A-Type Conveyor Furnaces,Adhesive Ovens Suppliers & Manufacturers

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A-Type Conveyor Furnaces
Sargeant & Wilbur, Inc., Wotech Industrial Co., Ltd.

Adhesive Ovens
Houston-Sigma Technologies L.P, Pragmatech, Inc.

Aging Ovens
Kitchen & Perry, Inc., Infratrol Mfg. Corp., A. R. Instruments, more...

Air Atomizing Nozzles
Air Atomizing Nozzle uses air pressure and volume to produce droplets from liquid that is supplied at low pressure. The advantage of this type of system includes the ability to control droplet size independently of flow rate. Air atomizing nozzles are normally used for coating granules and other small particles. Hydraulic nozzles are capable of higher delivery capacities but typically make droplets above 100µm in diameter compared to 25µm for most air atomizing (two fluid) nozzles. Air atomizing nozzles are capable of delivering droplets in the 10 to 100µm size range, all such nozzles tend to make larger droplets at higher liquid flow rates.
Air Blast Inc., Comco Inc., Exair Corporation, more...

Air Flow Pressure & Draft Switches
Valin Corporation, Omega Engineering, Inc, Weber Sensors Inc, more...

Air Heating Burners
Rayes Boiler, BDC, Inc., Exothermics, Inc., more...

Air Injection Tubes
American Engineering Group, Eau Claire Auto Parts, Inc.

Air Make-Up Burners
Exothermics, Inc.

Air Make-Up Units
David Weisman, L.L.C., ScrubAir Systems, Inc., Premium Air Systems, more...

Alloy Steel Collector Tubes
Altemp Alloys, Inc., Duraloy Technologies, Inc., Leoscor Alloys, more...

Alloy Steel Hair Pin Bends
Duraloy Technologies, Inc., Esteem Projects Pvt. Ltd, Simplex International

Alloy Steel Heater Coils
TriState Coil, Petro-Chem Development Co., Inc, Heatec, Inc., more...

Alumina Fiber Boards
Alumina Fiber Boards are rigid refractory structure of alumina fibers. These are used as hot-face insulation for furnace and kiln up to 1600 ac. These also provide highly efficient thermal insulation.
Non-Metals, Inc., Zircar Zirconia, Inc., C M Furnace, Inc., more...

Alumina Muffles
Alumina Muffles are equipped with water-cooled flange assembly.
C M Furnace, Inc.

Aluminum Annealing
Radyne Corporation, Hemsath Corp.

Aluminum Billet Heaters
Induction Professionals, LLC., Precision Components Corporation

Aluminum Killed Steel Coils
Century Metals & Supplies, Inc., Octagon Resources International, LLC, Linyi Jinhu Colour Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

Aluminum Log/Billet Furnaces
Belco Industries, Inc., Kleenair Products Co., Inc., Nutec Engineers, more...

Aluminum Melting Furnace
Junker, Inc., Kroeger Co., Inc., N. A., The Schaefer Group, Inc.,, more...

Aluminum Melting/Holding Furnaces
Mansell and Associates, Cal-miser Aluminum Systems, Kleenair Products Co., Inc., more...

Aluminum Reverbatory Furnaces
Aluminum Reverbatory Furnaces are available in sizes from 2,400 to over 100,000 lbs. capacity. The sidewalls can be easily accessed by opening the charge well covers and through the rear manual access door. Its shell construction is welded with carbon steel plate and lined with high quality refractories. It can reduce energy consumption by 55% for melting and 50% for holding.
Mansell and Associates, Thermal Products Solutions, Nutec Engineers

Aluminum Treating Furnaces
California Heating Equipment, Hi T.E.Q., Inc., Nutec Engineers, more...

Ammonia Dissociators
Thermal Dynamix, Inc., Kayex, Surface Combustion, Inc., more...

Annealing Furnace
Annealing Furnace is described having a rotatable table with five stations such as loading station, a preheating station, a heating station, a cooling station and an unloading station. The system is very efficient when one charge is cooling a succeeding charge being heated while the next succeeding charge is being preheated.
Engineered Production Systems, Detroit Process Machinery, Bowman & Cains Exploration, more...

Annealing Lines
Annealing Lines are used for the thermal treatment of sheet and strip. These are used to produce micro structurally engineered steels. These are characterized by tight control of the annealing process, high throughput rates, high yields, significant energy savings, and by the production of high quality products.
A D S Machinery Corp.

Annealing Ovens
Engineered Production Systems, Detroit Process Machinery, The Lanly Company, more...

Anti-Corrosion Heaters
Reiff Corp.

Asphaltic Membrane Refractory
Norris & Son, Inc., F.S. Sperry Co., Inc., Gold Coast, more...

Atmosphere Furnaces
Precision Thermal Processing, L & L Special Furnace Co., Inc., Heattek, Inc., more...

Atmosphere Generators
Atmosphere Generator provides flexibility, efficiency and durability. It has easy adjustment for both lean and rich mixtures. This is equipped with various devices such as a flame detector, for increased safety. The natural gas and electrical heat source provides easy operation and maintenance. This generator is used for all types of heat-treating applications such as endothermic, exothermic, purified exothermic and ammonia discociator. The endothermic gas generators can be gas or electric heated. The exothermic gas generator can be supplied with a boiler to produce steam as well as generated gas. Refrigeration and dryer systems are also available for the exothermic and ammonia dissociator gas generators.
Thermal Dynamix, Inc., Wellman Furnaces, Inc., Thermal Products Solutions, more...

Automatic Controllers For Furnaces
Furnace Controllers are used to control temperature, heat delivery and other variables in industrial furnaces. They control the burner flame, air mixture and trim to maintain & optimize furnace performance. Furnace controllers receive inputs from thermocouples & sensors and integrated with other industrial control systems. Specifications for furnace controllers include form factor or mounting style, number of inputs, number of outputs, input types and output types. Furnace controllers send inputs or receive outputs in serial, parallel, ethernet or other digital formats, which indicate a process variable.
Innovative Electro Controls, Diligent Micro Controls, Wotech Industrial Co., Ltd.

Automatic Oil Heating Furnaces
Franklin Howard International Ltd., Argo Thermodyne Co., Ravi Industries, more...

Automatic Pouring Systems
Automatic pouring system increases the productivity and reliability of the casting process by eliminating the costly over pours and short pours. It performs the pouring motion at short times and reduces the error between reference flow rate and real one, the sequence control parameters are then optimized.
Inductotherm Corp., Inductotherm Europe Ltd.

Automatic Tray Proofers
The Henry Group, Inc.

Automotive Parts Cleaning Ovens
ACE Equipment Company

Base Burner Controls
Wilson Mohr, Astec Industries, Inc., Classic Enterprises

Basic Muffle Furnaces
C E M Corporation, So-low Environmental Equipment, Abbott Furnace Company, more...

Basic Oxygen Furnaces
T D I Group, LLC., R. K. Engineering Works, New Delhi / Noida, Wotech Industrial Co., Ltd.

Batch Annealing Furnaces
Williams Industrial Service, Inc., Ocmet, Inc., T D I Group, LLC., more...

Batch Coil Anneal Furnaces
Surface Combustion, Inc., Argo Thermodyne Co.

Batch Furnaces
Flinn & Dreffein Engineering Co., Premier Furnace Specialists, C M Furnace, Inc., more...

Batch Heat Treatment Furnaces
C M Furnace, Inc., Northern Combustion Systems Ltd., Techno Designers Pvt. Ltd., more...

Batch Hydrogen Furnaces
Batch Hydrogen Furnaces are capable of heating to 1700[degrees] C (3100[degrees] F). These furnaces offer rapid heating and cooling rates due to the hot wall construction with alumina fiber insulation and molybdenum heating elements.
C M Furnace, Inc.

Batch Steam Treat Furnaces
Gasbarre Products, Inc.

Battery Heaters
Reiff Corp., Kokhar Electricals Pvt. Ltd.

Bell Furnaces
Kayex, Hemsath Corp., H T F, Inc., more...

Bell Kilns
Bell Kilns is a furnace, which are used for firing, sintering, calcining, brazing and annealing of products. It has heavy steel case and superstructure, welded and reinforced to form an integral unit with attractive exterior finish. They have microprocessor based temperature controls with fail-safe over temperature protection. It has control panels that are completely wired with necessary power supply, switches, meters, lights, relays, fuses and UL/CSA listed components. The machine contains with auxiliary ports, air circulation, accelerated cooling systems, atmosphere gas-tight case construction and burn-off chambers. It also consists of computerized process control systems, data recorders and multiple temperature zone control systems.
H E D International, Inc.

Bell Type Bright Annealing Furnaces
Bell type bright annealing furnace is suitable for non-oxygen bright heat treatment of coils of red copper, brass and alloy copper, coils and coiled silicon steel sheet. The temperature is controlled by thyristor of intelligent instrument, which may automatically complete the rise or fall or maintenance of temperature. All operations are controlled by programs and stored and recorded automatically. It features circulation with strong convection, vacuum purge, combination of cooling water and cooling gas, short cycle and high efficiency.
Thermochem Furnaces Pvt. Ltd, Allied Group, Precision Controls, more...

Bell Type Periodic Kilns
Ceramic Services, Inc.

Bellows Pressure Gauge
Icon Process Controls Ltd, Crown Oilfield Instrumentation, American Boa Inc., more...

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