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Softening Plants (7 suppliers)
Softening Point Apparatus (1 supplier)
Softening Purifiers (31 suppliers)
Softface Hammers (1 supplier)
Softforming Edgebanders (2 suppliers)
Softheat Baseboard Mount Thermostat (1 supplier)
Softlines & Hardlines Testing (1 supplier)
Softstart Controllers (1 supplier)
Software (47 suppliers)
Software Adapter Cables (1 supplier)
Software Boxes (1 supplier)
Software Building Services (4 suppliers)
Software Certification (1 supplier)
Software Consulting Services (38 suppliers)
Software Control Systems for Dataloggers (23 suppliers)
Software Customization and Integration (20 suppliers)
Software Customization Services (32 suppliers)
Software Defined Radio (2 suppliers)
Software Development (341 suppliers)
Software Development Kit (31 suppliers)
Software Development Services (29 suppliers)
Software for CFM Calculation (1 supplier)
Software for Data Acquisition (44 suppliers)
Software for data-acquisition includes a main program written in floating point BASIC and machine language interrupt routine. Software for data acquisition processors runs on both the data acquisition processor and on the host PC.
Software for Duct Sizing (3 suppliers)
Software for Evaluating Operating Conveying Systems (2 suppliers)
Software for Finding Air Flow (1 supplier)
Software for Geophysical Study (40 suppliers)
Software for Heat Exchanger Design (11 suppliers)
Software for HVAC (5 suppliers)
HVAC software is designed for commercial heating and cooling load calculations, residential heating and cooling loads, duct sizing, psychrometrics, refrigeration, and HVAC estimating applications. The features of this software include a metric-english converter, single-state psychrometric calculations, mixed-air psychrometric calculations, duct sizing calculations, general pipe sizing and pump curve analysis.
Software for Inspection Companies (2 suppliers)
Software for Materials Science (2 suppliers)
Materials science software supports researchers throughout the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and materials based industries, enabling the discovery of novel materials and properties. The software combines simulation and informatics with high quality graphical visualization of materials and molecular structure. This software contains materials properties databases, phase diagram collections, and crystallography software.
Software for Mineralogy (2 suppliers)
Software for Mobile Telecommunications (1 supplier)
Software for Pressure/Temperature Charts for 12 refrigerants on Palm device (2 suppliers)
Software for Selection of Feeders for Pneumatic Conveying Systems (1 supplier)
Software for Sizing Belts (1 supplier)
Software for Thermochemistry (2 suppliers)
Thermochemistry software can analyze solid or liquid solutions, non-stoichiomentric compounds, high-pressure systems, and concentrated aqueous systems. It is the choice for straight thermodynamic analyses of systems of interest. It has direct plotting of phase diagrams. The additional features include a module for generating optimal system thermodynamic models from available thermodynamic & phase equilibria data, and a model for staged reactor system.
Software for Thermophysical Properties (4 suppliers)
Thermophysical properties software calculates thermophysical properties of fluids and solids, with emphasis on low temperatures. All properties calculations are referenced to published scientific papers. It can calculate 28 different thermophysical properties of 36 different fluids having normal boiling points from 4 K to room temperature. Properties are calculated for temperatures from the triple point to the upper limit of available data for that fluid (range 400 to 5000 K), and for pressures to about 100 bars (different limit for each fluid).
Software Implementation Services (11 suppliers)
Software Migration and Re-engineering (4 suppliers)
Software Modules (1 supplier)
Software Product Development (8 suppliers)
Software Quality Assurance (QA) Testing Services (2 suppliers)
Software Quality Control Services (8 suppliers)
Software Solutions, Bolted Joints (1 supplier)
Software Solutions, Threaded Fasteners (2 suppliers)
Software Supports (1 supplier)
Software Systems (7 suppliers)
Software Systems and Analysis (86 suppliers)
Software systems and analysis is ideal for managing and integrating data from new technologies (such as microarrays, proteomics, and functional genomics) with traditional toxicological data. It is used to store and analyze the thousands of data points generated by a single microarray experiment to provide a scientific basis for FDA regulatory standards.
Software Test Components (3 suppliers)
14401 to 14450 of 32219 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 [289] 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300 >> Next 50 Results
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