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Flame Retarded Systems (2 suppliers)
Flame Retention Burner Nozzles (1 supplier)
Flame Retention Nozzles (1 supplier)
Flame retention nozzle is designed specifically to use higher mixture pressures than usual with tips of this type. It maintains steady flames at all pressures. It can be used with a wide range of air-gas ratios and has excellent turn-down characteristics. When desired, the nozzle can be used without a combustion block, as in ovens or under kettles. This nozzle is made of cast iron material.
Flame Ring Flares (1 supplier)
Flame Rods (9 suppliers)
Flame rods are used as positive flame indication in pilots before the main burner gas is turned on. It allows discrete pilot flame indication. It consists of a center electrode and an outer metallic sheath. The electrode is isolated from the outer sheath by an insulating material. The end of the flame rod, in the flame path, has a special high temperature hermetic seal with a threaded adaptor, which is connected to the center electrode. It is ideal to eliminate the non-discrete indication of optical scanners. It is used in a variety of pilot/burner applications.
Flame Safe Engine Driven Pumps (4 suppliers)
Flame Safegaurds (3 suppliers)
Flame Safegaurds are suitable for individual burner control in heat process applications. It is a flame-controlling device equipped with inputs and outputs for the ignition and control of commercial and industrial burners. It can control flame for single or two-stage piloted or direct spark ignited, continuous or discontinuous gas or oil burners.
Flame Safeguard Amplifier (1 supplier)
Flame Safeguard Controls (1 supplier)
Flame Safeguard System (1 supplier)
Flame Safeguards (6 suppliers)
Flame Scanners (17 suppliers)
Flame scanners are crucial to the safe operation of a combustion system. Flame Scanners comes in two main varieties that include infrared and ultraviolet. Ultraviolet scanners are more sensitive and quicker to respond. If the flame is out, the fuel flow into the combustion enclosure is stopped and the area is purged before a re-light can be attempted. The detector is a gas filled tube that scintillates in the presence of flame ultraviolet radiation and emits bursts of current, called an avalanche, several hundred times per second as long as the flame continues. Use of infrared scanners is desirable of there is a waste stream, such as sulfur, which absorbs ultraviolet light and makes operation of ultraviolet scanners unreliable.
Flame Sealers (1 supplier)
Flame Sensor Process Calibrators (6 suppliers)
Flame Sensor Signal Processor (2 suppliers)
Flame Sensors (23 suppliers)
Flame Sensor comprises a cell containing an infrared absorptive fluid such as carbon dioxide gas. Flame sensors are designed to detect ultraviolet rays in flames. Flame sensor is also called automatic gas shut-off valves, are used as safety devices in gas ranges and other appliances. A flame sensor stops the flow of gas if the open flame does not produce heat such as when the pilot light is out or the product is malfunctioning. Flame sensors are used on industrial and marine gas.
Flame Sensors & Enclosures (3 suppliers)
Flame Shape Burs (1 supplier)
Flame Shape Carbide Burrs (1 supplier)
Flame Shape Carbide Burs (1 supplier)
Flame Shaped Carbide Burs (1 supplier)
Flame Shaped Radius Nose Burrs (1 supplier)
Flame Shield Aboveground Tanks (1 supplier)
Flame Shield Phenolic Conduit (1 supplier)
Flame Shield Soldering & Welding Pads (1 supplier)
Flame Shield Wall Protection Units (1 supplier)
Flame Shields (1 supplier)
Flame Spray Coatings (2 suppliers)
Flame Spray Systems (4 suppliers)
Flame Spray Weldings (2 suppliers)
Flame Spraying (12 suppliers)
Flame Spreaders (3 suppliers)
Flame Stabilizer Rings (1 supplier)
Flame Stabilizers (1 supplier)
Flame Stopping Dot Papers (1 supplier)
Flame Supervisory Systems (1 supplier)
Flame Suppression System (1 supplier)
Flame Surface Treaters (1 supplier)
Flame Systems (1 supplier)
Flame Test Hands (1 supplier)
Flame Test Manikins (1 supplier)
Flame Tools (1 supplier)
Flame Tracker (1 supplier)
Flame Trap Assembly (1 supplier)
Flame Trap Assembly Insulation Jacket (1 supplier)
Flame Treater With Dual Long Head (1 supplier)
Flame Treatment Gas Burners (2 suppliers)
Flame Treatment Machine (3 suppliers)
Flame Vent-Free Heaters (2 suppliers)
Flame-Based Thermal Oxidizers (1 supplier)
4951 to 5000 of 13431 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results [100] 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 >> Next 50 Results
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