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Flange Patching (1 supplier)
Flange Pins (3 suppliers)
Flange Plate Assemblies (2 suppliers)
Flange Plates (7 suppliers)
Flange Protection Kits (2 suppliers)
Flange Protectors (7 suppliers)
Flange Pull Plugs (2 suppliers)
Flange Radar Level Transmitters (2 suppliers)
Flange Relays (1 supplier)
Flange Repair (0 suppliers)
Flange Repair Kit (1 supplier)
Flange Repair Rings (1 supplier)
Flange Rescue Gasket (2 suppliers)
Flange Retainers (1 supplier)
Flange Rings (3 suppliers)
Flange Scrapers (1 supplier)
Flange Scrapers is an actuating disk and integral handle with two cleaning disks in a primary embodiment. Union is achieved with a hub and bushing, both fitted through central circular apertures in the disks. The tool is manually or motor-powered, and incorporates a circumferential ratcheting mechanism in the primary embodiment. In a secondary embodiment, the ratcheting mechanism is located radically. Auxiliary devices are attached for extra leverage, and a reinforcing lip on the handle. It provides safely apply a high impact force in difficult cleaning situations.
Flange Screws (1 supplier)
Flange Seal Augers (1 supplier)
Flange Seal Ball Valve (2 suppliers)
Flange Sealing Materials (1 supplier)
Flange Sets (2 suppliers)
Flange Shields (3 suppliers)
Flange shields are designed to envelope flanges, valves, expansion joints, and all the places where spray outs can happen. With the use of flange shields, personnel and nearby structures remain safe from hazardous spray outs and leakages that can cause injuries or equipment damage. It can be made of PTFE, stainless steel and other materials, depending on the applications.
Flange Sight Glass (2 suppliers)
Flange Socket (2 suppliers)
Flange Spacers (6 suppliers)
Flange Spreaders (22 suppliers)
Flange Spreaders separates flanges for the replacement of the flange gasket or the reapplication sealant to the flange face. The Spreader attaches to the flange mounting holes and spreads the flange faces without the risk of damage to the flange sealing surfaces. The flange spreader utilizes a high load compact hydraulic cylinder together with a unique design wedge and retaining mechanism to smoothly & evenly force open the flanged joint.
Flange Spreaders Rental (1 supplier)
Flange Spreading Tool (1 supplier)
Flange Stackers (1 supplier)
Flange Stress Software (1 supplier)
Flange Style Pipe Insert Heaters (1 supplier)
Flange Style Reaction Torque Transducers (1 supplier)
Flange Support (1 supplier)
Flange Swivel Fittings (1 supplier)
Flange Tees (3 suppliers)
Flange Tensioners (5 suppliers)
Flange tensioner is a device that hydraulically loads the flange by pulling against the studs. The tensioner consists of a segmented annular ring with a number of internally connected hydraulic chambers. It simultaneously tightens all bolts in the shortest possible time. Only one connection is necessary for each segment to pressurize the rams simultaneously and sealing is achieved in single operation. This is compared with the conventional method of sealing that requires tightening each bold individually. These are used in pipeline flanges, swivel bearing joints, riser clamps and vessel covers.
Flange Test Plugs (2 suppliers)
Flange Test Plugs reduce expense, downtime delays and waste disposal problems associated with conventional flange testing. Flange test plugs are designed for fast & simple installation. Insert the plug into the pipe to be tested.
Flange Top Cartridge Filters (4 suppliers)
Flange Top Connectors (1 supplier)
Flange Top Dewar Flasks (1 supplier)
Flange Top Filter Bags (1 supplier)
Flange Tri-Clamp Mount Mixers (2 suppliers)
Flange tri-clamp mount mixers are available as portable entry, fixed entry, closed tank mixer seals, and variable speed drives types. It is a non-pressure, direct drive mixer. Its drum lid mounting or closed top mounting on vessels to 800 gallons and have the capability of mixing viscosities up to 5,000 centipoise in 55 gallon vessels, where lighter viscosities in larger vessels. It has dual opposing propellers that provides efficient liquid turnover.
Flange Type Ball Bearings (3 suppliers)
Flange Type Ball Bearings are designed for light loads and speeds up to 1200RPM. Thrust capacity in either direction is 50% of listed radial rating. Heat-treated races are machined from steel bar stock to a controlled finish. It is mounted directly into wheel hubs, pulleys and conveyor rollers.
Flange Type Breather Adaptors (1 supplier)
Flange Type Butterfly Valve with Fluorine Lining (1 supplier)
Flange Type Check Valves (6 suppliers)
Flange Type Electromagnetic Flowmeters (3 suppliers)
Flange Type Linear Bearings (1 supplier)
Flange Type Nut Ball Spline (1 supplier)
Flange Type Nuts (1 supplier)
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