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Teflon r Suck Back Valves (1 supplier)
Suck back valve performs two simultaneous functions. Being a normally closed valve, it requires air to actuate. When switching from the open back to the closed position, its unique design creates a vacuum on the discharge port and immediately "sucks back″ a predetermined amount of liquid. The adjustment knob on top of the valve gives excellent repeatability on the suckback volume. The suckback valve is the perfect solution for dispensing equipment to prevent dripping of solution from dispense nozzles. Photoresist, adhesive, acids, solvents, syrup and many other medias may be processed through this valve.
Teflon Recycling (1 supplier)
Teflon Ring Resizer Tools (1 supplier)
Teflon Rinse Tanks (1 supplier)
Teflon rod Extrusion (1 supplier)
Teflon Seal Stainless Steel In-Line Check Valve (1 supplier)
Teflon Seals (14 suppliers)
Teflon Seat Stainless Steel Inline Check Valves (1 supplier)
Teflon Seated Butterfly Valves Teflon Disc (1 supplier)
Teflon SF Coating (1 supplier)
Teflon Sleeve (3 suppliers)
Teflon Smooth Bore Hoses (6 suppliers)
Teflon Stampings (1 supplier)
Teflon Standard Washers (1 supplier)
Teflon Tank Adapter Threads (1 supplier)
Teflon Tanks (2 suppliers)
Teflon Tape-1/2 Inch (1 supplier)
Teflon Tote Mixers (1 supplier)
Teflon Transfer Cover Sheet (4 suppliers)
Teflon tube Extrusion (2 suppliers)
Teflon V-Shaped Seals (1 supplier)
Teflon Valve Seals (1 supplier)
Teflon Washers (2 suppliers)
Teflon Wear Strips (4 suppliers)
Teflon Wiper Blade (4 suppliers)
Teflon Wires (7 suppliers)
Teflon® Solenoid Valves (4 suppliers)
Teflon™ Coating Services (5 suppliers)
Teflon-Coated Resistance Temperature Detectors (1 supplier)
Teflonr & Teflon r Related Gaskets (17 suppliers)
Teflonr 'V' Packings (11 suppliers)
Teflonr Back Up Rings (14 suppliers)
Teflon back up rings are designed to prevent extrusion in rubber O-ring sealing systems. Rubber O-rings serve as effective seals for dynamic and static applications in hydraulic and pneumatic systems equipment. The drawback of such O-rings is their tendency to extrude into the clearance of mating surfaces when subjected to increasing pressures. In order to overcome such drawbacks, the Teflon back up rings are used. There are three basic types of Teflon back up rings in use: single turn, multi-turn and solid configurations.
Teflonr Balls (11 suppliers)
Teflon balls do not absorb water and can withstand temperatures to 550°F (288°C). It is useful in many laboratory procedures. It is not affected by any known acids or alkalies. It is available in a wide range of sizes.
Teflonr Balls for Ball Valves (4 suppliers)
Teflonr Beakers (1 supplier)
Teflonr Bearings (14 suppliers)
Teflonr Bellows (23 suppliers)
Teflonr Bush Bearings (13 suppliers)
Teflonr Bushes (19 suppliers)
Teflonr Coated Resistance Temperature Detectors (1 supplier)
Teflonr Coatings (25 suppliers)
Teflon coatings are formulated with special blends of fluoropolymers and other high performance resins to improve toughness and abrasion resistance. These coatings are applied as a single-coat, thin film, and non-stick finish. These are used throughout industry in military, space, commercial and consumer applications. Teflon has the lowest coefficient of friction of any solid material known. It is used as a non-stick coating for pans and other cookware.
Teflonr Collars (7 suppliers)
Teflonr Diaphragms (10 suppliers)
Teflonr Discs (8 suppliers)
Teflon discs are normally used to move heavy furniture easily without damaging the floor. These are used for moving large and heavy shelves, beds, sofa's, and desktops. The choice of the discs depends only on the weight, which is needed to move. It is available in various diameters.
Teflonr Encapsulated Perforated 316SS Gasket (1 supplier)
Teflonr Encapsulated Rubber Envelop Gaskets (17 suppliers)
Teflonr Encapsulated S.S. Gaskets (10 suppliers)
Teflonr Envelope Pipe Gaskets (5 suppliers)
Teflonr ETFE (4 suppliers)
Teflonr Exchangers (3 suppliers)
1801 to 1850 of 14573 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 [37] 38 39 40 >> Next 50 Results
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