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Military Flight Cases (2 suppliers)
Military Forklifts (1 supplier)
Military Fuel Cell Bladders (1 supplier)
Military Fuel Cell Tanks (1 supplier)
Military Fuel Filter (1 supplier)
Military Gear Lockers (1 supplier)
Military Grade Cameras (1 supplier)
Military Grade Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras (1 supplier)
Military Grade Pressure Transducers (1 supplier)
Military Grade Rackmount Computers (1 supplier)
Military HVAC Units (1 supplier)
Military Lockers (1 supplier)
Military Monitor Systems (2 suppliers)
Military Night Vision Binocular (9 suppliers)
Military Night Vision Goggles (12 suppliers)
Military Night Vision Goggles are electro-binocular devices, which enable one to distinguish visual images at night at illumination levels as low as those associated with starlight. Night vision goggles are standard night vision equipment used by military personnel to facilitate nocturnal activities and activities that occur in places with minimal light. Night vision systems are also used in a number of industrial and commercial applications. The night vision system provides an alternative means of improving visibility under difficult driving conditions such as night-time driving, low or no-light conditions. These systems operate by multiplying light received at an image intensifier tube to generate a visible image. Night vision systems are classified as either passive night vision systems or active night vision systems. These night vision goggles are binocular viewers that operate at very low light levels to allow the user to see, move and work in the dark.
Military Oscillator Components (1 supplier)
Military Packaging Consulting (1 supplier)
Military Packaging Services (4 suppliers)
Military Pitot Static Tester (1 supplier)
Military Radio Power Connector Cable Assembly (1 supplier)
Military Radio Power Connector Wire Harness (1 supplier)
Military Refueling Skid Systems (1 supplier)
Military Satcom Modems (1 supplier)
Military Spec. Terminals (1 supplier)
Military Switching Antennas (0 suppliers)
Military Tank Wash (1 supplier)
Military Terminal Lugs (1 supplier)
Military Transformer Systems (1 supplier)
Military Vacuum Tubes (1 supplier)
Military Vehicle Components (3 suppliers)
Military Vehicle Pumps (1 supplier)
Military Ventilation Ducts (1 supplier)
Military Voltage Regulators (2 suppliers)
Military-Specification Machine Parts (3 suppliers)
Military/Aerospace Cable Assemblies (8 suppliers)
Milk & Fluid Sampling Instruments (3 suppliers)
Milk Can Temperature Controllers (0 suppliers)
Milk Dispenser (2 suppliers)
Milk Paints (1 supplier)
Milk Pasteurizers Plants (2 suppliers)
Milk Tank Welding (1 supplier)
Mill Alignments (1 supplier)
Mill Automation Systems (1 supplier)
Mill Bearings (2 suppliers)
Mill Bits (1 supplier)
Mill Blenders (2 suppliers)
Mill Chain Sprockets (4 suppliers)
Mill Chains (1 supplier)
Mill Circulation Controls (1 supplier)
Mill Classifiers (6 suppliers)
Mill classifier fine-grinds and classifies materials such as grain, sugar, spices, glazes, protein, gelatin, cocoa and much more. The classifier mill utilizes a three to 200 hp motor and provides size reduction from 100 mesh down to low micron sizes. It combines classifying with grinding and its unique design normally provides a narrower spread of particle size than most other fine grinders. All material ground in the first stage enters a classifying chamber, next particles larger than specified are rejected by the classifier allowing only for properly sized product to exit the mill. All rejected material is directed to the third stage, which is a separate part of the grinding rotor, where it is processed until it is ground to an acceptable size. A secondary inlet provides additional air for the second stage internal air classifier. This additional air also adds an element of cooling to the material being processed. With its minimum temperature rise, it is especially effective on heat-sensitive materials such as sugar and cocoa. Grinding chamber and classifier access is through a common door that swings open for grinding element replacement and provides easy access to the complete product zone for cleaning.
7951 to 8000 of 14810 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results [160] 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 >> Next 50 Results
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