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Vertical Borers (11 suppliers)
Vertical Boring (29 suppliers)
Vertical Boring Machine (23 suppliers)
Vertical Boring Mills (17 suppliers)
Vertical Box Economizers (1 supplier)
Vertical Braces Vertical Braces (1 supplier)
Vertical Braiding Machines (3 suppliers)
Vertical Breadboards (1 supplier)
Vertical Break Disconnectors (3 suppliers)
Vertical Broaching (2 suppliers)
Vertical Broaching Machines (7 suppliers)
Vertical Brushing Machine (2 suppliers)
Vertical Bulk Storage Tanks (14 suppliers)
Vertical Bumper Extenders (1 supplier)
Vertical Buoyancy Switches (1 supplier)
Vertical Cabinet Series (1 supplier)
Vertical Cable Ducts (1 supplier)
Vertical Cable Ducts Plastic Fingers (2 suppliers)
Vertical Cable Ducts Wire Fingers (2 suppliers)
Vertical Cable Ladder (1 supplier)
Vertical Cable Management (1 supplier)
Vertical Cable Organizers (1 supplier)
Vertical Cage Bar Wear Strips (1 supplier)
Vertical Cage Bar Wear Strips are available in two profiles such as smooth and grooved. It continues to provide the excellent forward traction needed to drive spiral belts, while keeping friction to a minimum as the belt ascends or descends the spiral cage. The grooved wear strip provides additional traction to the belt. Cage bar wear strip clips are used to fasten the wear strip to the cage.
Vertical Calender Stacks (1 supplier)
Vertical Calenders (1 supplier)
Vertical Can (1 supplier)
Vertical Can Pumps (2 suppliers)
Vertical Cantilever Pumps (20 suppliers)
Vertical cantilever pumps are designed for installation in a sump or tank where it is desirable, having only the casing and impeller submerged in the pumpage for priming. The support bearings for the rotating element are located remotely above the pumpage in a dry environment. There are no throttle bushings, bumper bushings, or rings of any type located at the impeller or submerged below the maximum normal water level. They are tolerable for a wide range of liquids, limited only by liquid end configuration and materials. Cantilever pumps are centrifugal pumps commonly used in sump pump applications. They are available in horizontal and vertical configurations, and many styles including submersible motors. They are frequently used in slurry and solids handling applications. They have no submerged seals, bearings, bushings, or suction check valves. The cantilever or overhung shaft is supported by heavy-duty ball bearings that are located above the pumped liquid. There are also a variety of material options for corrosion and abrasion resistance. Cantilever pumps are available with a number of different impeller types, which change the nature of the flow through the pump.
Vertical Capstans (2 suppliers)
Vertical Capstans are ideal for rail car spotting as well as marine and industrial rope pulling applications. Retrofit units are often configured to meet existing bolt hole patterns. Vertical capstan winches are commonly used to pull rail cars along siding, each vertical drum capstan features high starting torque to enable an initial load pulling capacity double the rated capacity. With various drum diameters, motor styles and line speeds, vertical capstans may be customized to fit specific requirements. These are widely used in marine vessels and line recovery, dredging and work barge load handling, cart shuttling, cable tensioning and rail car positioning.
Vertical Carbide Anvil (1 supplier)
Vertical Cardboard Balers (2 suppliers)
Vertical Carousel Conveyors (2 suppliers)
Vertical Carousels (9 suppliers)
Vertical Cart Mount Kit (1 supplier)
Vertical Carton Erector (1 supplier)
Vertical Cartoners (6 suppliers)
Vertical Cartridge Coalescers (2 suppliers)
Vertical Cartridge Collector (5 suppliers)
Vertical cartridge collector is a low-pressure utility cartridge collector. It is a pulse jet cartridge collector with 2, 3, 4, or 5 cartridges for nominal air flows from 1,000 to 3,000 CFM. The unit features all welded construction and nozzle based cleaning system.
Vertical Cartridge Dust Collector (2 suppliers)
Vertical Cartridge Filtration System (1 supplier)
Vertical Case Lifts (4 suppliers)
Vertical Cased Coils (1 supplier)
Vertical Casting Machines (3 suppliers)
Vertical Ceiling Mounted Safety Stations (1 supplier)
Vertical Centrifugal Casting Machines (3 suppliers)
Vertical Centrifugal Immersion Pumps (2 suppliers)
Vertical Centrifugal Pumps (18 suppliers)
Vertical Chain Conveyor Washers (1 supplier)
Vertical Chain Drum Lifter (2 suppliers)
Vertical Chain Lifts (2 suppliers)
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