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Centrifugal Chopper Pumps (4 suppliers)
Centrifugal Cleaners (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Closed Coupled Booster Pumps (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Clutch Reduces Motor (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Clutches (12 suppliers)
Centrifugal Coalescing Clarifiers (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Compressor Central Chillers (2 suppliers)
Centrifugal Compressor Control Systems (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Compressor Impeller (0 suppliers)
Centrifugal Compressor Impellers, Bearings, Seals (3 suppliers)
Centrifugal compressors use a vaned rotating disk or impeller in a shaped housing to force the gas to the rim of the impeller, increasing the velocity of the gas. A diffuser (divergent duct) section converts the velocity energy to pressure energy. They are primarily used for continuous, stationary service in industries such as oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants and natural gas processing plants. Their application can be from 100 hp (75 kW) to thousands of horsepower. With multiple staging, they can achieve extremely high output pressures greater than 10,000 psi (69 MPa). Many large snow-making operations use this type of compressor. They are also used in internal combustion engines as superchargers and turbochargers. Centrifugal compressors are used in small gas turbine engines or as the final compression stage of medium sized gas turbines.
Centrifugal Compressor Investigation (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Compressor Overhauls (5 suppliers)
Centrifugal Compressor Repairs (4 suppliers)
Centrifugal Compressor Rotors (2 suppliers)
Centrifugal Compressor Services (6 suppliers)
In centrifugal compressors the rotor is the component most subject to physical and chemical wear. If the surface of bearing area is affected by scoring or denting, generally caused by dirt in the lubricating oil or sudden dynamic instability , it can be repaired if the surface is made with chromium plating, weld-repair and in some cases application of an interference fitted, specially treated alloy metal sleeve. These solutions include turning and grinding to restore the nominal diameter of the bearing land. If the seal area bushing is affected by scoring and/or corrosion, which can be caused by friction due to contact with the seals or change in the gas conditions, the bushing must be replaced by shrink fitting. Presence of fretting which is a type of erosion, classified as a form of adhesive wear, takes place when the surfaces of the cone and the mating coupling are subject to relative motion of a small amplitude in the region of hundredths of millimeters. The damage it causes implies the formation of surface pits or removal of material through wear with possible crack initiation. This can be cured by repairing the weld and the surface grinding to nominal diameter
Centrifugal Compressor Silencers (3 suppliers)
Centrifugal Compressors (209 suppliers)
Centrifugal compressor, also called a radial blower, squirrel cage, or squirrel wheel compressor, consists of a cylindrical assembly of compressor blades mounted on an axle. The compressor operates by using the centrifugal force applied to an air mass to achieve compression. Centrifugal compressors are used throughout industry because they have few moving parts, are very energy efficient, and give higher airflow than a similarly sized reciprocating compressor. Their primary drawback is that they cannot achieve the high compression ratio of reciprocating compressors without multiple stages. Centrifugal compressors are more suited to continuous-duty applications such as ventilation fans, air movers, cooling units and other uses that require high volume but fairly low pressures. While technically centrifugal compressors can operate in reverse, due to blade design and other factors their efficiency is greatly reduced.
Centrifugal Compressors, Rentals (7 suppliers)
Centrifugal Concentrators (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Condensate Pumps (2 suppliers)
Centrifugal Connection Kits (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Control Screener (2 suppliers)
Centrifugal Coolant Pumps (2 suppliers)
Centrifugal Cooling Chiller (3 suppliers)
Centrifugal Disc Finisher (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Disc Finishing Equipment (3 suppliers)
Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine (0 suppliers)
Centrifugal Disc Machines (4 suppliers)
Centrifugal Discharge Filters (10 suppliers)
Centrifugal Downblast Belt Drive Fan (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Downblast Direct Drive Fan (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Downblast Roof Exhauster Unit (2 suppliers)
Centrifugal Dryer Baskets (2 suppliers)
Centrifugal Dryers (25 suppliers)
Centrifugal dryer is developed for the dewatering of pellets. The dryers are suitable for drying the complete range of thermoplastic pellets. They are most appropriate for small parts being processed in bulk. Centrifugal force from the spinning action of the basket throws off excess water, oils, or other liquids. At the same time, a turbine fan mounted below the basket creates a powerful suction that pulls heated air through the parts load for added drying power. This double-drying action assures fast drying and reduces the scarring and marring frequently responsible for costly rejects. The operating features are low height of construction and small foot print, low weight, reduced feed height, bottom entry, mobile, easy to clean, maintain and install and reduced noise level.
Centrifugal Dust Collector (5 suppliers)
Centrifugal Exhaust Fans (5 suppliers)
Centrifugal Extractors (11 suppliers)
Centrifugal extractors operate in a manner for performing liquid-liquid extractions, a feed solution containing one or more solutes and an immiscible solvent with a different density than that of the feed solution are fed to the mixing chamber located on the bottom of the centrifuge housing. A rotating agitator disc mixes the two immiscible liquids into dispersion. Different agitator disc designs can be used depending upon the liquids interfacial tension. The efficient mixing creates a large interfacial area between the two liquids to ensure maximum mass transfer of the solutes. The dispersion is aspirated into the centrifuge bowl by a turbine located on the bottom of the rotating bowl. The liquids are separated by the centrifugal force generated by the rotating bowl. The heavier liquid occupies the outer portion of the bowl and the light liquid occupies the inner portion of the bowl.
Centrifugal Fan Air Cooled Condensors (2 suppliers)
Centrifugal Fan Design (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Fan Industrial Evaporators (3 suppliers)
Centrifugal Fan Repair (0 suppliers)
Centrifugal Fans (109 suppliers)
Centrifugal Feeder Bowls (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Feeders (24 suppliers)
Centrifugal Feeders are stable in operation and give reliable performance. The centrifugal feeders are recommended for feeding rouge suspensions. Centrifugal feeders consist of a bowl, a ramp and an elevated rim. Centrifugal feeders are usually faster and less noisy than vibratory feeders. Centrifugal feeders are referred as rotary feeders, which utilize rotary force to separate materials.
Centrifugal Feeding Systems (3 suppliers)
Centrifugal Filters (21 suppliers)
Centrifugal Finishing (3 suppliers)
Centrifugal Finishing is a high energy mass tumbling process that uses G forces to finish parts. Centrifugal Finishing will debur and polish parts in a much shorter period of time than conventional tumbling and vibratory finishing. Because of the G forces produced, there is also the ability to reach areas where conventional tumbling and vibratory finishing cannot reach.
Centrifugal Fluid Processing Systems (3 suppliers)
Centrifugal Forward Curved Fans (3 suppliers)
Centrifugal Freon Compressors (9 suppliers)
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