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Cathodic Protection of Pipelines (35 suppliers)
Cathodic Protection Power Cables (6 suppliers)
Cathodic Protection Cables is a stranded copper conductor insulated with a black high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) compound that provides excellent abrasion, crush, chemical, oil and moisture resistance. They are designed for use in cathodic systems to protect against galvanic and electrolytic corrosion of underground or submerged metallic objects. These cables are designed to provide protection by acting as a DC feeder cable to electrically charged metallic structures. They are specifically applied to underground pipelines, dams & lock gates, fresh or salt-water steel piles, tanks, condensers and ship hulls.
Cathodic Protection Readings (2 suppliers)
Cathodic Protection Rectifiers (9 suppliers)
Cathodic Protection Rectifier is the most common source of DC power that is used for cathodic protection. This device simply converts AC power to low voltage DC power. It is available in a wide range of voltage & current ratings and provided with a means of adjusting the DC output voltage to the required level. Cathodic protection rectifiers are specifically designed for operation under severe environmental conditions. Cathodic protection rectifiers are AC powered electrical equipment that provides direct current for impressed current cathodic protection systems. Cathodic protection rectifiers use expensive multi-tap transformers or variable voltage transformers that are wired to a step-down transformer.
Cathodic Protection Services (13 suppliers)
Cathodic Protection Soil Resistivity Surveys (3 suppliers)
Cathodic Protection Sub contractors (20 suppliers)
Cathodic Protection Systems (32 suppliers)
Cathodic protection system is a well-established anti-corrosion method for protecting steel exposed to aggressive liquids and solids. This is commonly used to protect steel, water/fuel pipelines and storage tanks; steel pier piles, ships, offshore oil platforms and onshore oil well casings. A side effect of improperly performed cathodic protection may be production of molecular hydrogen, leading to its absorption in the protected metal and subsequent hydrogen embrittlement. Cathodic protection is an effective method of preventing stress corrosion cracking.
Cathodic Protection Test Station (3 suppliers)
Cathodic Protection Test Station is a device, which includes a terminal board integrally formed with a base plate. A removable housing locks onto the base plate and covers the terminal board & the base plate. A tab formed in the base plate extends into a recess formed in the housing defining a locking position.
Cathodic Protection Testing (6 suppliers)
Cathodic Protection Transformer Riser Wire (1 supplier)
Cathodic Protection Voltmeters (1 supplier)
Cathodic Protection Well (2 suppliers)
Cathodic Protection, Corrosion Control (37 suppliers)
Cathodic Protection, Corrosion Engineering (92 suppliers)
Cathodic Protection, Corrosion Prevention (35 suppliers)
Cathodic Protection, Sacrificial Anodes (30 suppliers)
Cathodic Protection, Turnkey Power Supply Systems (18 suppliers)
Cathodic Seals (1 supplier)
Cathodic Splice Connectors (1 supplier)
Catholyte Tanks (1 supplier)
Cation Column (2 suppliers)
Cation Exchange Membranes (3 suppliers)
Ion exchange is a process in which ions are exchanged between a solution and an ion exchanger, an insoluble solid or gel. Ion exchangers are either cation exchangers for positively charged cations or anion exchangers for negatively charged anions. Ion exchange is a reversible process and the ion exchanger can be regenerated or loaded by washing with an excess of the ions to be exchanged. Cation exchange membrane consists of negatively charged groups chemically attached to the polymer chains. Ions with a charge opposite to the fixed charge are freely exchanged at these sites. The concentration of counter ions cations is relatively high therefore cations carry most of the electric current through the membrane. The fixed charges attached to the polymer chains repel ions of the same charge. Since their concentration is very low, anions carry only a small fraction of the electric current through a cation exchange membrane.
Cation Exchange Resins (6 suppliers)
Cation exchange resins are used for demineralization purposes have hydrogen exchange sites and are divided into strong acid and weak acid classes. There are used to remove undesired cations from water and exchange them for protons (H+), sodium ions (Na+) or potassium ions (K+).
Cationic Emulsion Polymer Viscosifiers (1 supplier)
Cationic Foaming Agents (4 suppliers)
CATV (6 suppliers)
CATV Antennas (2 suppliers)
CATV Hub (1 supplier)
CATV Test Components (1 supplier)
Catwalk Grating (3 suppliers)
Caulk Finishing Tools (1 supplier)
Caulk Gun Parts (1 supplier)
Caulk Guns (2 suppliers)
Caulk Liquid Removers (1 supplier)
Caulk Tooling Aids (1 supplier)
Caulked Joint Panel Systems (1 supplier)
Caulked Membranes (1 supplier)
Caulking Anchors (2 suppliers)
Caulking Blade (3 suppliers)
Caulking Cords (1 supplier)
Caulking Cut-Out Tools (1 supplier)
Caulking Cutters (2 suppliers)
Caulking Guns (3 suppliers)
Caulking Spatulas (2 suppliers)
Caulking Tools (12 suppliers)
Caulking Trowels (2 suppliers)
Caulks (21 suppliers)
Cause and Effect Diagrams (1 supplier)
Cause and effect diagrams are also called sequence of events diagrams. It is a type of graphic organizer that describes how events affect one another in a process. There are many models cause and effect events, including disjointed events, one cause leading to multiple events, chain of events and cycle of events.
Cause, Origin, and Fire Propagation Analysis (1 supplier)
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