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Teflonr Expansion Joints (32 suppliers)
Teflonr FEP (3 suppliers)
Teflonr Fittings (4 suppliers)
Teflonr Flanges (8 suppliers)
Teflonr Fluoropolymer Coating & Lining (5 suppliers)
Teflonr Fusion Bonded Fluoropolymer Coating (2 suppliers)
Teflonr Gasket Rope (1 supplier)
Teflonr Guide Rail and Strips (1 supplier)
Teflonr Hanger Bearings (8 suppliers)
Teflon hanger bearings are made up of Teflon material. These are used as revolving bearings for drive and screw conveyor shafts that are surrounded with a housing. The hanger bearing frame mounts to the top or side of the housing and suspends the bearing to the center for shaft mounting. It is mainly used in agricultural and heavy industry screw conveyors, and in automotive, aircraft, and marine drive shaft assemblies. It differs in terms of the bearing style, bearing bore, housing, frame arrangement, and dimensions.
Teflonr Hose Ends (6 suppliers)
Teflonr Hoses (56 suppliers)
Teflonr Hoses & Fittings (38 suppliers)
Teflonr Insulators (6 suppliers)
Teflonr Labwares (3 suppliers)
Teflonr Leads & Seals (1 supplier)
Teflonr Lined Check Valves (22 suppliers)
Teflon Lined Check Valves are developed for use on fluids compatible with the corrosion resistant characteristics of TFE. The body of the valve is made from a combination of ductile iron and steel. The end connections are made with a TFE reducing flange. The liner is locked by grooves permitted by the check valve to be used on high vacuum & pressure applications without line collapse and blow out. They offer high physical strength in combination with the high corrosion resistance of TFE. Its internal design provides high flow rates at a very low-pressure drop.
Teflonr Lined Chemical Hose (18 suppliers)
Teflonr lined Diaphragm Valve (18 suppliers)
Teflonr Lined Globe Valves (12 suppliers)
Teflonr Lined PFA/FEP Plug Valves (2 suppliers)
Teflonr Lined Pipe (15 suppliers)
Teflonr Lined Pipe Fittings (18 suppliers)
Teflonr Lined Safesite Sight Flow Indicator (1 supplier)
Teflonr Lined Strainers (13 suppliers)
Teflonr Lined V Control Ball Valves (0 suppliers)
Teflonr Lined Valves (2 suppliers)
Teflonr Lining (9 suppliers)
Teflonr Mechanical Seals (5 suppliers)
Teflonr Metal Inserted Components (7 suppliers)
Teflonr Molded Valves & Fittings (3 suppliers)
Teflonr Non Stick Coatings (9 suppliers)
Teflonr O/U/V Rings (14 suppliers)
Teflonr Packings (15 suppliers)
Teflonr PFA (3 suppliers)
Teflonr Piston Rings (24 suppliers)
Teflonr Piston Rings, Guide Rings, Slide Rings (20 suppliers)
Teflonr PTFE (8 suppliers)
Teflonr PTFE Foam Gaskets (14 suppliers)
Teflonr Reducing Flanges (7 suppliers)
Teflonr Regulator (1 supplier)
Teflonr Rider Bands (2 suppliers)
Teflonr Rider Rings (13 suppliers)
Teflon rider rings are made up of Teflon material. It is a part of all piston designs where there is no lubrication or the possibility of loss of lubrication exists during operation. It supports the weight of the piston and prevents contact with the cylinder wall. It is designed taking into consideration the weight of the piston and rod, physical properties of the ring material, operating conditions and the desired ring life. It is designed for all pressures, temperatures, and gases.
Teflonr Rings (6 suppliers)
Teflonr Rods (8 suppliers)
Teflonr Seal Rings (18 suppliers)
Teflonr Seats for Ball Valves (14 suppliers)
Teflonr Sheathed Cable Heaters (1 supplier)
Teflonr Sheets (3 suppliers)
Teflonr Sight Glass Bush (2 suppliers)
Teflonr Skived Sheets (2 suppliers)
1851 to 1900 of 14573 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 [38] 39 40 >> Next 50 Results
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