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Ultrasonic Corona Arcing Detector (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Crack Detection Services (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Crack Detection Systems (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Crawler Systems (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Custody Transfer (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Cut-To-Length Machines (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Cutters (5 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Cutting Systems (11 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Data Collectors (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Degreasers (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Degreasing Components (3 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Detection Kit (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Detectors (4 suppliers)
Ultrasonic detectors provide a method of detecting sounds greater than 20 kHz. Loose electrical connections emit characteristics sounds that are beyond the range of the human ear. The ultrasonic detector provides a method of converting inaudible sounds to sounds and tones that match our hearing capabilities. Flashovers across an insulator make crackling sounds that are detectable even when there are no visible signs of arcing. The basic operation of the ultrasonic detector is relatively simple. A transducer, generally equipped with some type of mechanical sound focusing aid, collects the sound energy and passes it to the amplifier, which feeds the modular section where the collected sound is mixed with a signal from the oscillator section. A typical use for the ultrasonic detector is detection of loose or arcing connections inside an enclosed cabinet or panel board.
Ultrasonic Dialog Spot Weld Instrument (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Diameter Sensor (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Digital Sensors (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Distance Meters (4 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Drilling (3 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Electromagnetic Flow Meters (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Electronic Level Control Systems (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Embossing (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Equipment (51 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Equipment works on the principle of a transmitter creating ultrasonic waves which penerate the smallest orifice in the vehicle body and are then picked up by a receiver fitted with a suitable probe. This in turn pinpoint the exact leak point. The transmitter is placed in a base plate which automatically switches it on via a reed switch in the base of the transmitting body. These waves will then penetrate out through the unsealed area.
Ultrasonic Equipment Repairs (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Fabric Film Slitters (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Fabric Sealing Systems (3 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Filling Equipments (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Filter Cleaner (4 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Filter Cleaning Services (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Flat Form Sensors (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Flaw Detection (13 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Flaw Detection operates on the principles that the amount of ultrasonic energy transferred from one material to another is related to the difference between the acoustic impedances. Ultrasonic flaw detection is the one method of nondestructive testing that is unlimited possibilities of development. A method of ultrasonic flaw detection of a pipe comprises comparing ultrasonic waves passing through a test piece portion with the arithmetic means of ultrasonic waves passing through portions adjacent each side of the test portion. Ultrasonic flaw detection is widely used to detect and characterize hidden internal defects in engineering materials such as metals, plastics and composites. The ultrasonic flaw detection system is one of the most reliable and widely employed inspection methods, along with the X-ray method, for examining material structures and defects.
Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors (10 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Flow Converters (3 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Flow Gauges Flow Calibrations (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Flow Meter Transmitter (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Flow Switches (9 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Flowmeter Detectors (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Flowmeter Set (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Flowmeters (27 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Flowmeters (53 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Flow meters are usually noninvasive and can be used on many flows that would damage other meters. They use an electronic transducer to send a beam of ultrasonic sound waves through the water to another transducer on the opposite side of the unit. These are available in two forms, which include Doppler and transit-time. With the Doppler meters, an ultrasonic pulse is beamed into the pipe and reflected by inclusions. This type of meter is frequently used as "clarop on″ device which can be fitted to existing pipelines. There are two types of ultrasonic transducers, first one usually uses pulse transmission and is for cleaning liquids and second is for continuous wave transmission and is for dirty liquids.
Ultrasonic Flowmeters (17 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Flowmeters (24 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Flowmeters feature clamp-on designs with transducer assemblies that detect flow rate from the outside. Ultrasonic flowmeters are ideal for wastewater applications or any dirty liquid, which is conductive or water based. Ultrasonic flowmeters are ideal for applications where low-pressure drop, chemical compatibility and low maintenance are required.
Ultrasonic Flowmeters (17 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Flowmeters measures the velocity of a flowing medium by monitoring interaction between the flowstream and an ultrasonic sound wave transmitted into or through it. These are usually noninvasive and therefore can be used on many flows that would damage other meters.
Ultrasonic Flowmeters for Liquid Analog and Pulse Output (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Gages (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Gap Sensor Liquid Level Switches (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Gap Switch (1 supplier)
Ultrasonic Gap Switches (2 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeters (25 suppliers)
Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeters are used for gas flow measurement. Ultrasonic gas flowmeters use narrowband piezoelectric transducer arrangements for interrogating the flow of gas in a pipe. Ultrasonic gas flowmeters determine the linear gas velocity through the meter tube by using multiple acoustic pulse reflection paths. This flowmeter is used for measuring off-gas flows, compressed air production and compressor efficiency.
Ultrasonic Gas Meters (4 suppliers)
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