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Fiber Inspection Microscopes (2 suppliers)
Fiber Inspection Probe (1 supplier)
Fiber Inspector (1 supplier)
Fiber Insulated Cable Staples (1 supplier)
Fiber Joint (1 supplier)
Fiber Joint Tapes (1 supplier)
Fiber Kevlar Scissor (1 supplier)
Fiber KVM Extenders (2 suppliers)
Fiber Laser Manual Welding Systems (4 suppliers)
Fiber Laser Marker (13 suppliers)
Fiber Laser Marking (11 suppliers)
Fiber Laser Marking and Engraving System (5 suppliers)
Fiber Laser Marking Machine (16 suppliers)
Fiber Laser Marking Systems (18 suppliers)
Fiber Lasers (18 suppliers)
Fiber Light Linker Systems (1 supplier)
Fiber Loss Test Kits (1 supplier)
Fiber Management System Connector Modules (1 supplier)
Fiber Management Tray Panels (1 supplier)
Fiber Management Units (1 supplier)
Fiber Managent & Distribution Systems (1 supplier)
Fiber Managment & Packaged Solutions (2 suppliers)
Fiber Mass Fusion Splicer (1 supplier)
Fiber Mats & Rolls (1 supplier)
Fiber Measurement System (1 supplier)
Fiber Media Converters (6 suppliers)
Fiber Media Systems (1 supplier)
Fiber Metal Laminates (6 suppliers)
Fiber Metal Thermoplastic Systems (1 supplier)
Fiber Metallizing (1 supplier)
Fiber Mist Eliminators (11 suppliers)
Fiber mist eliminators can capture mist droplets so small (below 1 micron) that they appear as smoke or nearly invisible haze. These units employ fine fibers typically cellulose, glass or plastic packed into a mat with thickness of a few inches. Fiber mist eliminators are mostly used in cylindrical form called candles but are also available in flat panels. Brownian motion, the main capture mechanism for submicron droplets in fiber mist eliminators is the frequent random jerks experienced by microscopic particles suspended in a gas or liquid. The cause is momentary inequalities in the number and speed of surrounding molecules hitting the particle from various directions. This tiny motion is enough to throw small droplets out of gas streamlines and held by the fibers in the mist eliminators.
Fiber Mode Converters (2 suppliers)
Fiber Molding Strips (2 suppliers)
Fiber Nuts (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic & Residential Structured Cabling Systems (9 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Absolute Position Sensors (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Accessories (32 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Adapter Panels (4 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Adapters (31 suppliers)
Fiber optic adapters are used to mechanically and optically connect two fiber optic connectors. These are almost always female-to-female, while connectors are male. Usually, a fiber adapter consists of two main elements: the alignment sleeve and the housing. The alignment sleeve is the critical part of the adapter, providing the alignment of the two-connector ferrules. The alignment sleeve is usually a split "C″ and is made from a hard, low-wear material. The housing provides the important mechanical connection that holds everything together. The easiest way of cleaning adapters is with a pipe cleaner or alcohol-wetted cotton.
Fiber Optic Amplifiers (14 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Analog Data Links (5 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Assemblies (62 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Assemblies provides distributed emission of light in which a multiplicity of fiber-optic strands each comprising a sheathed light-transmitting core are bonded together into a sheet. It provides strands for at least one of the warp strands and the weft strands and warp, and the weft is provided by filaments of plastics or metal. It has sheathing of individual bundles is of a plastics material. The sheathing of individual bundles is transparent or translucent and encases or encapsulates the optical fibers of the bundle along substantially the whole of its length. Each bundle comprises more than 100 optical fibers. It transmits light into the fibers of the strands so light is radiated from the spaced locations of the strands.
Fiber Optic Attenuators (25 suppliers)
Fiber optic attenuators are used to reduce the power level of an optical signal, either in free space or in an optical fiber. These are devices that decrease the optical power in a fiber by a fixed or adjustable amount. It can be divided into two categories: fixed and variable. These are widely used in fiber optic telecommunication systems. The basic principle of operation of a common attenuator is controlled by the offset of the input and output fibers, or an air gap between the input and output fibers. Other techniques are used in the operation of advanced fiber optic attenuators; it uses temperature, twisting, tension, or current acting of some type of optical material. Optical attenuator selection depends on a multitude of factors, including wavelength, attenuation levels, and temperature stability.
Fiber Optic Back Light Illumination Systems (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Backlighting (7 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Buffer Strippers (2 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Bulk Cables (19 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Cable & Connectors (75 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies (65 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Cable Blowers (4 suppliers)
Fiber optic cable blowers are designed for the installation of fiber optic cables with diameters from 5.8 mm to 28.7 mm into inner ducts from 25 mm outer diameter to 50.0 mm outer diameter. It provides maximum clamping force on the cable of 80 lbs / inch (14.3 kg / cm) at a hydraulic pressure of between 550-650 psi (39 kg / cm2 to 46 kg / cm2). A lower clamping force would allow the cable to slip under the tractor drive earlier, thereby reducing the pushing power of the machine. On small diameter fibers, relative to the diameter of the duct, it is recommended that the pushing force be lowered to reduce the potential for folding the cable over in the duct.
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