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Amplifier Mount Bracket (1 supplier)
Amplifier PCB (3 suppliers)
Amplifier PCB provides convenient buffering and pre-amplification of thermopile signal. It is designed for precision amplification of low-level signals. This amplifier achieves offset stability, open-loop gain and low noise over time and temperature.
Amplifier Probe Kit (3 suppliers)
Amplifier Probes (1 supplier)
Amplifier Security Covers (1 supplier)
Amplifier Valves (1 supplier)
Amplifiers (341 suppliers)
Amplifiers High Voltage Probes (2 suppliers)
Amplifiers Repair (3 suppliers)
Amplifiers, Integrated Circuit (5 suppliers)
Amplifiers, Low Impedance (1 supplier)
Amplifiers, Multi-channel (2 suppliers)
Amplifiers, Rack Mounted (2 suppliers)
Amplitude Adjustment Ultrasonic Hand Held Systems (1 supplier)
Amplitude Measuring Equipment (1 supplier)
Ampoule Forming Machine (1 supplier)
The ampoule forming machines at Kaisha have the capacity to roll out up to 2 million ampoules per day. These machines are equipped with a unique self-correcting facility, whereby should the thickness of glass vary from one station to another; an electronic sensor immediately picks up the variant and adjusts the flame automatically. This ensures a high degree of uniformity and strict adherence to the specifications desired. The MM 30 ampoule forming machine, the most popular machine for ampoule production. The MM 30 can be equipped with the Roboglass automatic tube loading system, which is able to load the forming machine continuously. The machine can be integrated with - OptistemTM, an automatic stem-diameter forming device that controls and self-adjusts the forming operation of the ampoule stem in order to increase product quality and production efficiency.
Ampoule Inspection Units (1 supplier)
Ampoule Labeling Systems (3 suppliers)
Ampoule Vial Stoppers (1 supplier)
AMR Panels (0 suppliers)
AMS Grade Welding Wires (1 supplier)
Amusement Ride Wheel Recovering (0 suppliers)
An-hydrate Handling System (1 supplier)
Anaerobic Adhesives (8 suppliers)
Anaerobic Biomethanation (1 supplier)
Anaerobic Digesters (9 suppliers)
Anaerobic Digesters are devices that promote the decomposition of manure or digestion of the organics in manure to simple organics and gaseous biogas products. It is an industrial system that harnesses the natural process to treat waste & produce biogas that can be used to power electricity generators, provide heat and produce soil improving material. They are also fed with specially grown energy crops to boost biodegradable content and hence increase biogas production. The main products of anaeroic digesters are biogas and innocuous digested sludge solids. There are three primary types of anaerobic digesters like covered anaerobic lagoon, complete mix as well as plug flow type that are used for livestock farms. The purpose of this digester is to biologically destroy a significant portion of the volatile solids in sludge and to minimize the putrescibility of sludge.
Anaerobic Digestion (2 suppliers)
Anaerobic digestion is the process in which the microorganisms break down the organic materials in an enclosed vessel with out oxygen supply. It is the harnessed and contained, naturally occurring process of anaerobic decomposition. This procedure helps in treating the waste, produce biogas that can be used to power electricity generators, provide heat and produce soil-improving material.
Anaerobic Digestion With Mixers (2 suppliers)
Anaerobic Sealants (5 suppliers)
Anaerobic Thread Lockers (1 supplier)
Anaerobic Treaters (6 suppliers)
Anaerobic Treatment is a process in which, producers are allowed to produce electricity and heat using manure from the farm. Manure is warmed and mixed in a tank that is free of oxygen or anaerobic. In these warm conditions, the bacterium's become active. They will begin to digest carbon present in the manure. The goal of this anaerobic digestion is to produce methane, a combustible greenhouse gas. A mix of 10 percent diesel and 90 percent methane can be used to run diesel engines. Moreover this digestion process reduces the odor of this manure. However the phosphorus and nitrogen content in raw as well as digested manure is same. Hence separation units can be integrated to capture phosphorus and nitrogen.
Anaerobic Treaters (8 suppliers)
Anaerobic-Based Flange Sealants (1 supplier)
Analog & Digital Counters (9 suppliers)
Analog Addressable Systems (1 supplier)
Analog Aerosol Photometers (2 suppliers)
Analog Air Pressure Gages (2 suppliers)
Analog Air Throttle (1 supplier)
Analog and Digital Plus Electric Actuators with Integral Driver (1 supplier)
Analog Angle Sensor (2 suppliers)
Analog Audio Balun (1 supplier)
Analog Audio Cable (7 suppliers)
Analog Audio Design (1 supplier)
Analog Audio Distribution Amplifiers (1 supplier)
Analog Audio Snake Cables (2 suppliers)
Analog Audio Switchers (1 supplier)
Analog Balanced Audio Routing Modules (1 supplier)
Analog Battery Testers (2 suppliers)
Analog Bench Hardness Testers (1 supplier)
Analog Box Cameras (1 supplier)
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