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Solid-Indexable CBN Inserts (2 suppliers)
Solid-Particle Mass Flow Meters (3 suppliers)
Solid-Phase Abrasive Delivery Systems (2 suppliers)
Solid-state Adjustable Timing Relays (1 supplier)
Solid-state Contactors (1 supplier)
Solid-State Conversion Kits for 600 volt Class Air Circuit Breakers (1 supplier)
Solid-State Data Storage Units (1 supplier)
Solid-State Decoupler (2 suppliers)
Solid-state Fixed Timing Relays (1 supplier)
Solid-State Flow Switches (1 supplier)
Solid-State Gas Detectors (1 supplier)
Solid-state Induction Heating Power Supplies (2 suppliers)
Solid-State Level Switches (2 suppliers)
Solid-State Percentage Timers (1 supplier)
Solid-State Power Supplies (5 suppliers)
Solid-State Pressure Switch (1 supplier)
Solid-State Pressure Switches (8 suppliers)
Solid-State Relay Connectors (2 suppliers)
Solid-State Starter (2 suppliers)
Solid-state Switching Circuits (1 supplier)
Solid/Liquid Extraction Unit (3 suppliers)
Solid/liquid extraction unit is fitted with an external steam or electrically heated thermosyphon reboiler. Pure solvent vapor generated in the boiler rises through the jacketed column and is condensed in a vertical water-cooled condenser. Liquid solvent passes through a solvent cooler, which controls the solvent temperature - a flow rate indicator and into the extraction chamber. The solvent is directed either upward through the solid bed or downward through a sparge ring. The extract solution passes into the reboiler where pure solvent is regenerated. Samples of extract solution and reboiler contents can be taken and their compositions determined by density measurement. The plant operation is controlled from a free-standing control panel fitted with a mimic diagram, flow controllers, temperature and pressure indicators and services controllers.
Solidbowl Centrifuge Systems (2 suppliers)
Solids and Waste Water Handling Pumps (2 suppliers)
Solids Collection Tanks (1 supplier)
Solids Contact Reactor Clarifiers (1 supplier)
Solids Control Equipment (4 suppliers)
Solids Control Services (29 suppliers)
Solids Control Systems (4 suppliers)
Solids Conveying Eductors (1 supplier)
Solids Discharging Equipment (2 suppliers)
Solids Eductors (2 suppliers)
Solids eductor is an in-line mixing and pumping device, which is comprised of only three separable parts, namely: a body, nozzle, and a hopper for funneling granular solids or slurries into the eductor suction connection. It is made for handling slurries or dry solids in granular form and are used extensively for ejecting sludge from tank bottoms, for pumping sand from filter beds and for washing and conveying granular materials. Various types of materials are handled that include borax, charcoal, diatomaceous earth, lime, mash, fly ash, rosin, rock and granulated salt, sand, dry sawdust, light soda ash and dry sodium nitrate.
Solids Feeder (1 supplier)
Solids Flow Detector, microwave (5 suppliers)
Solids Flow Detector utilizes microwave technology to provide indications of flow/no-flow conditions in pneumatic pipelines, gravity chutes and feeders. The design includes the sensor head and a remote power supply/conditioner. It uses low-power microwaves to sense motion within the vessel or channel being monitored. Its application includes detection of flow stoppage caused by bridging/plugging or feed failure and verifying flow/no-flow conditions for process control/automation. It is used to detect flow/no-flow conditions of gypsum, sand, cement, calcium, lime, stucco, coal, grains, plastic pellets and PVC powder.
Solids Flow Metering & Controls (19 suppliers)
Solids Flow Metering and Controls (10 suppliers)
Solids Flow Monitor (1 supplier)
Solids Handing Pumps (6 suppliers)
Solids Handing Pumps is designed for many applications. The submersible vortex pumps is used to pass the entire solid. Single vane impeller pumps are designed to pass effluent, dirty water with some solids. Shredder pumps and cutter pumps are designed to shear debris before pumping. Grinder pumps are designed to pump soft solids found in sewage wastes. It includes net positive suction head available and submergence, maximum operating pressure, capacity operating range, horsepower required throughout the pump's operating range, system head curve, and sump requirements.
Solids Handling Centrifugal Pumps (2 suppliers)
Solids Handling Gas Engine Pumps (1 supplier)
Solids Handling Sewage Pumps (3 suppliers)
Solids Handling Sewage Pumps is constructed of heavy cast iron with a tough epoxy powder coat finish and stainless steel fasteners. It provides trouble-free performance. It's quick-disconnect power cord allows for easy interchange.
Solids Handling Valve (7 suppliers)
Solids handling valve comprises a fluid-actuated flow control piston disposed within a housing and is provided with a tapered primary seal having a recessed seat on the housing and a radically expandable fluid-actuated secondary seal The valve seals are highly resistive to corrosion, erosion and abrasion by the solids, liquids, and gases associated with the gasification process so as to minimize valve failure.
Solids Impact Flow Meters (2 suppliers)
Solids flowmeter is an impact-weighing device. It measures the mass flow rate of a free-flowing, continuous stream of dry solids material. The principle of operation is simple. The material produces a mechanical deflection as it strikes the flow meter's sensing plate. The flowmeter converts the deflection into an electrical signal that feeds into an accompanying integrator, which instantaneously displays the flow rate and integrated total weight. It has proven to be a convenient, accurate, and dust-tight alternative for continuous in-line weighing. By measuring the impact of material flow, these alternatives to conventional weighing devices provide accurate, continuous measurement of free-flowing solids.
Solids Interceptors (1 supplier)
Solids Level Switches (2 suppliers)
Level Proxy is known as application proxy or application-level gateway. It is a type of firewall that establishes connections using a proxy. The level proxy offers superior security to the network. A level proxy firewall is a technique that acts as an intermediary between a web client and a web server.
Solids Outlet Valves (1 supplier)
Solids Recovery Filtration System (3 suppliers)
Solids Reduction Process System (1 supplier)
Solids Removal and Concentrating Unit (1 supplier)
Solids Removal Separator (2 suppliers)
Solids Rotating Cutter Samplers (2 suppliers)
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