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Alignment Clips (1 supplier)
Alignment Collimators (1 supplier)
Alignment Computer (1 supplier)
Alignment Core Prints (1 supplier)
Alignment Couplers (1 supplier)
Alignment Disks (1 supplier)
Alignment Dowels (1 supplier)
Alignment Gages (1 supplier)
Alignment Gimbals (1 supplier)
Alignment Guides (1 supplier)
Alignment Inspection Services (2 suppliers)
Alignment Laser Measurement Systems (1 supplier)
Alignment Lifts (3 suppliers)
Alignment Meters (1 supplier)
Alignment Pilot Pins (1 supplier)
Alignment Punches (2 suppliers)
Alignment Shims (2 suppliers)
Alignment Stage Modules (1 supplier)
Alignment System Receiving Stations (1 supplier)
Alignment Telescope Bases (1 supplier)
Alignment Telescopes (2 suppliers)
Alignment Tool Kits (1 supplier)
Alignment Tool Multi-Air Discs (1 supplier)
Alignment Tools (1 supplier)
Alignment Training Software (2 suppliers)
Alignment Undercut Bolts (1 supplier)
Alignment Verification Systems (2 suppliers)
Alignment Washers (1 supplier)
Aliphatic Resins (1 supplier)
Alkali and Acid Resistant Refractory Bricks (8 suppliers)
Alkali Proof Brick Lining (2 suppliers)
Alkali Proof Lining Turnkey Jobs (4 suppliers)
Alkali Proof Tile Lining (2 suppliers)
Alkali Resistant Coatings (21 suppliers)
Alkali resistance coatings are primarily formulated to resist reaction with alkaline materials such as lime, cement and soap. Alkali resistance coatings are fair to good resistance to solvents, mild acids, and dry food products. It finds application in covered hopper-car linings and nuclear containment facilities. It is also used in storage tanks, caustic tanks and nuclear containment facilities. Example for alkali resistance coatings is epoxy. These ordinarily have a pH between 9.5 and 11.5.
Alkaline Based Cleaners (2 suppliers)
Alkaline Batteries (60 suppliers)
Alkaline Battery Frames (2 suppliers)
Alkaline Battery Lights (1 supplier)
Alkaline Button Cell Batteries (9 suppliers)
Alkaline Degreasing (1 supplier)
Alkaline Descalers (1 supplier)
Alkaline Fuel Cells (3 suppliers)
Polymer Electrolyte is an ion carrier that can be formed into large-area thin films, which lower internal cell resistance even for electrolytes with moderate conductivity. They function as an electron separator electrochemically compatible with highly reactive anodes and cathodes. It is a binder of cathode active material and also serves as a separator. This electrolyte is also used as model materials for the investigation of conduction paths in semi crystalline systems. Operation of the battery at higher temperatures also leads to an improved conductivity of the polymer electrolyte. They are also less reactive with respect to lithium, which is beneficial for the safety of the battery. The use of an electrolyte offers the possibility of fast production of the cells using web equipment and the fabrication of thin cells.
Alkaline Liquid Degreasers (4 suppliers)
Alkaline Liquid Degreasers are used in soak and ultrasonic applications. It is used on ferrous metals only. It is excellent for removal of lapping and hard to remove machining compounds. This is also used in spray applications. It provides heavy duty removal of bituminous spillages, thick greases and oils and other such stubborn soils concrete or cement surfaces, driveways, interlock brickwork, parking areas, heavy duty greases that have accumulated and caked over long periods of time on workshop and pump room floors, gangways and other floor mounted assemblies.
Alkaline Liquid Soak & Electro-Cleaners (5 suppliers)
Alkaline Liquid Soak and Electro-Cleaner is used for ferrous metals, copper and copper plated work. It is formulated to be free rinsing, high conductivity and low foam. It will remove a variety of soils including oils, greases, and lubricants. It is used as a spray cleaner and will also keep plating barrels and other equipment clean and free of oils. The alkaline soak cleaner is developed for removing bar and liquid buffing compound residues from zinc die castings, aluminum, brass and bronze.
Alkaline Neutralizer Absorbents (1 supplier)
Alkaline Powdered Degreasers (1 supplier)
Alkaline Powdered Degreaser for use in soak applications. It is used on ferrous metals only. It is excellent for removal of lapping and hard to remove machining compounds.
Alkaline Powered Screwdrivers (2 suppliers)
Alkaline Stud Finder (1 supplier)
Alkaline Tumbling Compounds (1 supplier)
Alkaline Tumbling Compound will enhance the cut and debur when added to vibratory or conventional tumbling operations. It is one of the medium aggressive cutting compounds that yields surface finish RMS and also used in batch operation. It provides fast deburring cycles, good cleaning capabilities and allows the use of less aggressive preformed tumbling media. It is used in vibratory, conventional barrel, or new high-speed mass finishing operations. It is particularly effective on steel substrates and medium foaming compound & can be used in either batch or continuous tumbling systems.
Alkaline Water Filter Systems (1 supplier)
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