mineral Process Plant (3 suppliers)
Mineral Processing Tiles (1 supplier)
Mineral Sample Preparation Services (1 supplier)
Mineral Spirits (12 suppliers)
Mineral spirit is a refined petroleum distillate having a low aromatic hydrocarbon content, with volatility, flash point, and other properties making it suitable as a thinner and solvent. It is also known as petroleum spirits. In industry, mineral spirit is used for cleaning and degreasing machine tools and parts. Odorless Mineral Spirits are mineral spirits that have been further refined to remove the more toxic aromatic compounds, and are recommended for applications such as oil painting, where humans have close contact with the solvent.
Mineral Storage Tanks (2 suppliers)
Mineral Washing Vibrators (1 supplier)
Mineral Water Filling Machines (5 suppliers)
Mineral Water Plants (23 suppliers)
Mineral Wool Acoustical Fire Batts (1 supplier)
Mineral Wool Blanket Insulation (3 suppliers)
Mineral wool block (1 supplier)
Mineral Wool for Thermal Insulation (60 suppliers)
Mineral Wool Insulation (6 suppliers)
Mineral Wool Pipe Insulation (3 suppliers)
Mineral wool pipe insulation is a precision cut pipe covering composed of high-density mineral wool. Mineral wool pipe insulation is a non-combustible, water repellent yet vapor permeable insulation material that is ideal for steam and process pipe systems operating at temperatures up to 1200°F. Mineral wool pipe insulation can be used in a wide range of applications for hot and cold piping ranging from -120 degree to 1200 degree F making it ideal for use in high temperature industrial process plants, power stations, petrochemical complexes for steam and process pipe-work, commercial hot/cold water and refrigerated water & similar areas.
8201 to 8250 of 14801 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 160 161 162 163 164 [165] 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 >> Next 50 Results
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