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Oil Well Tank Treatment Services (3 suppliers)
Oil Well Testing (9 suppliers)
Oil Well Testing Services (13 suppliers)
Oil Well Three Phase Stock Motors (1 supplier)
Oil Well Tower Construction Services (1 supplier)
Oil Well Treating & Tube Steaming (1 supplier)
Oil Well Treating Services (1 supplier)
Oil Well Tubing & Casing Repair Services (2 suppliers)
Oil Well Tubing Services (6 suppliers)
Oil Well Vacuum Services (5 suppliers)
Oil Well Vapor Recovery Services (2 suppliers)
Oil Well Wire Line Services (4 suppliers)
Oil Well Wire Lining & Logging (1 supplier)
Oil Well Wirelining (2 suppliers)
Oil Well Wirelining Services (2 suppliers)
Oil Well Wirelining Services (3 suppliers)
Oil Well Workover & Completion Services (4 suppliers)
Oil Well Workover & Service Rigs (5 suppliers)
Oil Well Workover & Serving (2 suppliers)
Oil Well Workover & Swabbing Services (3 suppliers)
Oil Well Workover Services (7 suppliers)
Oil Well Workover Services (5 suppliers)
Oil Well Workovers & Completions (6 suppliers)
Oil Wellhead Construction Services (2 suppliers)
Oil Wellhead Valve Replacement Services (2 suppliers)
Oil Wheels (1 supplier)
Oil Wiper Boxes (1 supplier)
Oil Wiper Rings (4 suppliers)
Oil wiper rings prevent oil migration past the wiper gland into the pressure packing area and cylinder. Leakage can cause serious problems such as gas contamination and may lead to premature failure of critical compressor wear parts. It is designed to effectively provide positive containment of lubricants within the crankcase. It is constructed of many different variety materials including cast Iron, bronze, babitt and carbon filled teflon.
Oil, Corrosion Preventives (5 suppliers)
Oil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment Magazine (5 suppliers)
Oil, Gas and Pipeline Management (8 suppliers)
Oil-Air Ratio Regulators (3 suppliers)
Oil-air ratio regulator is designed to provide the correct fuel/air ratio for oil-fired burners. It is used to proportion fuel flows to modulating oil burners. Combustion airflows produce a proportional pressure signal that is applied to the regulator to set the outlet oil pressure. On initial adjustment the desired oil flow rate is set to match the burner air capacities. The regulator holds this oil to air ratio at all firing rates. It has a unique balanced valve design for inlet oil pressure in the 40 psig to 100 psig range. A constant oil pressure is required at the OAR inlet.
Oil-Based Inhibitors (1 supplier)
The oil-based inhibitors include water-displacing and non-staining rust preventatives that provide humidity and salt spray protection. It is used after machining or alkaline cleaning operations, and some may be used over black oxide, zinc phosphate or bare ferrous alloys. The water displacing and non-staining rust preventative displaces water after machining or alkaline cleaning operations.
Oil-Based Putty (1 supplier)
Oil-Field Nipples (1 supplier)
Oil-Filled Cast Iron Handling Wastewater Pumps (1 supplier)
Oil-Filled Cast Iron Sump Pumps (1 supplier)
Oil-Filled Cast Iron Thermoplastic Sewage Pump (1 supplier)
Oil-Filled Effluent Pumps (1 supplier)
Oil-Filled Naval Bronze Effluent Pumps (1 supplier)
Oil-Filled Naval Bronze Sewage Pumps (1 supplier)
Oil-Filled Submersible Wastewater Vortex Pump (1 supplier)
Oil-Filled Thermoplastic Sump Pump (1 supplier)
Oil-Fired Power Plant Solutions (1 supplier)
Oil-Fired Unit Heaters (3 suppliers)
Oil-Fired Velocity Burners (2 suppliers)
Oil-Fired Water Heaters (3 suppliers)
Oil-Flooded Rotary Screw Compressors (4 suppliers)
Oil-Free Air Compressors (29 suppliers)
Oil-Free Air Pumps (1 supplier)
1801 to 1850 of 4969 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 [37] 38 39 40 >> Next 50 Results
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