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Fiber Optic Multiplates (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Multiplexers (10 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Network Design (4 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Networking Equipment (15 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Outlet Boxes (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Packaging Solutions (3 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Patch Cables (20 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Patch Cords (39 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Patch Panel (14 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Pen Scribe (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Pigtails (16 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Polishing Machine (2 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Polishing Pads (2 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Port Distribution Boxes (3 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Position Sensors (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Power Meters (6 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Power Meters (5 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Preparation Fluid (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Pressure Seals (2 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Quadrant Blocks (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Repeaters (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Replacement Cables (2 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Reveal Units (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Ring Lights (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Rotary Adapter (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Rotary Encoders (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Safety System (2 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Sampling Products (7 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Scribes (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Sensors (26 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Shackles (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Shears (2 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Sheaves (2 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Singlemode Patch Cables (9 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Slip Ring (2 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Snips (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Spans (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Speed Sensor (5 suppliers)
A fiber optic speed sensor is used for sensing the rotational speed of an N bladed fan in a turbo-machine application including a polarization-preserving optical circuit positioned adjacent the locus described by the remote ends of the blades. It has been developed, bench tested and rig tested in a real turbine airflow environment. It employs an innovative design using a pressure tube and fiber optic micro bend transducer in order to capture turbine blade pass wake frequency. A signal processor into turbine rotational speed can convert the blade pass frequency. The FOSS offers unique potential to meet future requirements for performance (0 to 25KHz) and environmental tolerance.
Fiber Optic Splice Cases (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Splice Protectors (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Splice Sleeves (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Splice Terminals (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Splicing (6 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Storage Systems (1 supplier)
Fiber Optic Strippers (2 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Switch Converters (2 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Switches (15 suppliers)
Fiber optic switches are routing an optical signal without electro-optical and opto-electrical conversions. It can interface with two types of cables, single mode and multimode.  Single mode is an optical fiber that will allow only one mode to propagate. The fiber has a very small core diameter of approximately 8 µm. It permits signal transmission at extremely high bandwidth and allows very long transmission distances. Some fiber optic switches can be used for both single mode and multimode cables.
Fiber Optic Talk Sets (2 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring System (2 suppliers)
Fiber Optic Temperature Probe (1 supplier)
1801 to 1850 of 13431 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 [37] 38 39 40 >> Next 50 Results
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