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Alkalinity Booster (1 supplier)
Alkalinity Control (1 supplier)
Alkalinity Control in most invert emulsion mud is obtained by the addition of common calcium hydroxide or in calcium oxide. The use of a calcium base is particularly relevant when tall oil fatty acid soaps are in use. Oil-base muds do not suffer from the problems of hydrogen sulfide or carbon dioxide contamination that can occur in a water base fluid. However, such contamination in an oil base mud will show itself as the increased addition rate of lime to maintain alkalinity.
Alkalinity Control Additives (2 suppliers)
Alkyd Coatings (7 suppliers)
Alkyd coatings are a major type of organic coating. The alkyds and modified glyptals are used as protective & decorative coatings for consumer products. These coatings are also used as corrosion protective coatings for metals. Alkyd coatings may be either air-drying or baking types. The air drying types are modified chemically by incorporating unsaturated fatty-acid groups into the polymer structure. These are used for such diverse applications as air-drying water emulsion wall paints and baked enamels for automobiles and appliances. The properties of oil-modified alkyd coatings depend on the specific oil used as well as percentage of oil in the composition.
Alkyd Gloss Enamel (1 supplier)
Alkyd Paints (4 suppliers)
The alkyd paints are made from alcohol and acid. These are mostly used for decorative purposes and for protection of steel exposed to relatively mild environments. These are compatible with other oil painting mediums made of oils, resins, and turpentine or mineral spirits.
Alkyd Resin Plants (1 supplier)
Alkyl Ether Sulfates (1 supplier)
Alkylation Service Valves (2 suppliers)
Alkylation, Amination Reactors (1 supplier)
All Angle Thermometers (2 suppliers)
All Cable Tester Indicator (1 supplier)
All Direction Kits (1 supplier)
All Direction Ladders (1 supplier)
All Electric Governor System (2 suppliers)
All Fiber Phase Shifters (11 suppliers)
All Fluoropolymer Flowmeter (1 supplier)
All Geared Lathe Machine (17 suppliers)
All In One Cable (1 supplier)
All Inclusive Misting Fans (1 supplier)
All Inert Seal Valves (1 supplier)
All Machined Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps (2 suppliers)
All Metal Flow Switch for Liquids or Gases (1 supplier)
All Metal Flowmeter (4 suppliers)
All Metal Inline Filters (1 supplier)
All Plastic Flowmeter & Switch for Liquids or Gases (2 suppliers)
All Plastic Low Flow Flowmeter & Switch (2 suppliers)
All Plastic Low Flow Paddle Wheel Sensor (2 suppliers)
All Plastic Polypro 8 Bag Filter Housing (2 suppliers)
All Plastic Trigger Nozzles (1 supplier)
All Plastic Turbine Flow Sensor (2 suppliers)
All Position Cutting Machines (2 suppliers)
All Position Overlay Systems (1 supplier)
All Purpose Absorbents (6 suppliers)
All Purpose Air Purifiers (5 suppliers)
All Purpose Chisel Sets (1 supplier)
All Purpose Cleaner (18 suppliers)
All Purpose Drill & Tap Sets (1 supplier)
All Purpose High Definition Printer System (1 supplier)
All Purpose Lane Conditioner (1 supplier)
All Purpose Mixers (2 suppliers)
All Purpose Mobile Polyethylene Carts (2 suppliers)
All Purpose Mobile Polyethylene Carts provides rugged virtually unbreakable mobile cart for easy handling in dozens of uses. It is ideal for storing and transporting chemical, food ingredients and soiled linens. It is made of tough all steelene polyethylene and molded container with attached polyethylene cover. It can be easily removable from plated dolly for cleaning. Dolly is used for easy rolling.
All Purpose Pumps (2 suppliers)
All Purpose Ruffler Machine (1 supplier)
All Purpose Sand (1 supplier)
All Purpose Silicone Lubricant (1 supplier)
All Roller Up Surface Conveyor (4 suppliers)
All Season Films (2 suppliers)
All season films offer substantial summer and winter benefits and are popular where significant climate changes take place. Its unique abrasion resistant coating provides added durability. It maintains a lower level of reflectivity and a good visible light transmission.
All Stage Industrial Washers (1 supplier)
All Steel Platform Trucks (3 suppliers)
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