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Subsea Closures (1 supplier)
Subsea Clusters (1 supplier)
Subsea Coiled Tubing Blowout Preventers (2 suppliers)
Subsea Collet Connector (1 supplier)
Subsea Compressors (1 supplier)
Subsea compressors is a new compressor line for subsea applications - the Blue-C™. It is the heart of the subsea centrifugal compressor module, which can handle natural gas at pressures as high as 130 bars. The concept of our new subsea compressor was validated through the refurbishment and test of an 850 KW experimental unit, originally developed in 1992, to identify technology gaps. We then began to design and build new-generation units based on 2.5 and 5.0 MW drivers. The module consists of three main components arranged vertically: the centrifugal compressor, planetary gearbox and variable speed electric motor. A separator can also be included. Since all of the components are pressurized at the compressor suction pressure, Blue-C does not need dry gas or oil seals. The only sealing system used on the end of the compressor is the labyrinth seal system, to avoid oil migration. Their applications are gas boosting & reinjection.
Subsea Connector (6 suppliers)
Subsea Construction Services (2 suppliers)
Subsea Consultants (4 suppliers)
Subsea Control Valves (17 suppliers)
Subsea Corrosion Monitoring (3 suppliers)
Subsea Corrosion Resistant Valves (4 suppliers)
Subsea Dive Operations (6 suppliers)
Subsea Drilling Systems (47 suppliers)
Subsea drilling system includes complete connector and wellhead equipment. It is designed for deep offshore oil and gas development applications. The standard system is designed for applications in water depths ranging from a few hundred feet to 6,000 feet. The wellhead systems can also be incorporated with annulus monitoring features.
Subsea Engineering (5 suppliers)
Subsea Equipment (12 suppliers)
Subsea Excavation Services (1 supplier)
Subsea Field Development Hardware (1 supplier)
Subsea Flange Puller (2 suppliers)
Subsea Flexible Fluid Containment Bladders (1 supplier)
Subsea flow meter (2 suppliers)
Subsea flow meter is intended for deepwater oil and gas production modules and operations. It is suitable for the subsea production environment. It relies on a differential pressure flow sensor designed with built-in flow conditioning to achieve more accuracy. It operates over a flow range of 10:1, and comes in line sizes from 0.5 to 120 inches. This design is inherently more accurate because the flow conditioning function is built-into the basic flow sensor design. It can be installed virtually anywhere in a piping system or be easily retrofit into an existing piping layout, providing installation flexibility.
Subsea Gasket (1 supplier)
Subsea Guiding Systems (1 supplier)
Subsea Hydraulic Compensators (1 supplier)
Subsea Hydraulic Cylinders (2 suppliers)
SubSea Hydraulic Tensioners (0 suppliers)
Subsea Information and Control Systems (6 suppliers)
Subsea Installation (3 suppliers)
Subsea Intervention Lubricator (SIL) Systems (2 suppliers)
Subsea Intervention Lubricator (SIL) systems, Planned Maintenance System Development (1 supplier)
Subsea Intervention Lubricator (SIL) systems, Upgrade And Refurbishment (2 suppliers)
Subsea Intervention Systems (2 suppliers)
Subsea Jumpers (1 supplier)
Subsea Limit Switches (1 supplier)
Subsea Maintenance (1 supplier)
Subsea Manifolds (3 suppliers)
Subsea manifold is an integral part of many subsea development projects. It provides an interface between the production pipelines, flow line and the well. It collects produced fluids from individual sub sea wells. It supports the manifold wing hubs, the flow line hubs and the umbilical hubs & protect all pipe work and valves. It also provides sea-fastening interfaces.
Subsea Marine Components (3 suppliers)
Subsea Metrology/Hybrid Metrology Tools (2 suppliers)
Metrology of subsea pipelines is always a delicate operation, especially when operated driverless. There are several methods that are commonly used by divers or remotely operated vehicles. Subsea metrology between pipelines is very critical. The metrology accuracy has an impact on the size of the spool piece and on the installation method, as well as the choice of the connection means.
Subsea Motors (1 supplier)
Subsea Oil Flow Metering Devices (1 supplier)
Subsea Pipe Equipment (1 supplier)
Subsea Pipeline Protection Systems (5 suppliers)
Subsea Power Processing Systems (1 supplier)
Subsea Pressure Switches (1 supplier)
Subsea Pressure Transducers (1 supplier)
Subsea Processing (4 suppliers)
Subsea processing involves moving of some of the traditional topsides fluid processing to the seabed. Subsea separation and local re-injection of produced water and/or gas to the reservoir or to a dedicated disposal zone will allow flow lines and topside processing equipment to be used more efficiently. It features bulk water removal, with re-injection or disposal, single-phase or multi-phase boosting of well fluids and gas/liquid separation & liquid boosting.
Subsea Production Systems (16 suppliers)
A subsea production system consists of a wellhead, valve tree equipment, pipelines, structures, subsea manifolds and a piping system. A subsea tree is an assembly of valves, spools and fittings for an oil well. The operation of subsea tree is to both prevent the release of oil or gas from an oil well into the environment and also to direct and control the flow of formation fluids from the well. When the well is ready to produce oil or gas, valves are opened and the release of the formation fluids is allowed through a pipeline leading to a refinery, or to a platform or to a storage vessel. Subsea manifold is an integral part of many subsea development projects. It provides an interface between the production pipelines, flow line and the well.
Subsea Proximity Switches (2 suppliers)
Subsea Riggers (1 supplier)
Subsea Safety Systems (3 suppliers)
Subsea safety systems are available as in-riser and open-water safety systems designed to allow well operations to be conducted safely, when testing, completing or intervening in subsea wells. These provide rapid shut-in and emergency disconnect facilities required for rig safe operations.
Subsea Sensors (4 suppliers)
Subsea sensor is a subsea measurement technology for measuring corrosion, sand production, erosion, pressure, and temperature & flow momentum. Subsea sensors interface with all major subsea electronic modules to provide high-value digital data for advanced flow assurance and production allocation systems.
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