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Ultramite Foot Mounted Units (1 supplier)
Ultrapure Submicron Alumina Powders (9 suppliers)
Ultrapure Water Boron Analyzers (2 suppliers)
Ultrapure Water Systems (6 suppliers)
Ultrashort Pulse Lasers (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic & Soak Cleaners (5 suppliers)
Ultrasonic & Soak Cleaners are used in soak and ultrasonic cleaning systems. It is safe on ferrous and non-ferrous metals including aluminum. It is excellent for removal of sulfurized oils, fatty greases, buffing and lapping compounds. Its parts cleaned with BC-600V will have a thin film which will provide temporary tarnish protection. The water rinse and an alkaline cleaner are to remove the thin film.
Ultrasonic Actuators (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Actuators measure 16.32 in. high and 4.02 in. wide. It has linear optical encoder measures weld distance to enable welding by specific part collapse or welding to finished part. Force transducer provides digital setting of trigger force. These are used in high-volume medical components and micro-electronic parts.
Ultrasonic Ampoule Washing Machines (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Analog Sensors (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Analysis Software (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Analysis Systems (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Aquaeous Cleaning (3 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Atomizers (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Assembly Systems (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Automation Light Power Supply (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Automation Ready Power Supply (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Bag Sealers (3 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Bag Sensor (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic based system (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Bird Repeller (6 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Bird Repeller is a small compact repeller, measuring 22 x 10 x 14cm that includes all electronics and speaker. The ultrasonic bird repeller has digitalized recordings of distress, predator and harassment sounds that are effective on sparrows & starlings. Ultrasonic bird repeller is silent to humans and guards property by moving ultrasonic waves from speaker to speaker. It includes control box and four directional speakers for up to 3600 sq. ft. coverage.
Ultrasonic Blind Cleaners (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machines (3 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Boards (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Bolt Load Monitoring (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Bolt Load Verification (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Bolt Measurement (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Bolt Measurement Services (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Brass Inserts (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic C Scan Instrument (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic C Scan Software (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Calibration Blocks (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Cement Analyzers (4 suppliers)
Ultrasonic cement analyzers provide a continuous non-destructive method of determining compressive strength as a function of time by measuring the change in velocity of an acoustic signal. These units analyze the waveform and the frequencies at which the acoustic signal operates. The cement slurry to be tested is placed in an autoclave unit with temperature and pressure adjusted to simulate downhole conditions. An acoustic signal is then transmitted through the cement sample. As the strength of the cement increases over time, the faster the acoustic signal travels through the sample.
Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flow Meter (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flowmeter (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Clamp-On Meter and Indicators (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Clamshell Welder /Sealers (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Cleaners (63 suppliers)
Ultrasonic cleaners are cleaning devices that use ultrasound (usually from 15-400 kHz) to clean delicate items. Ultrasonic cleaners are often employed for cleaning of jewellery, lenses and other optical parts, coins, watches, dental and surgical instruments, fountain pens, industrial parts and electronic equipment. In an ultrasonic cleaner, the object to be cleaned is placed in a chamber containing a suitable ultrasound conducting fluid (an aqueous or organic solvent, depending on the application). An ultrasound generating transducer is built into the chamber, or may be lowered into the fluid. It is electronically activated to produce ultrasonic waves in the fluid. The main mechanism of cleaning action is by energy released from the creation and collapse of microscopic cavitation bubbles, which break up and lift off dirt and contaminants from the surface to be cleaned. Industrial ultrasonic cleaners are used in the automotive, sporting, printing, marine, medical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, engineering and weapons industries.
Ultrasonic Cleaners for Automotive and Aviation Parts (3 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Cleaning (39 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Cleaning Baskets (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipments (60 suppliers)
Ultrasonic cleaning equipments are used in electronics, automotive, semiconductor, and disc drive and optics applications. It is a device that uses ultrasound to clean delicate items. It is suitable for cleaning of jewellery, lenses and other optical parts, coins, watches, dental and surgical instruments, fountain pens, industrial parts and electronic equipment.
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines (16 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks (12 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Coating Systems (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge (3 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Concrete Testing Systems (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Condition Monitors (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Contact Switches (3 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Core Cutting Machines (8 suppliers)
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