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Wire Management Mounts (1 supplier)
Wire Management Panels (1 supplier)
Wire Management Systems (5 suppliers)
Wire Managment Tools (1 supplier)
Wire Marker Booklets (2 suppliers)
Wire Marker Cards (1 supplier)
Wire Marker Dispenser (3 suppliers)
Wire Marker Labels (2 suppliers)
Wire Marker Printers (1 supplier)
Wire Marker Refills (1 supplier)
Wire Marker Tags (2 suppliers)
Wire Marker Tape Dispensers (2 suppliers)
Wire Marker Tapes (4 suppliers)
Wire Markers (21 suppliers)
Wire Marking & Labeling (11 suppliers)
Wire Masonry Brushes (1 supplier)
Wire Material Handling Baskets (2 suppliers)
Wire Measurer (1 supplier)
Wire Mesh & Metal Foil Laminates (9 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Backing Screens (4 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Baskets (6 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor (3 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Belt Curve (4 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Belt Machines (4 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Belt Over Roller Conveyors (7 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Belting (12 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Benders (5 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Cable Trays (5 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Cartridges (1 supplier)
Wire Mesh Co-Location Cages (1 supplier)
Wire Mesh Containers (25 suppliers)
Wire mesh containers are used during material handling. These containers consist of two gauge steel wire strands welded on 2-in centers that make up the four sides and the bottom surface. The corners, top edges, and bottom edges have double wire strands to add strength. Legs on the four corners permit two-or four-way stacking in the storage area, easy transfer between the in-house transportation concept and workstation, and clearance for fork entry by lift truck or pallet truck.
Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt (8 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Conveyors (3 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Decks & Decking (12 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Emi Shielding Gaskets (1 supplier)
Wire Mesh Enclosures (9 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Extractors (1 supplier)
Wire Mesh Fence (42 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Fencing (6 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Filter Discs (6 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Filters (10 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Gates (4 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Grating (1 supplier)
Wire Mesh Grips (2 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Guarding System (10 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Hinged Doors (1 supplier)
Wire Mesh Mist Collectors (22 suppliers)
The function of the wire mesh mist collector is to extract the very fine liquid droplets from the gas before it exits the separator. These are made of finely woven stainless-steel wire wrapped into a tightly packed cylinder of about 6 inch thickness. The liquid droplets that did not separate in the gravity settling section of the separator coalesce on the surface of the matted wire, allowing liquid free gas to exit the separator. As the droplets size grows they fall down into the liquid phase. Provided that the gas velocity is reasonably low, wire mesh collectors are capable of removing about 99% of the larger liquid droplets. It should be noted that this type of mist extractor is prone to plugging. Plugging could be due to the deposition of paraffin or the entrainment of large liquid droplets in the gas passing through the mist collector.
Wire Mesh Mist Eliminators (1 supplier)
Wire Mesh Packing (0 suppliers)
Wire Mesh Pallet Containers (3 suppliers)
6401 to 6450 of 8337 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 [129] 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 >> Next 50 Results
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